Naledi Aphiwe Extends Apology Amidst Recognition for Collaboration with Chris Brown

South African student Naledi Aphiwe recently found herself in hot water with her peers who accused her of excessive boasting after Chris Brown acknowledged her contribution to his latest track, “Shooter.” The 17-year-old, who received R54,555 and an iPhone 12 for her vocal work on the song, took to Instagram to address the criticism.

In a heartfelt apology, Naledi expressed gratitude for the support she has received but acknowledged the unintended impact of her posts on social media. “I’ve seen your comments lately, you guys saying I am bragging too much, I’m not humble and all those things. I wanna start by thanking you all for the support you gave me from the beginning,” she stated.

She clarified that her social media presence was meant to be light-hearted and filled with jokes. “If you felt like you were offended by the things I have been posting, then I am sorry about that. I didn’t mean to brag or something; it was just content. I’m sorry,” Naledi added.

Despite the backlash, some followers rallied behind the aspiring singer, advising her not to apologize for enjoying her well-deserved success. One follower commented, “Never apologize for being your true authentic self! Your success will make certain people feel uncomfortable, and they’ll try to dim your light to ‘humble you.'”

Another follower encouraged Naledi to ignore the negativity, saying, “People are crazy so now you can’t celebrate your wins. Bayahlanya.”

In a previous report, it was revealed that Naledi Aphiwe received a substantial sum of R54,555 and an iPhone 12 for her contribution to Chris Brown’s song. The 17-year-old singer from Durban plans to utilize the funds to restore her mother’s grave, emphasizing the meaningful purpose behind her newfound financial gains.

As the controversy surrounding her online presence unfolds, Naledi faces both criticism and encouragement from her followers, navigating the delicate balance of celebrating success while remaining mindful of the potential impact on others.

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