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The South African actor Ntokozo Dlamini is known for his role on Uzalo as Mastermind. Mastermind was a gangster who would do anything to make money and feed his family. His character was a car thief, a thug, and a con artist who helped Nkunzi.

What happened to Mastermind on Uzalo?

Ntokozo did a great job with his villain role, and he became Mzansi’s favourite star right away. Later, Mastermind quit Uzalo to look for other jobs in the entertainment business, and his character went to jail. But on social media, people have been saying that Mastermind from Uzalo is dead. Is the information true or not? Read this to find out.

What happened to Mastermind on Uzalo?

On August 27, 2022, the news that Ntokozo Dlamini, who plays Mastermind on Uzalo, had died was at the top of the trends. Sources that couldn’t be confirmed said that the actor was in a car accident and died right away. It was said that Mastermind was driving while drunk, which led to a fatal accident.

What happened to Mastermind on Uzalo?
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Social media was full of messages of sympathy for Mastermind from Uzalo.

The rumours about Mastermind’s death were laughed off as false.
But Ntokozo Dhlamini put an end to the rumours that he was dead and told his fans that he was alive and well. He also criticised the people who faked his death and said he never got into a car accident. Mastermind from Uzalo is not dead; he is with his family and friends having the best time of his life.

Close family members of Ntokozo also said that when they heard that Mastermind had died, they were shocked. The family also said that Mastermind’s death was faked and that he had never been in a car accident.

“Mastermind” Ntokozo Dlamini celebrates her daughter’s birthday despite rumours that she has died.

As rumours about Mastermind’s death spread on social media, the actor was having the best time of his life with his family. On August 28, 2022, the famous actress threw her daughter Namisa an expensive birthday party. The award-winning actress Jessica Nkosi had a baby with Ntokozo, and the two are said to be living together and raising their daughter together.

Namisa’s birthday party was very nice, and they spent a lot of money on a photoshoot. On Instagram, Ntokozo also wrote a sweet note to his daughter.

On Uzalo, we take a look at Mastermind’s career.
When Unalo began in 2015, Mastermind became a part of it. He played a bad guy who was in love with Thobile’s character. He proved that he was the best at what he did by killing his character perfectly. But he was later sent to jail and had to leave his love, Thobile.

Sources who can be trusted said that he quit Uzalo, and his character was sent to jail. Mastermind was said to be coming back to Uzalo as a police officer after being off TV for a long time. His character was supposed to change from a thug to a dedicated cop.

Mastermind was a police officer on Uzalo, but his new role as a loyal and kind Mastermind didn’t impress Mzansi, so he left the show for the second time.

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