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Vusi turns down Khokhova founder gift

The seasoned actor Vusi Thanda has received more than he had hoped for in this situation. He begged the people of Mzansi to contribute to his fund-raising efforts so that he could pay off his R45,000 debt. But now, Khokhova has made the decision to do even more for him, even though he is not particularly enthusiastic about it.

Vusi turns down Khokhova founder gift

Read more about how Vusi Thanda expressed her gratitude to the Ferguson family here.

When Vusi Thanda begged multiple people in South Africa for assistance, he received that assistance from those people. He asserted that he was financially responsible to his landlord.

Many people are surprised to learn that he does not actually own a home but instead continues to lease accommodation. Therefore, the founder of Khokhova, Sammy Mhaule, decided to brighten his day by organizing an event to assist in the fundraising efforts for a new house.

In an interview with IOL, he explained, “The idea to host this event came about after myself and the team had seen the video of uBab Vusi Thanda pleading for help on social media.” Because our company was born out of the challenges of Covid-19, we have firsthand knowledge of how challenging the most recent few years have been; consequently, the decision to lend a hand was an obvious one.”

He stated that the inventory had been stored in the warehouse for some time, and they had recently made the decision to use it for this event.

“According to what Mhaule said to the publication, “We’ve had the Khokhova stock in our warehouse for quite some time, and this is a way to put it to really good use and turn something that would have otherwise been negative into a silver lining.”

Vusi, on the other hand, has stated to Daily Sun that he is unaware of this occurrence.

More information can be found here: [WATCH] Actor Vusi Thanda of Emzini Wezinsizwa Requests Donations

“Because I am not a part of this, I am unable to offer any commentary on it. Never once did anyone inform me about it. If they are serious about honoring me, they would have reached out to me and kept me informed.

“Their act of kindness would have been commendable, and I would have appreciated it, but I take offense at the fact that they informed the media without informing me.”

Vusi Thanda recently discussed how actor Shona Ferguson assisted him monetarily in a recent interview.

He said the following to DJ Sbu on his podcast The Hustler’s Corner: “He respected me, he called me in different ways, papa, father together with his wife,” he said. “He respected me, he called me in different ways, papa, father together with his wife.”

Vusi reported in the year 2020 that Shona had sent him money in the past so he could buy food. It began with a food voucher worth R5,000, and then increased to $12,000 per month.

You should know that Sho gave his driver a voucher for R5,000 and told him to tell the guy to buy food because diabetes is a disease that is related to food. After that, he called me and gave me R12 000 at the end of each month for the following three months. I am grateful for the love shown by the company.”

In reference to Khokhova, the company is currently engaged in a legal dispute with Makhadzi. They explained to IOL that it had been a challenging journey to get to the point where they are right now.

“The path of entrepreneurship in South Africa can most definitely be described as a bumpy ride, and the journey with Kicks has been exactly the same. “In spite of all the difficulties and growing pains, we have not lost our drive and commitment to continue doing what we do and to continue doing it well,” he said.

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