Nike’s Unexpected Brand Ambassadors: Lerato Mahlangu and Dr. Nandipha

Nike’s unexpected brand ambassadors, Lerato Mahlangu and Dr. Nandipha, have unwittingly turned the sportswear company into a punchline as a series of perplexing and darkly humorous criminal events have unfolded in South Africa. The cases of Sibusiso Mahlangu and Thabo Bester were seemingly unrelated until a curious coincidence emerged: Nike clothing worn by those involved.

Sibusiso Mahlangu and his wife, Lerato, residents of Soshanguve, were charged with premeditated murder, defeating the ends of justice, and fraud after it was revealed that Sibusiso staged his own death and passed off the charred remains of an innocent man as his own to exploit multiple life insurance policies for financial gain.

Nike’s Unexpected Brand Ambassadors: Lerato Mahlangu and Dr. Nandipha

Similarly, Thabo Bester, a convicted rapist and murderer, executed a daring escape from the Mangaung Correctional Centre and evaded authorities until being apprehended in Tanzania with the aid of his alleged lover, Dr. Nandipha Magudumana. During their respective court appearances, both Lerato and Dr. Nandipha have been spotted wearing Nike hoodies, leading to an unexpected wave of humorous commentary.

Social media has exploded with comedic commentary, with users playfully linking Nike’s iconic “Just Do It” slogan to the audacity of these criminals. The brand has inadvertently become an unofficial uniform for criminal masterminds Lerato and Nandipha. Despite the unfortunate association, the brand has yet to issue a statement regarding the unusual turn of events.

Memes and comments have flooded the internet, teasingly pointing out that both Lerato and Dr. Nandipha were fashionably attired in Nike hoodies during their encounters with the law.

Here are some of the reactions;


Is Nike sponsoring criminals now

Criminal: I wonder if I should do something illegal? Nike: Just do it!


Dr Nandipha Magudumana is proudly sponsored by Nike. Just Do It.


These criminals are all wearing Nike hoodies these days..ummmm it’s sad *in Musa’s voice*


Myb it was her slogan, when she was doing everything with Bester…” Just do it”


@Nikewe see you dressing all our Bonnie and Clyde


When nike said “Just do it” ,these women took it very serious…

Dressed to Deceive: Why Top Criminals Can’t Resist Expensive Brands Like Nike

Criminals have long been associated with their love for expensive clothing, and Nike has been one of the top brands of choice for these individuals. While many people might think that this is just a matter of personal taste or style, the truth is that there are a few reasons why top criminals love wearing expensive clothes like Nike.

The first reason is that expensive clothing sends a message of power and success. Criminals often use their wealth and possessions as a way to assert their dominance over others, and wearing expensive clothing is just one way that they can do this. When someone sees a criminal wearing a pair of expensive Nike shoes or a designer jacket, they automatically assume that this person is successful and powerful, which can be intimidating to others.

Another reason why top criminals love wearing expensive clothes like Nike is that it allows them to blend in with the crowd. While it might seem counterintuitive, wearing expensive clothing can actually make a criminal less noticeable in a public place. If someone is wearing a pair of $1,000 shoes, they are less likely to stand out in a crowd of people who are also wearing designer clothing. This allows the criminal to move around more freely without drawing attention to themselves.

Finally, wearing expensive clothing can help criminals avoid suspicion from law enforcement. When someone is dressed in expensive clothing, they are less likely to be suspected of being involved in criminal activity. This is because people often assume that someone who can afford to dress well is also law-abiding. Criminals take advantage of this assumption by dressing in expensive clothing, which helps them avoid suspicion and scrutiny from law enforcement.

In conclusion, there are several reasons why top criminals love wearing expensive clothes like Nike. Expensive clothing sends a message of power and success, allows criminals to blend in with the crowd, and helps them avoid suspicion from law enforcement. While this might seem like a superficial aspect of criminal behavior, it is actually an important part of how criminals operate and how they use their appearance to their advantage.

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