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Natasha Thahane, a South African actress, is currently mourning the loss of her grandmother, who passed away in December 2021. In remembrance of her beloved grandmother, Natasha shared a heartfelt video on social media, showcasing their best moments together.

The video shared by Natasha highlights her grandmother’s wisdom and joyous spirit. It is evident that she was a happy person who cherished spending time with her granddaughter. Despite her age, she possessed impressive dance skills and often danced with her family, spreading happiness wherever she went.

Natasha’s Instagram post garnered condolences from numerous fans and fellow celebrities, including Minnie Dlamini, who expressed her deepest sympathies. Minnie wrote, “My deepest condolences, angel 🙏🏾,” showcasing her support for Natasha during this difficult time.

Expressing her love for her late grandmother, Natasha spoke fondly of her in the post, bidding her farewell with heartfelt words. She wrote, “Rest in Perfect Peace Mam’Jwarha 🤍🕊️. I love you Gogo. Phumla ngoku ntombi endala. You loved us, we loved you. Enkosi Makhulu. 🤍”

Natasha’s fans joined her in mourning and offered their condolences, expressing their hopes for Gogo to rest in peace. Many admired the wisdom Gogo shared in the video and expressed their appreciation for her strength and sincerity. They recognized her as a strong woman who fearlessly spoke truth to power.

Natasha’s video showcased some of Gogo Mam’Jwarha’s best moments, highlighting her love for dancing and capturing a beautiful moment from Natasha’s birthday celebration. The wounds of losing her grandmother are still fresh in Natasha’s heart, and she continues to mourn her passing.

During this challenging time, Natasha’s fans and well-wishers stand by her, sending their love and support as she remembers and honors her late grandmother’s memory.

Job Vacancies at the Gauteng Department of Home Affairs


The Gauteng Department of Home Affairs is currently seeking qualified candidates to fill various job vacancies within the department. As an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer, the department aims to promote representivity in terms of race, gender, and disability. In addition, reasonable accommodation will be provided for people with disabilities, even in cases where a driver’s license is required. The department is looking for dedicated and talented individuals to join its new leadership team and contribute to delivering a modern and world-class service.

About the Gauteng Department of Home Affairs

The Gauteng Department of Home Affairs is responsible for various functions related to immigration, civic services, and client services. With a commitment to upholding the National Development Plan’s priorities, the department seeks individuals who align with its shared values and possess the necessary qualifications for the available positions. The department serves the needs of South African citizens, residents, and visitors, making it a crucial institution for the country.

Job Vacancies

The following positions are currently available at the Gauteng Department of Home Affairs:

  1. Civic Services Clerk (20 posts)
  2. Cleaner (2 posts)
  3. Cashier (2 posts)
  4. Immigration Officer: Inspectorate (5 posts)
  5. Client Services Officer
  6. State Accountant
  7. Civic Services Officer
  8. Senior Administrative Officer: Finance
  9. Control Security Officer
  10. Civic Services Supervisor (2 posts)
  11. Assistant Director: Human Resources Management
  12. Local Office Manager (2 posts)

Application Process

To apply for any of the positions mentioned above, please follow the application instructions provided below:

Submission: Ensure that your application is sent to the correct address specified at the bottom of the job advertisement before the closing date.

Application Form: Complete the New Application for Employment Form (Z.83), which can be obtained from the official government website at Fill out all sections of the form (A, B, C, D, and F) accurately and thoroughly.

Comprehensive CV: Attach a comprehensive curriculum vitae (CV) to your application. Include the start and end dates (dd/mm/yyyy) of each employment period, as well as the details of at least two recent employment references who can be contacted.

Supporting Documents: If shortlisted, you will be required to submit a copy of your ID document, a valid driver’s license (if applicable), and your highest educational qualifications on or before the day of the interview.

Foreign Qualifications: If you possess any foreign qualifications, you must submit the evaluated results from the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) along with your application.

Selection Process

The selection process for these job vacancies will include the following steps:

Preference for Entry-Level Positions: Unemployed youth, graduates, or individuals who have completed skills development programs may be given preference for entry-level positions. Candidates must reside in close proximity to the office where the position is based and meet the inherent requirements of the post.

Interview and Technical Assessment: Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview and may be required to undergo a technical assessment. These assessments will evaluate the candidates’ professional and technical competencies in relation to the job requirements and duties.

Employment Suitability Checks: Candidates who are deemed suitable after the interview and technical assessment will undergo employment suitability checks. These checks may include credit checks, criminal record checks, citizenship verification, employment reference checks, and qualification verifications.

Appointment and Requirements

If appointed, successful candidates will be required to meet the following conditions:

  1. Probation Period: New employees will serve a prescribed probation period, as determined by the department.
  2. Security Clearance: Appointed individuals must obtain the necessary security clearance within the prescribed timeframe, as per the requirements of the specific post.


Joining the Gauteng Department of Home Affairs provides an opportunity to contribute to the important work of immigration, civic services, and client services in South Africa. By aligning with the department’s shared values and possessing the required qualifications, candidates can make a meaningful impact on the lives of citizens, residents, and visitors.

Interested individuals are encouraged to submit their applications before the closing date of 07 July 2023. Apply now and become part of a new leadership team dedicated to delivering a modern and world-class service.

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