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Woman embarrassed in Uyajola 9/9

In the second segment of today’s episode of Uyajola99, we meet a woman who brought shame on herself. After being ditched on live national television, a woman is left inconsolable and in tears. Elsie, a woman, had a sneaking suspicion that her boyfriend was cheating on her with another woman. She wanted to know whether or not her feelings were accurate, so she wrote to Uyajola99 to get some feedback on the matter.

A woman mistakenly believed that she was in a relationship with her boyfriend, but unfortunately for her, her boyfriend was not into her. After breaking up with his fiancée, who is currently residing in Cape Town, the guy was using her as a rebound relationship with another woman.

Elsie’s engagement with the guy was only for the purpose of having intimate encounters. The gentleman claims that he never loved her and that they never had a romantic relationship of any kind, but he does admit to having intimate encounters with the lady.

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This man’s statements left the viewers perplexed because he first stated that they were not dating and then claimed that he had texted the woman asking, “hello sweetheart, how are you doing?” It turned out that he was lying when he said that she was his sidekick; afterwards, they started dating and experienced both good and bad times together. It would appear that the woman was making an effort for a man who did not desire her.

It does not appear as though the lady is in the correct location. Mzansi believe that this girl is possessed because of the way that she reacted to what was spoken to her. They have been dating for four months, and the woman has already given him the nickname “Jub Jub.” It’s a shame that she’s having to go through all this pain because of a love that turned out to be a “flash in the pan” for the guy.

Because of the show I watched today, I was reminded that men would cheat on you regardless of how hot you are, even if you are as hot as a heater. As the play came to a conclusion, Jub Jub made a profound point when he remarked, “those who are in relationships striving to build something with their significant others.” This was a very moving moment.

‘He told me that he is coloured but he is from Zimbabwe’

This week, JubJub and the rest of the Uyajola 9/9 team traveled to Midrand in order to assist yet another betrayed lover in determining whether or not her suspicions were correct.

Elsie confided in Jub Jub that she was concerned about the actions that her lover, Ziko, had been taking as of late, and that she wanted to voice her concerns to her buddy.

She stated that, in addition to hiding stuff she left at his apartment, he frequently put his phone into flight mode when he was with her and periodically blocked her even when he was not with her.

“Because you blocked me,” she replied.
When confronted, they locate a woman getting ready in the restroom, and she claims that the only reason she is there is to have fun with her friends.

Ziko then tells Elsie that she is wasting her time because he is not doing anything wrong, and he continues by telling her that they are not even in a relationship together. Ziko believes that Elsie is wrong about their status as a couple. After that, she confronts him, telling her multiple times that the reason she is with the Uyajola 9/9 group is because he prevented her from leaving.

As a result of Elsie’s decision to bring a camera crew into his friend’s home, Elsie gets into a confrontation with his friend Q, who continues to yell profanities at her. Q’s irritation stems from the fact that Elsie brought the camera crew into his friend’s home.

When questioned why she opted to follow that route, she yells, “because you blocked me, Ziko!” repeatedly when she is prompted to explain her decision.

After that, Jub Jub hands Ziko his belongings in a bag that Elsie brought with her, and he tells his friend Q to stop interjecting so much because the relationship had nothing to do with him. Elsie had brought the bag with her.

Elsie then moves in to attack Ziko, at which point he reveals to Jub Jub that he has a girlfriend who lives in Cape Town. Elsie then moves in to attack Ziko.

She yells, “You told me that you guys are no longer together!” Ziko then responds by saying that they reconciled their differences and that he never told her that she had been a side chick, but that he insisted that she had never been one.

Elsie then makes another attempt to attack him, at which point he refers to her as a monster. After that, there is a peculiar conversation about how Ziko has lied about being coloured despite the fact that he is originally from Zimbabwe.

She claps back at Q as well, ordering him to go find a job because he is currently jobless and telling him to do so.

