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This week’s Uyajola9/9

This week, X came back to Uyajola 9/9 to fill in for Jub Jub. He started by helping a pastor named Dudu catch her pastor husband, Sifiso, in the act.

She told X that her husband made her suspicious when he spent too much time on the road and came back with nothing to show for all the work he was supposedly doing to make their kids’ lives more stable financially.

Another thing that made Dudu think he was cheating on her was that he didn’t like her romantically.

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She said that he no longer called her by the pet names he used to use and that he never wanted to be seen holding her hand when they went out as a family.

This week’s episode is most surprising because Dudu brought her oldest child, Mpumi, to the fight.

They found Sifiso in Daveyton sitting at a table and praying for someone. He was calmly sitting at the table in church clothes while his wife yelled at him and the woman he was with.

It’s not clear if he cheated with the woman he was found with or not.

Dudu told her over and over again that he said he was in East London. She yelled at the top of her lungs the whole time, never stopping.

Later, when Dudu’s husband was talking to X, he didn’t seem bothered by what had happened and didn’t want to talk to Dudu.

Then, Sifiso said he didn’t know Dudu and didn’t know anything about the wedding ring she was wearing.

He later changed his mind and said that they used to be married but that they were no longer together.

She then called him a liar and said that he used to “suck” her p.u.nani and “ride” her.

Sifiso told Dudu that she wouldn’t hurt him in any way.

Then, a woman came to kick Sifiso, Dudu, and the Uyajola 9/9 crew out of the house, where Dudu tried to attack her husband. The fight ended on the street.

Hospital confrontation

Tlalani Sehlabi turned to Uyajola 9/9 and told her that her boyfriend Siphiwe had recently become cold toward her, giving her attitude whenever she talked to him, and that he had started coming home with clothes she had never seen before.

She told the show that she had once talked to him about how he had changed, but that he told her to do whatever she needed to do because all she had were suspicions and no proof.

They were found in what looked like a hospital, where he was sitting on a bench with his leg bandaged and holding on to a crutch.

The woman he was with when he was found said that Siphiwe is her boyfriend to Jub Jub, the Uyajola 9/9 team, and Tlalani.

The woman he was with when he was found said that Siphiwe had told her that Tlalani was a drug addict.

She also said that she had “sold her body” after it came out that she had spent the whole day at a tavern so that Siphiwe wouldn’t think she was out of town.

As Jub Jub tried to find out what was going on from Siphiwe, the two women started yelling at each other and threatening to fight.

Siphiwe told the host of Uyajola 9/9 that he asked his other girlfriend to take him to the hospital when Tlalani didn’t show up for two days.

He then told Jub Jub that Tlalani’s children were taken away from her because she was “careless.”

Siphiwe told Jub Jub that he started dating Tlalani this year, which made his family sad because they knew she was a known cheater in their neighborhood and had warned him about her.

Jub Jub tried to fix the problem by begging Siphiwe not to leave Tlalani and judging the other woman for dating Siphiwe even though she knew he was with Tlalani.

Siphiwe told Jub Jub that he didn’t want to be with her anymore, and Jub Jub stopped trying to help Tlalani because he thought he was wasting his time.

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