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Chopper from Old Generations hit hard times

ACTOR Mandla Gaduka has been absent from our televisions for some time now, but he is not going to allow anything prevent him from pursuing his passion for acting.

The actor who most recently appeared in Broken Vows is continuing to make the most of his abilities and is offering his assistance to others who are interested in developing their acting careers.

The famous actor claims that he has no plans to pursue a career in a different field, despite the fact that it is still rather difficult for him to land roles on television. He believes that everything happens at the right time and that he is destined for great things in the future.

Many people are probably curious about where Mandla Gaduka is these days and what he’s been up to in recent times.

Chopper from Old Generations hit hard times

In an interview with Tshisa Live from the previous year, the actor who has managed to win the hearts of many people with his comedic persona disclosed that he has been having trouble getting playing assignments.

The actor claimed that when he was sliced off from Generations together with the other 16 actors he was left forlorn and it was hard for him to acquire another employment.

That was my first real work in television, and I can honestly say that it had a positive impact on my life. Consequently, when that carpet was ripped out from under me, I was left with a sensation of bewilderment and helplessness. After that, I had a lot of luck in finding shows, although the circumstance itself was quite heartbreaking.

I believe that Hlaudi (Motsoeneng), who was the COO of the SABC at the time, and Mfundi (Vundla), who was the CEO, made a very firm and very hard choice. They were taking a significant risk by doing so. Even now, the scenario leaves me with a foul taste in my mouth since it is one in which people are putting their lives on the line to try to better the working circumstances of other people, but they are unable to do so.

However, Broken Vows served as a turning point in his career, but as soon as the program came to an end, he was right back where he started: hunting for acting auditions. He also stated that it was difficult for him to secure a role in a television drama since the producers lacked sufficient financial resources.

The following are some of the aspects of Mandla that everyone of us appreciates.

His insistence on doing so
Mandla Gaduka is one determined individual, and this was demonstrated by the fact that he persisted in his efforts to lose weight.

The actor who starred in Generations previously stated that he had a difficult time losing weight because it required a lot of dedication on his part. Nevertheless, despite all of the obstacles that he encountered, he was successful in losing a significant amount of weight.

In addition, he disclosed to Channel 24 that he felt that his weight prevented him from being cast in television roles.

There is no question that Mandla possesses a sophisticated sense of humor, which is one of the reasons that he has been cast in a variety of roles in television dramas. In addition to that, he has made an appearance as Solomon in the comedy-drama Gauteng Maboneng, as well as in a number of other works.

His Hard work
In spite of the fact that he was having a hard time finding performing jobs, he has been producing his own plays in the theater. During the course of the previous year, he participated in a theatrical play known as Diketso that was staged in Pretoria.

We are really hoping that Mandla will start getting acting jobs soon because we are in desperate need of his hilarious antics.


His most recent role on television was in the drama series Broken Vows, which airs on Since then, he has had trouble finding other roles in television. There are always openings in the television industry, but it would appear that nobody is recruiting right now. It’s not that I’m whining about the situation because I’m aware of how things work in the entertainment industry.

Sometimes production houses may recruit somebody because they have a strong effect on social media, which is not something that I have anything against. Everyone has a responsibility to demonstrate their talent in whatever way that is available, and if someone is good, there is no need to question their talent.

Mandla says, “I am praying that everything works out for the best.” He is thankful that he has been given the opportunity to participate in the theatrical production of Diketso, which tells the story of a young girl who defies the wishes of her ancestors and chooses not to follow in their footsteps and become a traditional healer.


In addition to preparing for a role in the play, Mandla is observing someone who is going through the process of becoming a traditional healer in order to get insight. Even though he was raised in a Christian family, he claims that he has developed the ability to respect the views of people from different cultures.

“In the past, it was difficult for me to portray a character that held cultural ideas that were different from my own because it made me feel uncomfortable. “I wouldn’t take roles because I was afraid and didn’t understand how to approach them,” he says. “I didn’t know how to approach them.” He states that he came to comprehend the ideas of different cultures through a combination of extensive research and some incidents that occurred within his own family.

“An ancestral calling prompted one of my cousins to pursue a career in traditional medicine and undergo the necessary education and training. Despite the fact that we are a Christian family, we felt obligated to stand by her side. I’ve picked up the ability to appreciate other people’s traditions,” he says.


This former cast member of Generations currently works as an acting instructor in several prisons around Johannesburg, where he also hosts talent shows. “The seminars opened my eyes to the fact that some of the individuals in there are there because they made poor decisions in the past, but their skill deserves to be seen by people all over the world.

According to Mandla, “I assumed that I was going to start over from the beginning, but some other inmates are skilled in their craft, and I am appreciating some of their excellent acts.”

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