“One of your close friends has been venting about you because you don’t have a job. She yells at him after tossing money on the ground for him to pick up, “He’s busy buying you beer every day because you’re not working,” and then she throws the money at him.

Elsie explains to Ziko later on in the episode that the reason she still has pictures of them as her screen saver is because he never really broke up with her. This exchange takes place later in the episode. Ziko eventually allowed Jub Jub to look through his phone after unlocking it so that he could show him something. After that, Jub Jub continued to look through Ziko’s phone while Elsie attempted to attack him once more. While she is complaining about a girl named Fifi, he shoves her to the ground and knocks her out.

Elsie has reported that Ziko has stated that Fifi is his cousin.

“Why don’t you just go to your house, Elsie? What part of that don’t you get? I don’t want you,” says Ziko.

Fifi receives a video call from Jub Jub, who informs her that he has discovered her boyfriend cheating on her with another woman while Ziko is concerned with fighting Elsie. After that, he explains to her what is transpiring during the confrontation as Elsie exposes Ziko’s underpants to the audience. The article of underwear that he had left at Elsie’s residence.

After Fifi reveals that she is familiar with the underwear, Jub Jub offers her the opportunity to convey to Ziko how she truly feels about him. She expresses her dissatisfaction with him and requests that he not contact her again, stating that her heart is shattered as a result of the situation.

Ziko accuses Jub Jub of being the cause of the devastation in his life, and the final scene of Uyajola 9/9 shows him sitting on the floor and looking devastated.

Bheki, the violent and chronic adulterer.

Because her husband, who is also the father of her three children, is never home when he is supposed to be from work, Lungile Mtshali is the second person this week to turn to the show in an effort to learn the truth about what her spouse is doing.

X took over as host for the second program when Jub Jub was nowhere to be found.

According to Lungile, she went to Uyajola 9/9 to ask for assistance in catching the serial cheater because she is no longer able to do so on her own due to the fact that he cheats at a distance from where they live.

They find Bheki inside the home of another lady, and he makes an attempt to flee while the other woman, with whom he is having an affair, stands to the side and watches the conflict unfold.

Lungile questioned the woman and asked what Bheki said to her about his marriage. The woman responded that Bheki told her that he had divorced his wife and moved on with his life.

Lungile then starts to tell the woman everything that Bheki is doing wrong, and the woman responds by telling Lungile that she had no idea he had been evading his responsibilities as a husband and staying away from their home.

Bheki expresses to X his desire that she had just communicated with him, and Lungile responds by telling X that she had made numerous attempts to do so.

The woman then reveals to X and the rest of the Uyajola 9/9 crew that she had been seeing Bheki for about nine months prior to Lungile telling her to leave Bheki alone so that he can focus on being a faithful husband and so that they can build a life for their children. She says that Lungile told her to do this so that Bheki could concentrate on being a faithful husband.

After that, Lungile tells the woman that Bheki is only dating her due of her possessions because the woman has her own home that is completely equipped. She then on to deliver another bombshell by revealing that her husband had paid lobola for another lady in 2018, following the birth of a child he had outside of his marriage with the other woman.

She then proceeded to tell everyone in the room that she had told him that she will not support a polygamous marriage because it is financially impossible for Bheki.

When questioned why she didn’t discuss this matter with her husband, she responded that she had already spoken a lot and that she was exhausted from talking.

After that, she divulged the information that in addition to the children he already had at the time she met him, he also had a child born in 2020 that he was attempting to conceal from her.

The Uyajola 9/9 team was also informed by Lungile about how abusive Bheki can be, and X confronted him about touching women. Lungile also told the team that Bheki put his hands on women.

Bheki then stated that he had left his marital home because his wife had obtained a protection order against him after he had beaten her while she was pregnant. Bheki’s statement came after she had accused him of abusing her.

After that, he explained that he wound up staying with his new girlfriend because he needed a place to stay after getting evicted from his previous residence by his wife.

The end.


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