Nonka’s fans kiss her

Uzalo actress Thuthuka Mthembu, known for her role as Nonka, has taken a stand and set boundaries with her fans. In a recent interview, she expressed discomfort with some fans going overboard by kissing her on the mouth when they meet her in public. Thuthuka firmly stated that a kiss is a big no-no for her and called on her fans to respect her personal space.

Despite her love for her fans, Thuthuka finds it challenging to reprimand them when they cross the line, fearing they might perceive her as rude or arrogant. She feels the need for fans to be educated on how to treat celebrities and understand that they, too, have boundaries and feelings.

Speaking during an interview with the Daily Sun, Thuthuka said that she finds herself in an uncomfortable situation when her fans kiss her on the mouth.

“I love my fans deeply. But sometimes they put me in an uncomfortable position. There are different incidents where some of them go as far as kissing me on the mouth. For me, this is not right,” said Thuthuka.

Thuthuka called on her fans to stop kissing her when they meet her in public saying that a kiss was a big no-no for her.

The actress said she loves her fans so much such that she finds it so hard to reprimand them when they go to such extremes. She said that she fears that if she tries to reprimand them they will accuse her of being rude so every time a fan does something uncomfortable to her she smiles and pretends she is okay with it.

“Being celebrated is hard. And people are sensitive towards celebrities. It is easy for them to judge us. To them, it’s like we are living on another planet. Imagine telling an excited person to stop what they are doing? That would be interpreted as rude or arrogant. That’s what I sometimes go through. I have to smile and pretend that everything is fine, whereas it’s the opposite.”

Thuthuka said that fans should be taught how to treat celebrities so that they don’t overstep their boundaries.

“I think fans must be taught how to treat celebrities. I don’t know who should teach them. But they must know that celebrities have rules and feelings as well. I know that without my fans, I’m nothing. I regard them as my bosses. But they must know that we must treat each other in a respectful way,” she said.

Thuthuka emphasized that while she appreciates her fans and regards them as her bosses, mutual respect is essential, and celebrities should not be subjected to uncomfortable situations when interacting with fans in public.

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