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What People Noticed When Thando Slapped Siyacela

Moja Love has released a sneak peek of the new season of their show, which has just begun. Since Siyacela’s girlfriend will be appearing in the upcoming season, it seems likely that there will be a great deal of conflict and intrigue this time around. You can only think what is going to happen next, and they cannot wait for it to happen.

Thando will reportedly get to know Zinhle for the first time, and Siyacela will be present during the introduction of his wife and the woman he claims to be his lover. The most memorable part of their conversation was when Thando stated to Siyacela, “kiss her right now so I can see that you guys are back together,” and Zinhle answered to Siyacela, “stop wasting time, kiss me.” Both of these statements were directed toward Siyacela.

Thando surprised Siyacela and Zinhle by pouring some of their drink over both of them at the same time as they were leaning in for a kiss. Zinhle even remarked, “I’m still going to sleep with your man,” to which Thando replied, “go ahead.” Thando and Zinhle then began to verbally spar with one another.

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Thando has informed her father that she would like to do a DNA test because he allegedly disapproved of her as a child. In addition, she stated “There is no such thing as a father-daughter bond between us. I’d like to take a DNA test”.

The Hard Slap

People have noted that Thando slapped Siyacela, and you can see it on the video if you look carefully enough. They had the impression that she was supposedly afraid to slap him because of the way that she smacked him and the way that she responded after she slapped him. The link to the video may be found at the very bottom of the piece if you are interested in viewing it.

People are excited for the new season, but they are unhappy that Thando is putting up with Siyacela’s behavior. They were also unimpressed with Siyacela’s response when Thando suggested that he should kiss Zinhle.

Look at the Baby Pictures of Siyacela and Thando, Who Looks Just Like Mr. Dlamuka!

On the occasion of the arrival of Thando and Siyacela’s first child, congratulations are in order. In the prior episode of “IsencaneLengane,” we saw Siyacela and Thando welcome their first child into the world.

Siyacela’s father, Mr. Dlamuka, passed away not too long ago. Fans who were heartbroken by the loss have expressed their sympathies to the family and offered their support during this difficult time. The news of his passing spread throughout the nation just moments before Thando gave birth to their child.

The followers of the show #IsencaneLengane couldn’t help but make analogies between Siyacela’s son and the actor who plays his father in the show. The grandfather, Mr. Dlamuka, may see resemblances between his grandson and the kid of Siyacela and Thando. It’s possible that the grandfather’s dedication to Thando had some influence on the boy’s personality, both in terms of his body and his mind.

If the grandfather had been able to see his granddaughter, he surely would have been overjoyed to do so but he did not live to see the day. The term “dumb” was originally used to refer to Siyacela by his father, who also used the term. The members of the audience began using the label “stupid” to refer to him as a result of his father’s frequent usage of it.

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