Lowest paid SA actors in 2023

When it comes to acting, the pay scale varies among actors, with some earning more than others. In South Africa, there are actors who receive lower salaries due to factors such as appearing on television part-time or working as supporting actors. Let’s take a look at the six lowest-paid actors in the country.

  • Hleziphi from Uzalo: Hleziphi earns a monthly salary of R14,000 from her role in Uzalo. As a supporting actor, she doesn’t work full-time and may go for a month without appearing on the show. It’s worth noting that she received a bursary from Uzalo, which covered her university fees until she graduated. We hope that her salary will be increased now that she has completed her studies.
  • Nimrod from Skeem Saam: Buhle Maseko, known as Nimrod in Skeem Saam, earns an estimated amount ranging from R12,000 to R20,000. He has mentioned that his character is challenging, and like other actors on this list, he may go without appearing on the show for a month. Nimrod works on a call basis, acting whenever the role is available, rather than having a full-time position.
  • Tibi from Scandal: Tibi, a child actor in Scandal, earns an estimated amount ranging from R12,000 to R15,000, which is considered the highest salary for him. His character used to appear frequently but has since become less prominent. As a school-going boy, Tibi’s availability for filming is limited, and therefore, his salary is relatively lower than what his acting skills deserve.
  • Wallet from Skeem Saam: Molefe Monaisa, known as Wallet in Skeem Saam, earns around R12,000 per month. Wallet is also a call actor, meaning he only acts when his role is available. Without a full agreement with the show, his involvement is part-time.
  • Vho-Bororo from Muvhango: Amosi Mulaudzi portrays Vho-Bororo in Muvhango. As a call actor, he doesn’t appear on the show full-time and earns an estimated amount of R9,200 per month. Acting serves as a side hustle for Amosi, as he is a full-time teacher.
  • Screwdriver from Uzalo: Screwdriver, a character in Uzalo, is the lowest-paid actor in South Africa, earning an estimated amount of R7,000 per month. He is paid only when he appears on camera. Despite his storyline not developing much, he continues to play the role of Screwdriver. He has been subjected to mockery for using a taxi for commuting and has a relatively modest standard of living due to his lower salary.

It’s important to acknowledge and support the hard work and dedication of these actors, even if they may not receive the highest compensation for their performances.

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