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BREAKING: Qwabe Twins Have Gone Separate Ways

The bond between twins is often described as unbreakable, and for Virginia and Viggy Qwabe, their bond was no exception. The Qwabe twins were widely known in South Africa’s music industry for their exceptional vocal skills and incredible harmony. However, their fans were shocked when they announced that they were going their separate ways in recording music.

The Qwabe twins were the finalists of the popular singing competition, “Idols South Africa” in 2019, and since then, they have been making music together. They were under the management of one of the biggest names in the South African music industry, DJ Tira. Their music style is deeply rooted in Maskandi, a genre that is popular in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa.

According to reports, the reason for the split was a disagreement over the kind of music they wanted to make. Virginia and Viggy could not agree on whether to continue making Maskandi music or venture into another genre. This disagreement led to a heated argument between the two, which ultimately resulted in their separation. The issue of sharing money was also cited as a contributing factor to their split.

The Qwabe twins’ separation is not the first time that artists have gone their separate ways due to disagreements. In the music industry, creative differences can lead to the break-up of even the most successful bands. Some of the notable examples include:

The Beatles: The Fab Four is perhaps one of the most iconic bands in history. However, even they could not escape the perils of creative differences. The Beatles’ break-up was a result of disagreements over music, business, and personal issues.

Pink Floyd: Another legendary band that faced a similar fate is Pink Floyd. The band members had a creative disagreement that resulted in the departure of their lead singer, Roger Waters.


The twins were born on 29th April 1997 in Insinga-Kwadukuza, KwaZulu-Natal, and are 25 years old. This article will delve into their lives and careers, highlighting their peculiarities, schooling, musical journey, family, and controversy.

Career Breakthrough and Rise to Fame

The Qwabe Twins rose to prominence after their appearance on the 2019 South African Idol talent show. Though they did not win the competition, they caught the attention of one of South Africa’s biggest names in entertainment, DJ Tira.

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Tira was impressed with their performance and took the twins under his wing, signing them to his record label, Afrotainment. Under the label, the Qwabe Twins released their first single, “Hamba,” a collaboration with DJ Tira that became a major hit. To date, the song has over 12 million views on YouTube.

The Qwabe Twins’ music is largely produced by the twins themselves. Viggy is the songwriter, while Virginia does the melody and rhythm. In 2020, the twins released their first album, “The Gift of Love,” which features some of their best songs, such as “Umuhle” and “Ziyakala.” The album speaks to the difficulties the sisters faced during their time on SA Idols.


During a 2020 interview with SowetanLive on YouTube, the Qwabe Twins revealed some of their peculiar qualities that many people may not know about. Firstly, Viggy is a better cook than Virginia.

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Secondly, Viggy is older than Virginia by seconds. She came out first during their birth. Thirdly, Viggy’s nickname is Manana, while Virginia’s is Thaa. Fourthly, when it comes to getting prepared, Viggy spends the most time because she has to do her face. Lastly, the Qwabe Twins’ favorite color is peach.


The Qwabe Twins attended Nonoti Primary School and Nonoti Senior Secondary School. Their passion for music started at a young age, and they began writing songs and singing in church.

Musical Journey

The Qwabe Twins wanted to compete in the 14th season of SA Idols in 2018 but lacked the confidence to face a large audience. They gained the courage to compete in the 2019 edition and impressed the Mzansi nation with their vocal abilities.

However, the Qwabe Twins’ SA Idols journey was short-lived when Viggy dropped out of the competition after her twin was eliminated. The controversial exit of the twins from the competition was a blessing in disguise, as it acted as a launchpad to their music career, making them one of Mzansi’s favorite duos.


The Qwabe Twins received backlash after they shared an intimate video of themselves kissing. While some people saw nothing wrong with the clip, others berated them for crossing boundaries. This also raised questions about their sexuality. However, they denied being lesbians and stated that they are single and open to a polygamous marriage so that they will not be separated for the rest of their lives.

Qwabe Twins: SA’s Favorite Singing Sisters.


The Qwabe Twins’ parents are pastors. Their father, Pastor Lawrence Qwabe, is the founder of Pure Freedom Christ. While not much is known about their mother, the twins revealed during an interview on the Afternoon Express talk show that their mother is also a pastor.

Qwabe Twins’ Controversy

Despite their success, the Qwabe Twins have also experienced their fair share of controversy. During their time on Idols SA, Viggy Qwabe’s exit from the competition was surrounded by drama and speculation.

Qwabe Twins: SA’s Favorite Singing Sisters

After Virginia was eliminated from the show, Viggy decided to quit as well, saying that she couldn’t continue without her sister. This decision caused an uproar among fans and even led to accusations of favoritism.

However, Viggy and Virginia have since moved on from the incident and have continued to focus on their music career. They have also spoken out about the importance of mental health and self-care, urging others to prioritize their well-being.

Qwabe Twins’ Philanthropy

In addition to their music career, the Qwabe Twins are also involved in various philanthropic activities. They have been vocal about their support for gender equality and have participated in events and campaigns that aim to empower women and girls.

They have also been involved in initiatives that support education and youth development, recognizing the importance of education and mentorship in shaping the next generation of leaders.

Qwabe Twins’ Future Plans

With their growing popularity and success, the Qwabe Twins have many plans for the future. They hope to continue making music that inspires and uplifts their fans, and to collaborate with other artists both locally and internationally.

They also have aspirations of starting their own record label and using their platform to mentor and support other up-and-coming artists in the industry.


Viggy and Virginia Qwabe, the Qwabe Twins, have come a long way since their controversial exit from Idols SA. With their beautiful voices and unique personalities, they have captured the hearts of fans across South Africa and beyond.

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