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Dr Nandipha Magudumana’s beauty behind bars left Mzansi in shock

Dr Nandipha Magudumana’s beauty behind bars left Mzansi in shock. South Africans are all abuzz about the stunning transformation of Dr Nandipha Magudumana, the former fugitive and accomplice of Thabo Bester.

Thabo Bester was engaged to another woman, a wealthy billionaire CEO. [find full details about this story below, read on…]

Her appearance at the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court today for bail alongside other five co-accused was a sight to behold.

Way more than her previous court appearances, this time the accused was looking spick and span, with her face and hair perfectly done up, causing a stir amongst the onlookers as they started wondering how could that happen since she is in prison.

Dr Nandipha Magudumana appeared to be worth her weight in gold, and this unexpected change in her appearance has left South Africans scratching their heads and speculating about what may have led to it.

The public is all abuzz, offering their thoughts and opinions on her new look, which has grabbed their attention like a magnet.

Dr Nandipha Magudumana Recent Court Appearance Has Mzansi Talking

As the stunning image of the aesthetician emerged on Twitter, a few netizens couldn’t help but gush over her angelic beauty.

However, a significant number of them were quick to cast aspersions and surmised that there might be more to her than meets the eye.

Check out some of the remarks that caught our attention:


Ah this one she is up to something,she knows something we don’t know,why babygil suddenly a slayer soo?


Nandipha is a true definition of NEVER LOOK LIKE YOUR PROBLEM… Even in jail mtakabawo, geza ubemuhle  love it for her


So it’s allowed to have make up in prison!?


She’s gaining confidence now, even putting on makeup for bail application.

BREAKING: Thabo Bester was engaged to another woman, a wealthy billionaire CEO

Thabo Bester, the convicted rapist and murderer, has been linked to another wealthy woman, a billionaire CEO, in addition to his previous association with Nandipha Magudumana, according to recent reports. This news emerged in an anonymous interview with one of Bester’s former prison mates on eNCA. The inmate claimed that Bester was focused on his business ventures, which he managed from behind bars.

The inmate also described Bester as a “psychopath” and “anti-social,” saying that he would sit in his cell for months on end. It was also revealed that Bester was engaged to the CEO in 2016, before he convinced Magudumana to join him in his criminal activities. The CEO’s name was bleeped out by eNCA, but the revelation has sparked further speculation surrounding Bester’s connections.

In an exclusive tell-all interview with eNCA’s senior reporter Silindelo Masikane. An inmate who was with Facebook rapist and murderer Thabo Bester at Mangaung Correctional Centre explains how Dr Nandipha Magudumana fell victim to Bester after targetting her via social media.

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Silindelo Masikane: So, when you found out or heard that there was a fire and Bester had died, did you believe it or you knew that this was the plan?
Inmate: I knew from the word go that this cannot be happening. There was no way that boy would kill himself. He is just too selfish. He is a selfish somebody that doesn’t care how other people feel as long as he is happy then he is fine.
Silindelo Masikane: Talk to me about of person he was. Was he sociable or did he like to keep to himself?
Inmate: That guy was a sociopath. That guy would sit like for two or three months without him getting out of the cell. Sitting and doing his businesses. he was anti-social and mum.
Silindelo Masikane: How did he meet Nandipha?
Inmate: He was the one telling Nandipha that they walked in the same circles he did his research about Nandipha. He did not just get Nandipha from seeing her on social media platforms. No. He was just using Nandipha.
Silindelo Masikane: So, you are saying Bester targeted Nandipha and contacted her via social media?
Inmate: Yes,
Silindelo Masikane: And then this would have been like what, 2018?
Inmate: Yes, I think before 2018/ 2017 somewhere there. Are you awre there is a link between Arum and (bleep)
Silindelo Masikane: No, what is the link?

Inmate: You are not aware?
Silindelo Masikane: No.
Inmate: The CEO of (blee) Ms (bleep) are you aware that she was engaged to get married to Thabo?
Silindelo Masikane: When was she engaged?
Inmate: They were engaged in 2016/ 2017 somewhere there.
Silindelo Masikane: Are you saying to me the CEO of (bleep) was visiting Thabo Bester?
Inmate: Yes.
Silindelo Masikane: And they were engaged to be married?
Inmate: Yes.
Silindelo Masikane: While Thabo was still in prison?
Inmate: Yes. A lot of celebrities. He even bought cares for some of them. This lady Simphiwe, the one who used to be in Muvhango, the one that her husband died.
Silindelo Masikane: Who else was a celebrity that was coming to visit him?
Inmate: Even (bleep) Yes.
Silindelo Masikane: So, how often then that Nandipha came to visit him?
Inmate: Nandipha was coming almost every month. Even if she does not come this month, the following month she would be there.
Silindelo Masikane: Was she interested in doing business or in a relationship?
Inmate: The business side of it.
Silindelo Masikane: The business? So what kind of business were they running?
Inmate: The aesthetics one. Actually the business started booming after Covid, just when Covid came in. That was when they started being busy even the Arum property thing started now in 2020. Whatever Nathi Sekeleni said Nathi is talking the truth, nothing but the truth. yes, Nathi was fighting for his sister but the minute he realized this is Thabo Bester that was when sh!t hit the fan. The family knew. There is an aunt, I do not remember her name. That aunt from the word go she was against all this. She was chased from Johannesburg like a hobo.
Silindelo Masikane: Do you know anything about the father, Nandipha’s father? You don’t know anything about his involvement in the scheme?
Inmate: No, I do not know anything but there was a family day where Nandipha’s family was here. The father, the mother and Nandipha.
Silindelo Masikane: Do you remember which year that was?
Inmate: I will tell you now… I think it was in 2019.
Silindelo Masikane: In 2019, and they all came to visit him?
Inmate: Yes, yes.

This news comes after recent allegations on social media linking Bester to several high-profile individuals, including actress Simz Ngema and businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize. Ngema has admitted to visiting Bester in prison back in 2018 for business purposes, while the allegations against Mkhize have since been retracted. Journalist Karyn Maughn also suggested a possible connection between Bester and a “well-known celebrity” in her reporting.

As more details emerge about Bester’s prison lifestyle and business ventures, the public remains curious about his past and present associations.

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