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Thobeka Majozi celebrates her birthday in unique style

The victory that Cassper Nyovest had last night in his boxing match against Priddy Ugly has caused him to trend all over social media. Priddy Ugly was the opponent.

Thobeka Majozi celebrates her birthday in unique style

It seems as though the celebrations will continue at home, and today also happens to be his baby mama Thobeka Majozi’s birthday. Thobeka Majozi has been celebrating her birthday by posting on social media, and as part of the festivities, she has shared a video of herself shaving her head.

She showed herself walking into the woods while wearing a yellow cloth in a post that Thobeka Majozi shared on Instagram and in which she also participated. She walks barefoot until she reaches a stream, where she stops to rest at a stone that features a pair of scissors and a comb attached to it. After giving her hair a light comb through, Thobeka proceeds to make the big chop, which results in her losing almost half of the length of her hair.

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In the caption, Thobeka Majozi cites a saying attributed to Coco Chanel, which states that a woman who cuts off her hair is on the verge of making significant changes in her life. After that, Thobeka goes on to celebrate the fact that she has reached the age of thirty while she raises a glass to fresh starts. After leaving the salon and perfecting her new appearance, Majozi posted a picture of her new appearance, which featured her sporting a short hairstyle and showing off her freshly-refined face.


Cassper made sure to get Thobeka Majozi an expensive watch for her birthday last year, which caused the occasion to become a topic of conversation on social media. Fans can’t help but speculate about what Cassper will get his baby mama for Christmas this year, especially in light of the fact that he recently won a boxing match. The two make an effort to keep their relationship private and don’t interact with each other very often in public, but the support that they give to one another is evidence of their love and respect for one another.

As she prepares to celebrate her birthday, Thobeka Majozi dons a fresh new look.

Majozi expresses a great deal of excitement over the fact that she has reached the age of 30, and she also posted another update in which she stated that she has reached the third floor.

After winning his match, Cassper Nyovest has been partying it up at Air Billiato, where he hosted friends and family members on a private plane for a Billiato celebration. In the comments section of Thobeka’s video, her supporters applaud and congratulate her on reaching the age of 30, wishing her many more years to live. Celebrities such as Omuhle Gela are currently in her comment section, where they are celebrating alongside the stunning mother of one.

In the first round, Cassper Nyovest knocks Priddy Ugly out and puts him on the canvas.

Kiernan Jarried Forbes, better known by his stage name AKA, needs to demonstrate the size of his balls by agreeing to fight Cassper Nyovest in the most important celebrity boxing match ever. His opponent will be AKA.

In the first round, Cassper Nyovest knocks Priddy Ugly out and puts him on the canvas.

A public challenge was issued to AKA last night by the most successful rapper and music producer, whose real name is Refiloe Phoolo. AKA was asked to resolve their differences within the roped-off square.

That was after Nyovest won an incredible first round knockout against Ricardo “Priddy Ugly” Moloi in front of a good crowd at Time Square Arena in Pretoria, the majority of which consisted of Nyovest’s fans. Moloi, who was born in Angola but raised in East Rand, discovered the hard way that boxing is not what it appears to be from a spectator’s vantage point.

The event, which was put on by TLB Promotion, featured a total of four professional boxing bouts, one of which was their fight, which was slated to last for five rounds.

“To AKA, I am saying that wherever you are, take advantage of the situation and let’s get it done, baby. This is the one fight that people want to see, and I don’t see it going beyond the first round,” said Nyovest, much to the deafening noise of jubilation from his fans in the arena. “I don’t see it going beyond the first round.”

The fight that took place on October 1 was Nyovest’s third, and it was his second victory via knockout. He had previously accomplished this feat in his very first celebrity fight, which took place against You Tuber Slik Talk in December of last year.

In April of this year, Nyovest was defeated by Anga “NaakMusiq” Makhubalo in his second fight via unanimous decision. Because of the blow to his ego, everyone assumed that he would give up and walk away from the situation.

However, he went back to the gym and educated himself on the fundamentals of boxing. He is fortunate in that his “boxing” career is being mentored by skilled professional boxers such as Sikho Nqothole and Athenkosi Dumezweni, who have helped him develop his skills.

That was glaringly obvious the night before. To be fair, he had a significant weight advantage over Priddy Ugly, which amounted to 20 kilograms. However, the reality is that Nyovest, who weighed 189 kilograms, knocked Priddy Ugly out with a well-executed straight right to the jaw, which caused him to fall to the ground.

It was Priddy Ugly to Kiernan Jarried Forbes, better known as AKA, who must show the size of his balls by availing himself for the mother-of-all celebrity boxing matches against Nyovest. Moloi beat the mandatory eight count of referee and ex-professional fighter Quinton Ryan. AKA must show the size of his balls by fighting against Nyovest.

However, it is unfortunate that everything he did was clumsy, and as a result, his trainers, Vusi Mtolo and Sechaba Mabuya, were called into question.

Nyovest, who had been put in a position where he had to fight from a disadvantage, repeated what he had done earlier when he put his opponent to sleep with the same right hand.

To everyone’s surprise, however, Ryan did not count. A right uppercut from Nyovest left Priddy Ugly bewildered, and he began to twirl around the ring like a drunken ringmaster. Nyovest, sensing an early night, fired beautiful combos at him. This time, Ryan asserted his authority and rescued Priddy Ugly, who was obviously in a position of defeat.

The unfortunate thing is that fans didn’t start coming in until just before the celebrity fight, while they completely ignored earlier hard core boxing matches. Cowin Ray’s reign as South African super middleweight champion was ended by Asemahle Vellem in just three rounds, while Simpiwe Konkco’s bout with Filipino Garen Diagna ended in the seventh round with a stoppage loss. Everything took place in secret, with no witnesses present at any point.

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