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The rumors about her and Master KG are finally put to rest with Makhadzi’s explanation.

A local musician by the name of Makhadzi has shed light on the current state of her relationship with her exe-boyfriend Master KG.

The news that the two performers had broken up their relationship was shared on social media one year ago, much to the dismay of their devoted following.

“Me and Makhadzi went our separate ways months ago… to focus on our jobs,” the songwriter behind the hit song “Jerusalema” stated in the post.

We are still in our youth, and there is a great deal of labor ahead of us. That is something that we are hoping will be recognized and respected by all. I am not going to react to any further questions or comments regarding this. Thanks.”

By streaming live on Facebook, Makhadzi provided support for Master KG’s assertion.

Someone who was a fan of the “Kokovha” vocalist wanted to know what had actually taken on between her and Master KG.

She explained what transpired between them by saying, “What happened between Master KG and me was that we consented to be brothers and sisters.” We are in good shape. We’re in good shape.”

On Twitter one week ago, Makhadzi shared the news that she had recently acquired a new residence for herself. After building a home for her grandmother, her mother, and her father, the singer has now turned her attention to building a home for her father.

This photograph was taken the very first time I stepped foot inside my home. My wish has been granted, and I couldn’t be happier or more proud of myself.

“Since my mother and father got a divorce, I constructed a home for my grandmother that comes complete with a garden. Since I didn’t want to pick between them, I constructed two homes for them both. She announced the news on Twitter with the hashtag “Now I’ve Bought My Own House!”

Makhadzi, whose true name is Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, continued by praising and congratulating herself.

“Hey, everyone, listen up! I am 25 years old and have successfully constructed four homes. NDITOFPFI MUFUKADZI WA VHUTALI

She went on to remark that she hoped her parents and her grandmother will have a happier life in the future.

Black Coffee Exposes the Insane Motivation Behind His Mother’s New Mansion

When you get to the top, life gets a lot simpler.

Twitter fans have been left speechless by Black Coffee’s revelation of the bizarre motivation behind his decision to purchase a mansion for his mother.

The record producer who won a Grammy Award recently participated in an in-depth conversation on the podcast The Diary of a CEO, which was hosted by the British businessman Stephen Bartlett. On October 3, 2022, the episode made its debut on YouTube for the first time.

Black Coffee, whose true name is Nkosinathi Maphumulo, recently disclosed on a podcast produced in the United Kingdom that following his 2019 divorce from actress Enhle Mbali, he moved back in with his mother, Faith Dandala.

It soon became clear that there was a problem, as the producer explained in the podcast The Diary of a CEO:

“I can’t believe this is my life,” she said. Since I share a house with my mother, I am unable to have visitors at my house. Because my mother is in the next room, I won’t be able to throw a small get-together. And I was quite irritated by it.

I’m thinking back to a chat I had with a friend, and I recall saying something along the lines of “I love it, but this can’t be it.” I am in the process of finalizing my divorce, and in the meanwhile, I am living with my mother.

And then the most extraordinary event could possibly have taken place. I am surprised to see that it is coming from a number that I am not familiar with. The man then introduces himself as Michael and says, “Hi, I’m your neighbor.” After a lengthy discussion, he finally mentioned, “By the way, I’m selling my house since we are going away.” After that, he left the room. I’ve decided to relocate to an other nation.'”

Black Coffee disclosed that this was a solution to the issue, and he hurriedly purchased the home after realizing this.

He went on to say that his mother and his two younger siblings had recently moved into the new house, and that he was looking forward to spending more time with them in his role as “Nathi.”

His first home is now known as “The Black Coffee House,” and it serves as a venue for social gatherings and get-togethers with friends. The musician who is best known for the hit “We Dance Again” has stated that he has plans to incorporate the house into his legacy so that in the far future, people will be able to go there and say that they visited the place where he lived.

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