Mbongeni Ngema’s second wife was pregnant but his family is rejecting her

The family of the late Mbongeni Ngema, renowned playwright, musician, and producer, has vehemently denied Yolanda “Wanda” Moncho’s claim of being his second wife. Ngema, publicly married to Nompumelelo Gumede-Ngema, tragically passed away in a car crash on December 27. Nhlanhla Ngema, Mbongeni’s brother, expressed the family’s ignorance of any marriage with Moncho and emphasized their focus on the funeral proceedings.

Moncho, asserting herself as Ngema’s customary wife, threatened to interdict the government from organizing the musician’s burial. She also claimed to be four months pregnant with Ngema’s child in a letter addressed to government offices. Nhlanhla Ngema, however, treated Moncho’s assertions with skepticism, stating that the family would address other matters post-funeral.

Despite Moncho’s claims, the family remains unaware of any marriage, casting doubt on the true nature of Ngema’s relationships. Moncho’s letters to government officials add complexity to the aftermath of Ngema’s passing, creating legal and familial disputes that leave his legacy in question.

In the midst of this controversy, Moncho had written to the office of KwaZulu-Natal premier Nomusa Dube-Ncube, who accorded Ngema a provincial funeral at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Durban. Moncho’s letter also targeted several other government officials, seeking acknowledgment of her purported marital status.

When questioned about responses from government officials, Moncho cited being unwell and unable to check or find out. The unfolding events add a layer of complexity to the aftermath of Mbongeni Ngema’s passing, as legal and familial disputes emerge, leaving many uncertain about the true nature of Ngema’s relationships and the potential impact on his legacy.

As the drama unfolds, it is clear that the controversy surrounding Ngema’s relationships has shifted the focus from mourning the loss to navigating legal and familial disputes. The true nature of Ngema’s relationships remains uncertain, and the impact on his legacy is yet to be determined.

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