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Actress ‘Gugu’ Velile Makhoba Leaves Gomora 

After her role on the Emmy-winning television drama Gomora came to an end, actress Velile Makhoba said her final goodbyes to the cast and crew.

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The aspiring actress played the role of Gugulethu in the telenovela; however, all of the storylines and events that centered on her character were wrapped up in the previous week. She made the announcement on her Instagram page, where she also thanked Gomora for the golden path it had set for her and the way it had honed her gift.

She also thanked her fans for making it a point to watch every episode of the show so they could see her perform and share their appreciation with her.

“My appreciation to you guys as a production team is overflowing since you made the realization of my god dream possible…. Thank you for recognizing potential in me that you thought would be suitable for working with; the entire team has been great and kind to my spirit; from the producers of the program down to my core workers, you have made me feel like I belong here and that I am at home here. Gomora has provided me with a golden road and honed my talent, and I will humbly carry the love that you guys have poured into me because I am grateful to each and every one of you. I want to say thank you to all of my fans for the love and support they have given me throughout the years. I will be eternally grateful futh ngyohlezi nginithanda. See on the following one how this was only getting started, “The post was captioned by her.

Her supporters expressed their best wishes for her in the comment section, wishing her success in all of her upcoming efforts.

Aith mgobhozi made the following observation about your performance: “You did wonderfully well; may this open additional doors; even bigger doors.”

The comment made by asiphentuli was, “You carried the character so beautifully. We are really pleased of you.”

shamiso omphile “Yohh, I love you so much that I can’t stop crying; your incredible skill has completely transformed me. Uyi superstar.”

Actress ‘Gugu’ Velile Makhoba Leaves Gomora 

Chris Q. Radebe, the author of Gomora, sent flowers to the character through his Instagram account.

The actor praised Makhoba for her excellent acting abilities and spoke highly of her. “However, that person possesses an astounding talent. Oh, my heavenly being! When I was first put in contact with her, I’ll never forget the experience. It began with a video that Kutlwano Ditsele had sent to me while he was in Durban trying out for the role of Shaka Ilembe. He did not include a message with the video that he provided. And as soon as I pushed the play button, I was aware of the message in its entirety, “he had written.

He proceeded further “After watching the first five seconds of her performance, I responded by saying, “Yes, my answer is yes,” regardless of the question being asked. And with that, I give it a resounding three yeses. This young lady is the Leonardo DiCaprio to my Martin Scorsese, the Denzel Washington to my Tony Scott, and I cannot wait till our next collaboration to see what she is capable of.”

He believes that she is destined for greatness and that her star will continue to shine brightly. He also believes that her star will continue to shine brightly. “@velilemakhoba, please continue to be as joyful, grounded, real, courteous, and, most importantly, respectful to others as you already are. You were born with a talent that can never be taken away from you, and I have a feeling that the country is in for a real treat because of it.”

Since Velile’s role was not permanently eliminated, a source who spoke on the condition of anonymity claims that there is a chance that her character will make a comeback at some point in the future.

“The authors were in awe of her. They were willing to keep her, but it was tough to fit her in with the other characters in the story. Because her role had grown superfluous, they were forced to eliminate her from the show. However, they took care not to kill her in the process. Her departure was a calculated move. “According to her script, she will be relocating to KZN to be with her grandparents,” said the source. “She might make a comeback because of this,” the source said.

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