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A visit to a school by two actresses, intended to inspire the students there, devolves into a catfight. 

A visit to a school by two actresses, intended to inspire the students there, devolves into a catfight.

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A catfight between Keke Mphuthi and Thandy Matlaila was witnessed taking place in front of a group of schoolchildren.

Thandy Matlaila and Keke Mphuthi, both of whom are well-known television actors, were recently seen engaging in a messy catfight in front of a group of bewildered students in Qwaqwa, which is located in the Free State.

The altercation between the two, who had previously been the closest of friends, has left them unable to communicate with one another.

Mphuthi and Matlaila, who played Lindiwe Ngema on the SABC1 drama series Tshisa, reportedly traveled to QwaQwa together with fellow actress Florence Mokgatsi on a Waka campaign to talk schoolchildren about the importance of education and to unearth acting talent, among other things, in various schools. Two sources, who did not want to be named for fear of being victimized, stated that the three women were on their way to QwaQ.

A visit to a school by two actresses, intended to inspire the students there, devolves into a catfight. 

The mole claimed that when the troupers arrived at a primary school in Qwaqwa, they invited Mphuthi, who played the role of Mrs. Mnisi in the SABC1 series Skeem Saam, to give a motivating lecture and explain the purpose of the campaign.

According to the source, when Mphuthi was speaking, everyone remained silent and allowed her to conclude her message in peace.

“Because we wanted the children and the teachers to concentrate, we reached an agreement that nobody should talk to the youngsters or take pictures with them while the speeches were being given,” stated the person with the deep throat.

According to the source, as Mphuthi finished her speech, she passed the microphone to Matlaila so that she could speak to the students who were standing on the balcony of the school building.

While Matlaila, who portrayed Happiness on the soap Gold Diggers, was speaking to the students, Mphuthi began signing autographs, taking photographs and films with the kids, and generally having a good time with them.

Because of this, the students were unable to maintain their concentration and did not pay attention to what Matlaila had to say during her speech.

According to the source, Thandy was bothered by Keke’s behavior and begged her to stop what she was doing because she could not get the youngsters to pay attention to what she was saying because of Keke’s antics.

In front of a classroom full of students, witnesses reported seeing Thandy Matlaila and Keke Mphuti engaged in a brawl.
The publication Sunday World has a video footage in its hands in which Matlaila can be seen and heard shouting out Mphuthi.

“As for me, my task for the day is to come here and scout for talent – talent that we are willing to use for the opening ceremony of the Waka Waka project, which will take place in November. “Keke, focus, focus, children are willing to listen, but when you are preoccupied with your phone, they are not going to listen,” she told him as she told him to pay attention to what he was saying.

Mphuthi lost her composure and punched Matlaila in the face.

She yelled at him in a furious tone, “Ah, ah, don’t do that, don’t do that, I will f#c you back.”

According to a different source, following the event, Mphuthi and Matlaila got into another dispute, which culminated in Matlaila berating Mphuthi for her behavior, which led to the two getting into another fight. The altercation resulted in Mphuthi, who was also severely reprimanded by Mokgatsi, cutting short her trip and hiking back to Johannesburg. Mokgatsi was not pleased with Mphuthi’s behavior.

According to the source, Mphuthi called Matlaila on her way back to Joburg and berated her for talking back at her over the phone. Matlaila was on her way back to Johannesburg.

Matlaila declined to comment.

She stated, “I’m not ready to talk about it now because I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus,” indicating that she was not yet prepared to discuss the matter.

Mphuthi vehemently refuted reports that she was involved in a confrontation with Matlaila. In addition to this, she pretended to be surprised that the video clip even existed.

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