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Brenda Mhlongo, star of Imbewu, is in trouble after she allegedly strangled a producer on set.

Brenda Mhlongo, who plays KaMandonsela on the television show Imbewu: The Seed, is going through a lot both on and off the set of the show. The actress recently suffered a breakdown during which she got physical with members of the production crew, which may cause her to lose her job.

According to the reports that reached us here at SurgeZirc SA, the team was in the middle of shooting when all of a sudden Brenda had a breakdown. After sobbing for a moment, she suddenly lunged at one of the female producers and attempted to strangle her. As the other crew members attempted to pull Brenda away from the situation, the producers screamed for assistance loudly.

A few minutes later, she appeared to have regained her composure and returned to her senses. She was subsequently questioned regarding the reasons behind her actions in that manner. She expressed her regret and explained that she had “gotten too much into her character and the dlozi took over.”

If you do watch Imbewu: The Seed, then you are aware that her character, KaMandosela, is a sangoma who used to be the wife of a pastor and who just recently changed. Due to the fact that she is married to a pastor and has spent the majority of her life as a Christian, KaMandosela has been subjected to a number of challenges, including rejection.

Now, let’s discuss what transpired behind the scenes. A source who was present during all of this drama and who spoke to Sunday World suggested that her breakdown may have been the result of the terrible working conditions and toxic environment that she was exposed to.

“The new management brought with them very rude and unprofessional crew members who are treating actors and other people like crap. They are also treating the crew members like crap.” Since the new management took over, a lot of people have been taking antidepressants regularly. The atmosphere at work is no longer pleasant, and employees are afraid to speak up because they do not want to lose their jobs because the new management does not like it when they are challenged.

Remember that the well-known soap opera fired several actors this time last year? Among those who were let go were Fundiswa Zwane, Phindile Gwala, Nkanyiso Mchunu, and Buhle Samuels, among others.

Therefore, it is possible that she felt the need to blame her character when the issue was actually the surrounding environment.

SurgeZirc South Africa attempted to contact Brenda for a comment, but she was unavailable.

B. Mhlongo Age, husband, kids, music, awards, fashion, travel, cars, net worth, Imbewu

Brenda Mhlongo

Brenda Mhlongo is a well-known South African actress who can presently be seen on Imbewu portraying the role of Madonsela. Brenda is not going anywhere, despite the viewers’ complaints and constant attempts to compare her to Fundiswa. It should come as no surprise that viewers of a show will criticize whoever is cast in the role of a deceased character. Despite the fact that some people aren’t convinced, Brenda is doing an excellent job in her part. This is not her first time appearing in front of the camera, and despite that fact, her life continues to be a topic of discussion. With that out of the way, let’s get into it!! The life story of Brenda Mhlongo (Age, Husband, Children, Music, Awards, Fashion, Travelling, Cars, Net worth, Imbewu).

An overview of Brenda Mhlongo’s biography and profile

Age at present, as of the year 2020: 40 years

The 14th of August, 1980 is my birthday.

Marital status: Married

Performer in the arts of acting, dancing, and singing

Children: 3

The initial stage
At the age of sixteen, the award-winning actress launches her career in the entertainment industry. Her talent gets her cast as Rafiki in “The Lion King,” and she goes on tour across North America for a little more than five years as a result. Due to the fact that she possesses a wide range of skills, Brenda also explores the world of music. Her angelic singing has brought her to stages across the globe, including those in Hong Kong, Germany, and the United States of America.

Are there any prizes that Brenda Mhlongo has won?

In order to demonstrate that her dexterity is top-notch, Brenda wins two honors at the world level. In recognition of her performance as Rafiki in The Lion King, she was awarded the Broadway Spain award in both the best new artist and the best artist categories.

Animated Program/Film

The actress will be playing the part of Priscilla “KaMadonsela” Bhengu in the production. “I am always up for a good challenge, no matter what role I am asked to play.” Umam’umfundisi, which literally translates to “Pastor’s wife,” is someone who possesses characteristics that are diametrically opposed to those that I possess in my everyday life. According to Mhlongo, “it has been quite the experience” to have the opportunity to experience the contrast and bring the character to life in the way that I feel is appropriate.

What led to her decision to quit Generations: The Legacy?

Brenda vehemently denies the rumors that the show’s executives fired her from the program. Her function has been eliminated, hence her current contract will not be renewed when it expires. Following her departure from the show, the actress immediately resumed work on her charitable organization, the Brenda Mhlongo Worldwide Foundation. When she starts acting on Generations, she puts it on hold for the time being.

Who is the man who Brenda Mhlongo calls her husband?

The actress and Edmund are the definition of a dream couple because they got married when she was only 18 years old and they are still in love after 22 years. Her spouse is her biggest admirer, and he always shows his support for his wife’s demanding work, which makes him her biggest fan. The name of the couple’s children are Zama, Snikiwe, and Nethezeko in that order.

Is Snikiwe Mhlongo Brenda Mhlongo daughter?

Snikiwe, who bears a startling likeness to her mother, is pursuing a career in the same field as Brenda. Snikiwe is a well-known YouTuber as well as an actress, and she has the utmost respect for her mother. She avoids conversations concerning males, despite the fact that her mother is her best friend. Simply out of a sense of respect, of course.

How much money does Brenda Mhlongo have in the bank?

Since the actress has worked both within and outside of the confines of Mzansi, it is beyond reasonable question that she is living a luxury lifestyle. It is probably for the best that she does not disclose her net worth, as she does not discuss it publicly. Having some privacy does not mean that she is not making a lot of money.

What kind of automobiles does Brenda Mhlongo typically travel around in?

In 2018, Brenda’s husband gives her a fresh new BMW 2 Series as a Christmas present. A staggering half a million rand is required to purchase the convertible car that has a sleek black interior. The actress has a serious obsession with high-end automobiles. In addition to the BMW that her husband generously purchases for her, Brenda also possesses another beautiful pair of wheels.

Brenda likes travelling.

The foreign countries that she travels to contribute to her unique way of life. The actress is a seasoned traveler who takes pleasure in seeing exotic locations and dining in opulent establishments. Why shouldn’t she get it if she has the money?

Mhlongo serves us great fashion sense.
Even though she is 40 years old, she continues to kill it in the fashion department. Let’s have a look at Brenda’s incredible collection of clothes, shall we?

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