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#UthandoNesthembu, MaYeni beat Makhumalo and MaCele at their own game

Mzansi has provided their feedback over the most recent episode of Uthando Nes’thembu, which featured a dispute between two of Musa Mseleku’s wives regarding a cosmetics artist. After she organized two makeups without consulting with the other two sister’s wives, Makhumalo’s performance in Mzansi did not impress the people. According to the show that aired last night, Makhumalo arranged for two different makeup artists to apply their make-up for them as they prepared to attend Durban July.

Based on the responses received in MaNgwabe and MaYeni, it appears that MaKhumalo only interacted with MaCele and did not confer with the other two. In the prior episode of Uthando Nes’thembu, we witnessed Makhumalo and MaCele’s family members gradually expanding. The nature of their friendship as well as the links between them has surprised everyone. Mzansi has been curious about the reason behind their unexpected friendship. The fact that Makhumalo and MaCele are conspiring against MaYeni and MaNgwabe in regard to the cosmetic artists has prompted viewers to voice their opinions.

According to Makhumalo, a new makeup artist will be responsible for MaYeni and MaNgwabe, while the normal makeup artists will be responsible for her and MaCele. Makhumalo brought in not one but two different makeup artists to apply their make-up: the previous makeup artist who did their make-up and the new beauty artists.

MaYeni was upset because they planned to have the new makeup artist begin working with her instead. MaYeni has silenced MaCele after discovering that she and Makhumalo had planned to juice forces without consulting with her or MaNgwabe. MaYeni and MaNgwabe were unaware of these plans.

MaNgwabe maintained her silence during the performance; she had shut herself in her room and refused to join the others in the audience seating area. Makhumalo also proposed that the two people doing the makeup should allow each other time and that one of them should begin while the other one finishes.

MaYeni did not share that opinion, and as a result, they ended up arguing about the makeup, after which she chose to work with the standard makeup artists. After many viewers took Makhumalo to task on social media for hiring a new makeup artist rather than sticking with the one they are familiar with, these viewers voiced their support for Makhumalo.

Dr Malinga Cancels Wedding Performance In Zimbabwe After Couple Fights And Calls Off Union

Dr. Malinga, a South African singer and dancer, has canceled a performance that was scheduled to take place at a wedding in Zimbabwe after the couple battled and decided to call off the ceremony.

A couple from Zimbabwe who were getting married during the holiday season decided that in order to make their big day even more memorable, they would invite a dynamic performer from South Africa to grace their event and serenade the wedding guests. This performer would come from South Africa.

In addition to the fact that all of the necessary arrangements had been made, Dr. Malinga had committed to giving an outstanding performance at the wedding.

As the day of the wedding inched closer and closer, danger struck a paradise that was on the horizon.

Due to the fact that the couple got into a severe argument, they decided to call off the wedding entirely, which put Dr. Malinga’s performance in Zimbabwe in jeopardy.

The singer-songwriter of the hit song “Via Orlando” came to Facebook to express his disappointment in the postponement of the wedding, which meant that he would not be able to do the performance after all. He said:

I was planning on attending a wedding that was taking place in Zimbabwe. Flights and accommodations have been reserved, but the couple that was scheduled to get married can’t put their differences aside, therefore the wedding will not take place. I’ll see you later.”

Users of social media expressed a variety of opinions and reactions to the latest event.


“This is the one disappointing event that matters in the world. Why can’t they pause the battle, get married, and then continue with their disappointing fight only if it matters in the world?”


“I have no interest in the matter at all. Today, my next-door neighbor and his wife were having an argument. When I went inside to separate them, I saw that I had accidentally broken their television. Now I am supposed to go out and purchase a brand new one. They arrived at my place today, embracing one another and demanding that I give them their TV. 😳😳😳😳😳”


Because you have already paid for it, all you need to do is go there and act as their therapist to help them work through their problems.


“You’re so fortunate, Kelly Khumalo, to have attended that event there. After a few weeks had passed, Ogal set fire to her clothes while she was live kanti uGuy ngutsotsi.

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