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Uninvited guest at Lindiwe Ngema’s funeral

On the day of Lindiwe Ngema’s funeral in Scandal, everyone has gathered together to show their respects to her and pay their last respects. The video that was taken at the funeral is currently making the rounds on social media, where a large number of people have been posting their condolences on Facebook page.

On tonight’s episode of #etvscandal, the mourners have begun to come as they prepare for Lindiwe’s funeral. As shown in the video, a significant number of her coworkers showed up in large groups to commemorate the difficult day. In addition, we noticed a large number of people, some of whom we did not recognize, congregating together in order to celebrate Lindiwe Ngema’s departure. People have the assumption that the individual who attended the burial is Lindiwe’s step sister, even though Zinzile does not know her.

Nomvelo Makhanya

The role of Lindiwe Ngema, which Nomvelo Makhanya played on etvScandal, has brought her a great deal of notoriety as an actress. Other commitments forced the actress to leave her role on the show. It was reported by one of the sources that the actress quit her role on EtvScandal in order to devote more of her attention to the relationship that she is in.

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The role of Lindiwe Ngema, which Nomvelo Makhanya played, was largely responsible for his rise to fame. Lindiwe is known by a variety of names among the people who worked with her on etvScandal and behind the scenes. Some of these people call her by her given name, while others call her Malindi or Mamas.

Lindiwe was one of the smart and slay queens who rose above all odds in all times, despite the fact that she had a difficult childhood, as she was misunderstood as a teenager and as the daughter she is. Despite this, she rose above all odds in all times. In spite of everything, she decided to put herself in harm’s path in order to create a better future for herself.

She was a devoted and honest friend to Mary and others, as well as a hardworking and ambitious queen. She was a wonderful partner to Nhlaks and a wonderful stepmother to his children. She was also a hardworking and ambitious queen.

Her presence in the show has caused a great deal of emotional distress for a lot of viewers. On Scandal, we have been able to witness her transformation into a stunning performer over the course of the show’s run.

Mvelo Makhanya flaunts her new man to the world: “If there is one thing about me, it is that I will love loudly.”

Date nights, lots of hugs and kisses, and cuddling. It is very evident that Nomvelo “Mvelo” Makhanya has discovered a new love, and she isn’t hesitant to display him in any way that she can.

The actress has finally come out in the open about her new boyfriend, much to the delight of her fans, who have been dying to learn more about the man who has captured her heart.

On Sunday, the star of Scandal! posted a highlight reel to Instagram, in which she and her boyfriend are seen engaging in intimate activities together.

She scribbled “Homie. lover. buddy” on the paper.

The actress may have already shown the public her new boyfriend’s face and may not be planning to publicly identify him just yet, but she insists that she will not be afraid to show her affection for him in public.

“May I ask you one thing about me? I am going to love as loudly as I can,” she declared in her Instagram stories.

TshisaLIVE attempted to contact the actress for a remark prior to the publication of this article; however, we did not receive a response from her.

Following the end of her last partnership, Mvelo is now involved in her second publicly known relationship.

The actress broke her silence about her romantic life just in time for Valentine’s Day this year, declaring that the next holiday would be the first one she’d ever spent without a significant other by her side.

She said in her post, “Valentine’s Day is upon us (this is my first one as a single girl incidentally, lol),” “Valentine’s Day is upon us,” she said.

Not only does Mvelo’s romantic life have sparks blazing high, but so do a lot of other things. In addition, the actress’s acting career has reached a high point.

The actress is at the top of her career, as evidenced by the fact that she has a prominent role on’s Scandal in addition to a position on a series called I am ALL GIRLS on Netflix.

“I remember from the year 2018 when I went in for an audition at Christa’s Studio for young Ntombizonke… Sincerity compels me to admit that I had no idea that this would be the result two and a half years later… This is beyond anything that I could have hoped or prayed for. Thank you. “and to be completely honest, watching things unfold like way feels completely unreal,” she wrote.

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