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William Last KRM collapses

William Last KRM, a well-known comedian and rapper, passed out on stage in Botswana last night.

William Last KRM passed out on stage at Native lounge Kasane while he was performing.

Already, the video of William Last falling is being shared on social media.

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We don’t know what made him fall down yet.

But after seeing the video, some people on social media are already suspicious of witchcraft.

Netizens saw that the comedian fell over when a crowd member pointed a finger at him.

After William Last fell down, a fan was caught on camera celebrating by saying “ke mo digile,” which roughly means “I made him fall.”

Check out what people have said;

Attn: Janet Rwicchy;

At the same time he fell, there was a finger pointing at him, as if it were pulling him down…


@Funny Jungilo;

“Is it a coincidence, Gore, that Kana’s finger looked like it was pointing at him?” “Wait, pause, it’s so confusing.”

@Boikanyo Kabelo;

Pay close attention to the video. Immediately after the person who was pointing at him bent his finger, he passed out.

William Last KRM’s team couldn’t reach him because his business mobile number doesn’t work.

“It’s not even shocking,” says Andrew Tate of Africa about Martha cheating on her husband with a pastor while she was pregnant.
On social media, people are already sending each other get-well-soon messages. Netizens are very worried about his health because he fell down stairs face down.

@Zinobia Lentle;

I hope what I’m thinking isn’t true.

I hope he is fit, healthy, and okay.


Our very own Mr. Bean, get well soon!

@Rullie John;

Get well soon super star💔💔💔

@Thabiso Setshwano;

If something bad happened to this guy, I would be furious because he is so talented and humble at the same time. Good at what he does, I hope my boy is fine. I hope you get better quickly.


William Last KRM, whose real name is Bofelo William Molebatsi and who was born in Botswana, is a South African comedian. Many of his fans in South Africa and elsewhere know him as Mawilla.

William Last KRM
William Last KRM

Even though the famous young comedian is new to the business, he has become well-known. He also has a good number of followers on social media sites like Instagram.

Bofelo William Molebatsi, who is now known as Mawilla, was born in Gaborone, Botswana. He has become one of the most popular comedians. By the time he was 20, he was already well-known in his field.


So, when it comes to how he did in class, he did not do well. When he was home alone, he felt lonely and left out because everyone else was out doing their daily things.

This kept happening until he went to a friend’s house to borrow a camera. Then he made a video and decided to post it on his Facebook page.

The video did well because his friends shared it, and it also got positive feedback from other people. This made him want to post more videos, which he did.

He said that Martin Lawrence movies were his main source of ideas for most of his videos. The way he acts makes it easy for him to make people laugh.

He wants to “write a script and direct the kind of movies that only African Americans make.”

Even though comedy put him in the spotlight, he has other skills as well. He makes music and has put out a few songs.

Some of the most important people in the world have noticed his work. Chris Brown, an American singer-songwriter, tagged William for the “Don’t wake me up” tweet.

Personal life

He is proud to be a dad, and his baby mama is very pretty. His daughter is named Amara Willian, and she looks just like her mother.

Net worth
The young comedian is not slowing down. In fact, he is one of the ones who is rising the fastest in the comedy business.

He has made most of his money from telling jokes. Opera News says that he has an estimated net worth of $69,000. His music career has also helped him make a lot of money.

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