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The truth about what happened to Phindile Gwala’s ex-husband

The accident story of Phindile Gwala is explained shortly below after some of the precautions we have highlighted here on what to do when involved in an accident in South Africa. Scroll Down:

There will be an increase in the number of passenger vehicles on the road in addition to the trucks, buses, and taxis as a result of the latest Covid-19 variant preventing South Africans from traveling internationally.

Even more so than usual, it’s crucial to follow all traffic laws and regulations this time of year, so don’t let your haste get in the way.

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Your own, your passengers’, and your vehicle’s safety should always come first, but you should also keep an eye out for other vehicles and pedestrians, especially when traveling through less-populated areas.

But, alas, accidents occur, no matter how skilled a driver you may be. According to WesBank’s communications specialist Kutlwano Mogatusi, “being involved in a vehicle accident is both stressful and traumatic, regardless of the severity of the collision.”

The accident story of Phindile Gwala is explained shortly below after some of the precautions we have highlighted here on what to do when involved in an accident in South Africa. Scroll Down:

When filing an insurance claim and reporting an accident to the police, it is helpful to have a detailed account of what transpired immediately following the accident.

WesBank provides the following guidance in the aftermath of an incident:

Be on the scene:

Put on your hazard lights and come to a complete stop. There must be no further movement of any vehicles involved in the accident. If doing so does not endanger anyone or anything, you should place a safety triangle sign well behind your vehicle. Even if you’re fine, it’s important to check on the other people in the car and, if necessary, call for an ambulance if anyone has been seriously hurt (remember that you can call 112 from any cellphone network in South Africa in an emergency: the call centre will connect you to an emergency service closest to you).

South African law mandates that in the event of an accident involving injuries to people or property, drivers and passengers must wait at the scene until a South African Police Service vehicle (SAPS) arrives.

Take pictures or videos using your phone, tablet, or camera, and write down or record a voice memo of all you can recall about the accident’s circumstances and outcomes, including the time, place, and technology you were using.

The accident story of Phindile Gwala is explained shortly below after some of the precautions we have highlighted here on what to do when involved in an accident in South Africa. Scroll Down:

After that, if it’s safe to do so, relocate the cars to the shoulder if they’re blocking traffic.
Collect information on the other drivers and cars involved in the accident, including names, phone numbers, vehicle information (make, model, color), license plate and driver’s license numbers, and, most crucially, insurance information.

The names, addresses, and phone numbers of any passengers who witnessed or were involved in the incident should be recorded.
Use only the towing service approved by your insurance company if your car is damaged beyond repair and needs to be towed. Before having your car towed away, make sure you get an estimate from the tow truck driver if you don’t have tow coverage via your insurance. Get the tow truck driver’s information (name, phone number, and license plate number) and track down where your automobile is being taken.

Wesbank recommends reporting the collision to the police and alerting your vehicle insurance company as soon as possible after the accident, even if you don’t think recording certain minor facts is necessary.

If police are not present at the site, a report must be filed at a station within 24 hours. If you are filing a claim with an insurance company or a third party, you will need an Accident Report number.

It’s vitally necessary to give a thorough explanation to your auto insurer. Give an accurate account of what happened, including who was at fault, whether or not anyone was hurt, and how much the accident cost. The claim could be denied if you give any misleading information.

Wesbank advised that while filing an automobile insurance claim, the policyholder consider factors such as the accident’s location, the weather, the road condition (including any hazards such as potholes or malfunctioning traffic lights), and so on.

For the police report and the insurance claim, you may need to produce a sketch of the accident scene in addition to your description.

Auto maintenance & repairs

According to Wesbank, if the other motorist caused the collision, their auto insurance provider must pay to fix your car if you file a claim and prove that the other driver was at blame.

If the other motorist does not have insurance, you or your auto insurance company will be responsible for paying for the damages.

If the collision was your responsibility, then you (if you don’t have auto insurance) or your insurance company will have to pay to repair the other driver’s car or fix their property.

The experience of being in an accident can leave you in a state of confusion and shock. You should pause for a moment, take a few deep breaths, and focus on maintaining your composure while you examine the situation. There are a disproportionate number of traffic accidents in South Africa over the holiday season, as stated by Mogatusi.

This is why, “having fully paid-up comprehensive car insurance is crucial to safeguarding yourself and any third-party engaged in the incident.”

When Phindile Gwala’s husband passed away in a car accident, she became a “widow” at some point in the undefined future of her existence.

Actress Phindile Gwala is best known for her role as Nonny Nkosi on SABC 2’s long-running and critically acclaimed soap opera Muvhango, which she played for a number of years before venturing into the business world. Phindile became born and reared in a Christian own family in which both of her parents served as pastors at the domestic church in which they have been active members.

Phindile also had an appearance on Uzalo under the alias Diniwe. Phindile has been glowing for the past few years thanks to the good fortune of falling in love and getting married to her Congolese husband, whom she met not too long ago. Their devotees are under the impression that both parties brought offspring from previous partnerships into the union when they did so.

