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Coming up next on Skeem Saam in January 2023

‘Skeem Saam‘ The spoiler for the month of January reveals that Lehasa will receive bad news regarding their unborn child. The ‘Skeem Saam’ January teasers reveal that Khwezi and her baby daddy Lehasa will receive terrible news regarding their unborn child.

Coming up next on Skeem Saam in January 2023

According to the teasers for the upcoming episode of Skeem Saam in the month of January, Lehasa and Khwezi will be given upsetting news about their baby, and Pretty will have second thoughts about him.


The teasers released by Skeem Saam TVSA in January suggest, in addition, that Pretty will become irritated with Lehasa. His baby mama Khwezi will be given upsetting information regarding their unborn child.

On Thursday, the 5th of January:

When Khwezikazi and the baby are put in a potentially dangerous situation, it sends Lehasa’s life into a complete and utter tailspin.

This past Friday, January 20:

“Lehasa and Khwezikazi were given some troubling information about their unborn child.”

The 11th of January on Wednesday:

It’s over between Pretty and her beau, and there’s no going back now.

This past Friday, January 13:

“Pretty, emotionally spent, decides to cut off her relationship with Lehasa.”

Who exactly is the prodigal son, Skeem Saam?

The teasers also shed light on the fact that a wayward son will eventually make his way back home and make amends with his parents.

Even though the teasers for TVSA in January don’t reveal who it is, we can make an educated guess that it is either Leeto or Thabo Maputla.

The third of January, on a Tuesday:

“The wayward son makes his way back home, where he finds his parents waiting for him.”

Actor Cornet Mamabolo, who had been portraying the role of Thabo Maputla on Skeem Saam for the previous ten years, decided to step away from the show in October 2021 in order to concentrate on his business.

This week, the actor posted some introspective thoughts on social media about his role as Lerumo in The River.

According to Sunday World, the actor expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to tell the story and his joy at getting the chance to play a role that allowed him to relive his childhood.

“I knew that in order for the audience to genuinely despise Lerumo, I had to fall in love with the role of Lerumo,” the actor said. It’s one of those roles where, if the audience really loves you for it, it just means that you did a bad job as an actor overall. If that’s the case, then you need to work on your acting skills. “It’s the kind of part that’s thrilling for an actor to play but revolting for an audience to watch,” he wrote.

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