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Today was supposed to be her wedding day, but now she’s being laid to rest.

In the times in which we find ourselves, it is appropriate to kneel in prayer whenever one witnesses either the sunrise or the sunset. On a daily basis, people, primarily women, are being murdered.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, the majority of the murders of women are carried out as a result of their romantic partnerships or marriages. Sometimes their husbands are the ones who end their lives, and other times it’s the vengeful ex of their current companions.

The article that we have for today is a very sad and emotional one about a woman who was supposed to get married today but was found dead instead. The circumstances surrounding her death are very tragic. She was put to death. The news accounts claim that Hlengiwe Mthembu was set to tie the knot today, on the 24th of September 2022.

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It was early in the morning on the 10th when she left her house to go get her nails done as part of the preparations for the wedding, but she never came back. Her family asked the reporter for the local news station not to release this information because they were concerned that it would distract her children when they were testing.

A few days later, a man who works in the fields came across Hlengiwe’s automobile near some bushes and made the decision to report it to the police. The police arrived with dogs trained to detect scents, and her burned body was discovered to have her wrists tied together with her legs. She was put to death.

Today was meant to be Hlengiwe’s wedding, but now she had to attend her own burial. The callous manner in which she was killed struck a chord in the hearts of so many people that it even moved those who had never met her.

People are demanding an investigation into both her spouse and her husband’s ex-lover after her story was shared on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. They believe that she was murdered by someone who was upset that she was going to get married, and they believe that the person who committed the murder could have been her husband’s ex-girlfriend.

This should not be expected. There are an unlimited number of things that may have been done to prevent the wedding and avoid killing her in such a brutal manner. One of the comments that were quite upsetting was made by her decor person.

She tweeted that she was busy preparing her wedding but that suddenly she had to attend the funeral on the day that she was supposed to be attending her wedding. I pray that God may grant her soul peace.

Those were the last words a nine-year-old kid reportedly spoke to his father before the man strangled him to death and buried his body


It has come to light that a nine-year-old child uttered some painful words to his father shortly before the latter is accused of killing the boy by strangling him and burying his body in a shallow grave.

After his mother reported him missing, the body of Azuree Charles was discovered on May 4 in a wooded area behind their home in western Pennsylvania. His body was found naked and buried underneath a lawn chair and a foam cooler.

Jean Charles, age 40, was charged with first-degree murder on Wednesday for the death of Azuree, whose mother, Luella Elien, age 29, was charged with aggravated assault and child endangerment, according to officials. Jean Charles was charged in connection with Azuree’s death.

A young neighbor provided an account of what she saw and heard, stating that she heard the boy yelling, “No no no, I’m sorry!” hours prior to his body being discovered.

According to the prosecution, Elien illegally allowed Charles to watch her four children despite the fact that he told her he had abused children in the past.

The Westmoreland County Children’s Bureau had issued a restraining order preventing Charles from having contact with any of his children unaccompanied by an adult.

First, Elien disclosed to the police According to the court documents, Charles hadn’t been to her house in months, but she later told investigators that she had left her son and three daughters in his care on April 30.

The mother stated that she had seen Azuree for the last time in his room on the evening of May 3, and that when she woke up the following morning, she discovered her surveillance camera submerged in a glass of water.

According to the Post Gazette, she stated that she also discovered a metal gasoline can in the boy’s bed along with ketchup smeared all over the boy’s room.

According to the officials, however, when the police examined the room, they found that it had been cleaned, and the gas can had been removed.

According to Azuree’s neighbors, she recently overcame pediatric cancer and is making the most of her second chance at life.

According to the reports, the police obtained a photo that showed Charles walking near the location where the boy was found while carrying a shovel and pushing Azuree’s bike. This led to Charles’s arrest.

In November of the previous year, Jean was taken into custody and charged with endangering the welfare of children as well as simple assault.

According to iAfrica24, on November 24, the police received a complaint alleging that a juvenile had been punched in the eye by his father, identified as Jean Charles. The incident was reported to have occurred on November 24.

The website continues by stating that Azuree is not named as the victim in the complaint, but that the lawsuit does mention the victim as a child who is nine years old.

Some of the charges against Charles include first-degree murder, criminal homicide, mistreatment of a corpse, wrongful restraint, strangulation, hiding the death of a child, and tampering with or falsifying physical evidence.

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