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The Simelane’s & The In-Laws still don’t see eye to eye

The family of Simelanes and the family of Maphumulo and Gumede have not completely reconciled their differences yet.

It has been reported that Nondumiso Simelane, Babes Wodumo’s older sister, does not really believe that Mandla ‘Mampintsha’ Maphumulo’s mother Zama Gumede is really sick as they claim, and that she believes Shimora’s sister is a malicious person. Furthermore, it has been reported that Nondumiso Simelane believes that Shimora’s sister is an evil person.

It is said that Nondumiso Simelane does not believe that Zama Gumede is sick due to the fact that her family has not informed them about this matter. She asserts that the sister, Pinky, is the reason why none of their hard work is ever recognized.

“Pinky would call us and let us know the family’s news if she was in serious condition. Why hasn’t anyone given us a call? Nondumiso Simelane tells Zimoja. “Pinky has a big problem. Nobody wants to have anything to do with her because she is a wicked sister-in-law.

She had the intention of picking a wife for Mandla, but when that didn’t work out, she made it her mission to make everyone else’s lives more difficult. Babes even attempted to make amends with the mother-in-law, but Pinky prevented that from happening.

Even though Babes provided her with groceries while she was dealing with funeral arrangements, she remains ungrateful. She is spreading the false information that we have received Mandla’s life cover, despite the fact that this is not the case. “She is a bad person.”

A few days before Mampintsha’s funeral, there was also a war of words between the families that was taking place at the mortuary.

In related news, Pinky revealed to the publication that Zama Gumede has been given a diagnosis of tuberculosis. Only a few days ago, there were rumors circulating that Zama Gumede had also suffered a stroke and was hospitalized as a result of it. Their family made an emotional appeal to the general public for financial assistance with medical bills in order to cover the cost of their loved one’s stay at the Wentworth government hospital in Durban.

We are still awaiting the results of the final tests in order to determine what kind of tuberculosis it is. She will be transferred to a different ward, and then we will be able to pinpoint the precise nature of the problem.

A week ago, she was unable to walk or speak, but today she seems to have made significant progress. It is clear that she is making progress in her recovery. She is consuming food and taking her medication at this time. We just need the results to be able to give her the appropriate treatment for the particular strain of tuberculosis. Zimoja was told by Pinky that they would find out once they received the results of the latest set of blood tests.

Babes Wodumo assures her fans that she is fine after a wave of viral videos swept the internet.

‘I’m ok,’ Babes Wodumo addresses fans after viral videos flood the internet. It would appear that Babes Wodumo has made a triumphant return to the public eye in the wake of the untimely passing of her husband, Mampintsha.

The bubbly musician has been making headlines for all sorts of inappropriate reasons, which is not a good sign. There is a widespread perception that she has not been mourning in the “traditional way.”

After being seen out and about performing in Durban’s clubs just a few days after burying Mampintsha, the bold allegations were made against her after it was discovered that she had buried Mampintsha.

After her husband passed away, Mzansi might have anticipated seeing her clad in black widow garb, sitting at home, and making herself as inconspicuous as possible.

That has not been the case ever since she went on a drinking binge and now seems to care less and less about things.

Bongekile “Babes Wodumo” Simelane, who is 28 years old, has received backlash for allegedly “doing things her way.” However, she has at long last disclosed the details of her recent behavior.

‘I’m ok,’ After a wave of viral videos swept the internet, Babes Wodumo spoke with her devoted audience.

After her most recent video of crying while she was performing on stage went viral on social media, she addressed the situation to set the record straight.

A number of her followers expressed concern about her mental health in the section for comments on the post they all contributed to.

Her fans are under the impression that she is currently grieving at home and going to therapy. Drum was informed by Babes that everything is fine with her.

“I am okay. I won’t have any problems. Sometimes I think about the good times we had together, and other times I miss him, but I know I’ll be okay.

She believes that she is conducting herself in a manner that Mampintsha would approve of.

“He would never judge me. He would make it so that I could carry out the tasks in the manner that I am most capable of. Only God knows when I will lose it, but for the time being, please let me grieve for my husband in the manner that I choose. I am doing fine because he loved me. I am unable to communicate with you at this time, but in due course, you will comprehend.

Nondumiso, Babes Wodumo’s sister, believes that her sibling will be just fine. After gaining access to the phone of her late husband, she will then decide what information she wishes to make public.

It is not necessary to put any pressure on her to get better because everything is in her control. No one is passing judgment on her, and those who are have no idea what it’s like to go through a divorce or the death of a spouse.

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