During this time, Phindile gives birth to a girl who she names Thato Gwala. According to the information provided on, Phindile’s spouse and the father of her daughter Thato passed away in a tragic accident on the street. This transformed into the situation where she was a widow before she ever met Armando Ngandu.

One can almost say that Phindile can look back on what happened and say that it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. This is based on the kind of easy life that the couple enjoys.

Armando Ngandu, real-life spouse of actress Phindile Gwala, is a CEO whose business ventures have impressed Mzansi.

Phindile Gwala made headlines recently after she decided to leave Imbewu The Seed. The actress left the series to devote more time to the business she runs with her husband, Armando Ngandu. As a result of the news, many in Mzansi have been wondering who Phindile actually married. Everything you ever wanted to know about Armando Ngandu is right here.

Summary of Armando Ngandu, a profile

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is where he was born and raised as a model, athlete, and businessman. His upbringing was less than ideal, but his efforts have paid off and he is now widely regarded as a cultural icon. He has recently relocated his entire family from the Congo to South Africa so that they may share in his success. When Armando moved to South Africa in quest of professional growth opportunities, he found the love of his life, Phindile.

Commercial juggernaut

Armando Ngandu is not just a businessman but also a brilliant academic with a distinguished career. He is one of the wealthiest models in South Africa and also manages numerous successful businesses there.

After Fikile abandoned her acting profession to join her husband’s business, Mzansi has been intrigued about Armando Ngandu’s holdings.

Armando started his own studio, Ngandu Productions, in 2019 with the intention of producing movies, commercials, and other media-related roles. We have a studio in Johannesburg. Armando is the mastermind behind both the car wash and Shisa Nyama establishments owned by Phindile Gwala.

Figures of Authority

Armando serves as the agency’s chairman in South Africa for Boss Models. The agency’s founding purpose was to locate untapped native talent.

In addition, he manages the musical career of DJ Arab, a multi-award winning British DJ. DJ Arab, who was just nominated for “Nickelodeon’s Best DJ,” took to Facebook to sing Armando’s praises for being the best manager he could have asked for.

The age and education level of Phindile Gwala’s husband

Armando’s birthday is June 26, 1988, and he was born in the Congo. In 2022, he will be two years older than Phindile, his wife of five years.

After graduating from the University of the Republic of the Congo with a degree in Information and Technology, Armando relocated to South Africa. Lacking job opportunities in his home country, Armando took a job as a waiter in his neighborhood. Using his newfound knowledge, Armando opened a restaurant and nightclub.

Unfortunately, business did not take off as planned, so he accepted his brother Jason Ngandu’s invitation to relocate to South Africa. His sibling suggested he take out the modeling and acting industries. He worked hard and kept at it, and now he’s one of the most famous models in the country.

Total Value

Armando’s efforts have paid off, as he now vacations in mansions and drives million-dollar cars with his wife.

A lady was found dead in her boyfriend’s house,see what happened

After a terrible event, people tend to start reflecting on their own experiences and the world around them.

Some people may even go so far as to fabricate news, without giving any thought to how the victim or the victim’s family will react to what they have heard. People were left perplexed yesterday as a result of a report that was going viral about a woman named Mukhethwa who was discovered dead in her boyfriend’s bed with several bullets distributed around her. Because neither the police nor the family provided an official statement, there was a great deal of conjecture over what might have taken place.

Finally, one of the family members addressed all of the rumors on social media to put an end to the speculation. Mukhethwa’s younger sister went on social media to provide an explanation for what had occurred to Mukhethwa.

According to her post, Mukhethwa woke up on September 25 and told her little sister that she was going to town to meet her boyfriend, but she wouldn’t take long, and that she would call her in an hour or so after meeting the boyfriend so that they could go to the mall together. Mukhethwa also mentioned in her post that she had told her boyfriend that she wouldn’t take long.

Unfortunately, the sister waited all day for Mukhethwa without any trace of her or any call, and it wasn’t until late in the evening that the family received a call informing them that Mukhethwa had been found dead in the room she shared with her boyfriend.

This was published on the internet by the sister on behalf of the family. On the other hand, they did not disclose the bullet part. They only stated that her body had been discovered, and there is no evidence to suggest how or why she came to her end at this point.

She is said to have been found with several bullets, and it is alleged that she was cheating on her boyfriend; therefore, it is possible that he killed her. However, those who live next to the boyfriend’s house have stated that she was found with several bullets. There is absolutely no sign of the boyfriend anywhere. Nobody has been able to locate him up to this point.

People are being urged to avoid allegations and to wait for a statement from the police office to be released before taking any action. People are forgetting that the family is crying and just saying some odd things about the tragedy, so the family is asking people to be sensitive with what they post on social media. The family has issued this request because people are saying some odd things about the tragedy. I pray that God may grant her soul peace.

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