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Wife finds 76 expIicity pictures of different women in husband’s phone

Many people in Zimbabwe who just want to settle down peacefully continue to have a terrible experience with love affairs.

Recently, a man in Bindura shocked the entire community after his youngest wife revealed 76 of her husband’s previous relationships.

This incident took place after she made contact with his phone, which resulted in the exposure of all of the photographs he had taken with his other girlfriends.

The majority of the pictures depicted him having a good time with each and every one of them, and they were very personal in nature.

Here are some of the photographs that we have collected up to this point.

There is a long list of South African celebrity couples that have been involved in cheating scandals. AKA and Bonang both cheated on each other.

However, the truth always comes out, and the issues start to surface, and suddenly private affairs are no longer private. South African celebrity couples try their best to keep the problems in their relationships under wraps, but the truth always comes out. For the vast majority of celebrities, all it takes is a rumor, regardless of whether or not the rumor is true, to completely derail their romantic relationships.

There’s a good reason why most people choose to keep their romantic partnerships a secret… When there are more people involved than are absolutely necessary, things have a tendency to become even more complicated than they already are.

You only need to ask any celebrity who has had the drama of their relationship played out on social media or reported on in the news to realize this. If you want to know how much worse things can get when cheating allegations are thrown into the mix, just ask these celebrities.

The following is a list of some of the cheating scandals that rocked the Mzansi entertainment industry.

The following is a list of some of the cheating scandals that rocked the Mzansi entertainment industry.

Amanda Manku
The actress was accused of having an affair with another soccer player while she was dating her boyfriend, who plays soccer.

Gigi Lamayne
Gigi Lamayne has spoken out about her previous boyfriend’s infidelity. The talented rapper made the revelation in a series of tweets that her former partner cheated on her three times.

Uyanda Mbuli
According to the reports, the woman who is alleged to have been Fikile Mbalula’s ex-mistress accused Uyanda Mbuli of attempting to steal her man. Uyanda allegedly went as far as asking the man for money to maintain her lavish lifestyle.

Winnie Ntshaba
The actress was rumored to have stolen Palesa Madisakwane’s ex-boyfriend, which led to her being featured in the media.

Somizi Mhlongo
It was just recently reported that Mhlongo’s fiance, Mohale Motaung, allegedly cheated on him with a teenager known only as Vuyo Pan. Motaung’s name was not revealed in the report. While Mhlongo and Motaung have responded to the allegations by laughing them off in a roundabout way, Vuyo has been conducting a sort of publicity tour in which he is being interviewed about the situation.

Tumisho Masha
The actor admitted to “messing around on the side” during his previous marriage in an interview with Drum. However, he claims that he is a new man now and that he is happily taken by his new girlfriend.

Maps Maponyane
It is possible that this will be one of the most significant cheating scandals of 2018, but as of right now, it is just a rumor because it has not been proven. Sources close to both parties have confirmed in public statements that Maponyane cheated on his girlfriend, the actress Nomzamo Mbatha, with a blogger from Cape Town as well as a number of other women. These women include numerous others.

Despite the fact that both parties have denied the allegations, it appears that they are no longer spending as much time together as they once did…

Mshoza’s second husband, Thuthukani Mvula, told the media that his marriage had taken a turn for the worse due to the fact that his wife had been cheating on him. This came after reports surfaced that she had gone into hiding after being violently thrown out of her new marital home. Thuthukani Mvula is Mshoza’s second husband.

She responded to the allegations by leveling allegations of her own against him, including the claim that he had even conspired to have her killed.

Unathi Nkayi
After the couple stunned the nation with the news that they were divorcing, rumors began to circulate that both parties had been unfaithful to one another during their marriage. Nkayi was even said to have a romantic relationship with a model who appeared in one of her music videos, but she vehemently denied the allegations that were made against her.

Zwai Bala
There are rumors, which have not been confirmed, that Zwai’s infidelity was to blame for the breakdown of his marriage to Melanie Son. This is similar to the situation with Thomas and Unathi.

Junior De Rocka
After the DJ was repeatedly spotted out and about with a young Durban socialite by the name of Lihle B, rumors began to circulate that he had cheated on the actress and presenter who was expecting his child while she was still pregnant with the baby. He was also later seen lurking in the shadows of her Instagram stories at a later time.

Cassper Nyovest, also known as Cas.
The cheating scandal that the rapper was involved in occurred not once, but twice during his career. The first scandal was when he admitted that actress Amanda Du Pont had cheated on him, and the second was when he admitted to cheating on Boity on a few songs on his third studio album. Both scandals occurred after he revealed that Amanda Du Pont had cheated on him.

Bonang Matheba and Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes are the hosts of this show.
One could argue that theirs was the most contentious breakup of 2017-2018. When video vixen Nicole Nyaba was photographed near AKA’s car while they were both at the club, rumors of cheating began to circulate among clubgoers. After his breakup with Bonang, AKA proceeded to spend an inordinate amount of time with Nyaba, despite the fact that the two of them had previously chosen not to address the allegations against them.

In addition, he went on to assert, both in a series of tweets and in a song, that Bonang had cheated on him while they were together, which was the root cause of their breakup and the reason why they are no longer together. As is her custom, Bonang has not responded to these allegations in any way.

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