Pretty ‘Lerato Marabe’ and Kwaito ‘Clement Maosa’ married in real life?

Actors Lerato Marabe and Clement Maosa, who play siblings on the popular South African soap opera Skeem Saam, have been causing a stir on social media. Rumors of their off-screen romance have been circulating after the pair was spotted wearing matching outfits and rings. But are they really married, or is it just a case of fiction bleeding into reality? Let’s take a closer look at their relationship.

Lerato Marabe’s Viral Makoti Pictures

In 2021, Lerato Marabe made headlines when pictures of her in makoti attire went viral on social media. Makoti attire is traditionally worn by newlywed women in South Africa. In the pictures, Lerato was sporting a new bridal outfit, leading many to believe that she had secretly tied the knot. However, the actress did not reveal her partner’s identity, leaving her fans to speculate.

Despite the speculation, it seems that Lerato is not married in real life. She has not officially announced her relationship status, and there is no evidence of her being in a committed relationship. It is possible that the viral pictures were simply a publicity stunt, aimed at generating buzz for her career.

Clement Maosa’s Real-Life Marriage

Unlike Lerato, Clement Maosa is happily married in real life. The handsome actor tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Kemo Manyoga, in a traditional wedding ceremony in 2018. The couple has been together since before Clement’s rise to fame, and they have a son together. Despite being in the public eye, Kemo keeps a low profile and does not often appear in the media.

Clement frequently shares pictures of his family on social media, gushing about his wife and son. He is a doting husband and father, often spoiling his family with luxurious gifts. Clement and Kemo’s marriage is a testament to their love and commitment to each other, despite the challenges of being in the entertainment industry.

Lerato and Clement’s Off-Screen Relationship

While Lerato and Clement play siblings on Skeem Saam, they have developed a close friendship off-screen. The two actors have been spotted hanging out together and sharing pictures of each other on social media. Their on-screen chemistry has translated into a real-life friendship, with the two supporting each other’s careers and personal lives.

However, there is no evidence to suggest that Lerato and Clement are romantically involved. The matching outfits and rings that sparked the rumors were likely a coincidence or a planned publicity stunt for the show. Fans of the show may be disappointed to learn that their favorite on-screen siblings are not together in real life, but it’s important to separate fact from fiction.

Separating Reality from Fiction

It’s not uncommon for actors to develop close relationships with their co-stars, especially when working on a long-running show like Skeem Saam. While fans may ship certain couples, it’s important to remember that actors are playing a character and that their real-life relationships may be very different.

The rumors surrounding Lerato Marabe and Clement Maosa’s relationship highlight the blurred lines between fiction and reality. It’s important for fans to respect their privacy and not make assumptions based on social media posts or on-screen chemistry.

Final Thoughts

While Lerato Marabe and Clement Maosa’s on-screen chemistry is undeniable, it’s clear that their relationship off-screen is purely platonic. Lerato may have teased her fans with her viral makoti pictures, but there is no evidence of her being married in real life. Clement, on the other hand, is happily married to his wife Kemo, and the two have a loving family together.

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