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Coming Up on Uzalo in October 2022

Before we get into the October Teasers for Uzalo in 2022, Here are some of the things you might want to know about Madlala on Uzalo

Originally from South Africa, Ntombifuthi Dlamini has made a name for herself in the acting world. Mama Madlala on Uzalo is what made her a household name.

Ntombifuthi Dlamini was born in the South African city of KwaMashu, KwaZulu Natal province. Her father, Khozi FM DJ Cyril Bongani Mchunu, is a well-known figure in the radio industry. Her birthday is on January 21st, however the exact year of her birth is unknown.

Madlala from Uzalo

She earned her matriculation certificate from Zakhe High School in KwaMashu back in 1992. Ntombi has always suspected that she is following in her father’s footsteps by becoming an actress, while having no interest in the field herself.

It’s hilarious that a person who never considered acting would end up in that field. Whence then did her acting career emerge? In 2014, Ntombifuthi was working as a cleaner at a clinic in KwaMashu when Uzalo producers knocked on the door searching for performers.

About 500 people were brought to K-Cap and asked for their identities and last names by the producers. As a result, only 25 persons remained. Her first television appearance was as an extra on Uzalo in 2015. She was cast as the character Mama Madlala in the SABC1 show.

Mam Madlala, portrayed by Ntombifuthi, is famous for having flings with younger men. She first began seeing Khehla (Thobani Nzuza), whose father and stepmother had kicked him out of the house (Baby Cele).

He invited Mama Madlala to move in with him, and she helped out financially and emotionally. Mama Madlala’s relationship with her much younger boyfriend Sbusiso is currently on fire (played by Simphiwe Majozi).

See what’s airing this October on Uzalo: Nosipho and Sambulo’s marriage is ended,MaDlala is abducted and Mamlambo is back.

Ntombifuthi Dlamini

The ladies of Shlobo will have to deal with scum who kidnap MaDlala for ransom.
When MaDlala buys a wig and it becomes a topic of conversation, the trouble will begin.

The incorrect crowd notices the wig and figures the Shlobo ladies are wealthy, therefore trouble ensues.

The cronies are holding MaDlala for ransom after she was kidnapped. When the police become involved, MaDongwe begins to get the impression that they are doing more harm than good.

MaDongwe has had enough of the kidnappers’ demands, so she gives in to them. This escalates the problem further because the kidnappers raise the stakes and become more aggressive. Lilly promises to bring MaDlala back in one piece, but MaDongwe has had enough.

It was determined that Lilly would remain in KwaMashu in order to bring the criminal organization that was responsible for MaDlala’s abduction to light.

The first steps of Nosipho’s nightmare.
Nosipho’s happy fantasy has devolved into a terrifying reality for her. The audience of Uzalo will get the opportunity to meet Pastor Gwala’s mother for the very first time; Nosipho finds her to be a source of great happiness.

Nosipho is anxious about meeting the mother of her boyfriend’s father, but the mother likes Nosipho so much that she encourages Sambulo to marry Nosipho.

Sambulo gets down on one knee on Friday, the 7th of October, but by Monday of the following week, the pregnancy has dashed all of their hopes and dreams. She is carrying the baby that Mondli will have.

Sambulo and Nosipho have decided to end their relationship, and he is unmoved by any of her attempts at reconciliation. Nosipho is going to make an effort to make up with Mondli for the fact that she lied to him and took his sperm in order to get pregnant.

When can we expect to see Sambulo again?
Mamlambo makes a return to KwaMashu.

After her ordeal with Khathide, which nearly resulted in Mamlambo’s imprisonment on allegations of drug peddling, Mamlambo ultimately decided to leave.

Mamlambo from Uzalo

The teasers suggest that Mamlambo will come to the aid of Njinji, who is in a critical condition and is expected to perform a cleansing for her husband, Magwaza. Njinji becomes so unwell that Nomaswazi begins to fear the worst; yet, things improve, and Mamlambo begins to receive more customers.

Mrs. Pope Bishop makes the threat that she will out Mbatha as a sham priest.
These two went through a breakup, and you should not mess with Nomasonto because of it.
She makes an effort to get back to Mbatha, but he kicks her out; nonetheless, she has a trick up her sleeve for this situation.

Mbatha is also working on the relocation of the KFC congregation into the existing KFC church facility. It would appear that anyone can claim ownership of the church, and Mbatha is interested in doing so.
His Executive Committee is taken aback by the lengths he is willing to go to in order to secure funding.

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