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Uthando Nes’thembu: MaNgwabe’s mother talks to Mseleku about his plans to find a fifth wife.

Uthando Nes’thembu is a show that follows the protagonist, Musa Mseleku, as he attempts to manage the challenges that come with living a polygamous lifestyle. We frequently get to see him battle his wives about trying to marry a fifth wife, and it has created stress to at least two of his homesteads as a result of this endeavor. Mayeni and MaNgwabe have been steadfast in their opposition to this.

Earlier on in this season, we had the opportunity to get to know MaNgwabe’s mother, who was a dynamo in her own right. She assured her daughter that if she ever had the desire to end her marriage, she would never try to prevent her from doing so. This past week, she decided to address her daughter’s husband on her own.

When she urged him to elaborate on why he required another wife, the conversation took a somewhat amusing turn when he became so nervous that he was unable to explain. He finally resorted to saying that it was Mseleku’s business, but it was clear that he did not have any legitimate explanation why this must be the case; all he had was a weak justification about having 20 children.

People had a variety of thoughts regarding this topic, and they took to Twitter to offer their perspectives over it.

One of the users commented, “MaNgwabe placed a call to her mother regarding Musa. He will not budge from his stance on expanding the family. She will not budge from whatever position she has taken on the issue. What are we supposed to do now? #Uthandonesthembu”

While another user remarked, “Someone help let me understand, why is MaNgwabe’s mother entering into Mseleku’s issues,” using the hashtag “#Uthandonesthembu.”

One last commenter said, “MaNgwabe’s mum handled her wonderfully!! Mbali is self-centered, and Musa did the right thing by pointing out to her that she was never wanted by another woman in the first place!!! #Uthandonesthembu”

I believe this to have been an odd occurrence that nevertheless needs to be normalized. It is important for women to have the option of having their mothers meditate for them when they need protection. Despite the fact that I am sceptical regarding the effectiveness of this conference.

After what Musa Mseleku did to her in #Uthandonesthembu, MaNgwabe is upset

Following the airing of the most recent episode of #Uthandonesthembu, Mbali “MaNgwabe” Mseleku is now trending on several social media platforms. Her performance on the show has failed to impress the audience, and some of them have even threatened to stop watching #Uthandonesthembu.

After learning that her mother had called a meeting to interrogate Musa about his plan to take wife number 5, viewers have been left irritated by MaNgwabe. The gathering was convened by MaNgwabe and her mother to serve as a gentle nudge in the direction of Musa’s obligation to keep the commitment he made to the family.

MaNgwabe wed Musa under the premise that she would fulfill certain obligations, and now that those obligations have been reversed, she has every right to inquire about them.

Since MaNgwabe is Musa Mseleku’s only other wife, MaNgwabe is adamant that her husband not marry anyone else. Even though Mseleku’s previous wives disapproved of her, they made allowances for her so that she may become Mseleku’s wife. Now they have no choice but to pay attention to her because she does not wish to have another wife.

She has been reminding Musa, and she can tell that he is quite adamant about this No. 5, and that he is not going to change his mind. The other wives had done it for their husbands, but Mbali has decided not to agree to number 5 because she is not willing to please Musa at her expense. The other wives had done it for their husbands.

Many individuals have voiced their opinion that she should not have entered into a polygamous marriage. MaNgwabe discovers three other wives who have been married before her, and she is aware that their husbands adore other women. Because MaNgwabe does not feel at ease within a polygamous marriage, she has developed the need to dictate its structure.

MaNgwabe believed that she was more remarkable than all of the other wives put together. The fact that she had arrived indicated that Museleku would not wed any more women. Musa will continue to have girlfriends and wives for as long as he lives.

In grand fashion, Musa Mseleku honors MaYeni on her birthday

Musa Mseleku celebrates MaYeni’s birthday by hosting a celebration that is fit for a king.

On the most recent episode of Uthando Nesthembu, which can be seen on channel 103 on DSTV, Musa Mseleku celebrated the birthday of her second wife, MaYeni, by throwing a lavish party. Musa went to great lengths to ensure that he could attend MaYeni’s birthday celebration in grand fashion.

MaYeni was taken by surprise by her boyfriend Musa and given a birthday meal to celebrate. You may remember that on MaYeni’s birthday, Musa Mseleku expressed his desire to spend the entire day with MaYeni, but he was unable to do so because it was MaNgwabe’s turn to spend the night with Musa Mseleku.

Musa Mseleku wished he could spend the entire day with MaYeni because it was MaNgwabe’s turn to spend the night with Musa Following the conclusion of the birthday celebration, MaNgwabe strictly prohibited Musa from spending the night with MaYeni.

This year, it appears that Musa Mseleku was well-organized and was able to spend the full day with MaYeni on her birthday. At the same time, it appears that MaCele sacrificed her day to make this possibility a reality. In spite of Musa’s subpar singing abilities, he went out of his way to make MaYeni feel special by surprising her with flowers and singing to her. He also gave her a special gift.

In an effort to hone his skills as a contemporary romantic, Musa explained to MaYebi that he had purchased the flowers for her in this manner.

Musa defended his decision by saying, “I bought flowers because I want to be a smart man.”

Musa Mseleku made a genuine romantic overture to MaYeni as she was celebrating her birthday, and it was quite evident that MaYeni was completely blown away by his care. She went so far as to express how grateful she was to have been able to spend the day with Musa Mseleku.

MaYeni was appreciative that she could spend her birthday with her friend to commemorate the occasion.

MaYeni made fun of Musa Mseleku by ordering him to play the keyboard instead of singing for her when they were eating lunch together. In the end, Musa Mseleku had to sing because he was unable to play the keyboard. Despite the fact that MaYeni was aware that Musa Mseleku had a terrible singing voice, he sang anyway.

My impression is that Musa Mseleku and MaYeni had amazing chemistry together. Seeing the extraordinary lengths that Musa Mseleku went to in order to throw MaYeni a birthday party that could compete with any other. Opinions on Musa Mseleku’s work, please. Participate in the discussion with us down below.

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