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The price that MaKhumalo paid for Musa Mseleku’s happiness was revealed.

On the most recent episode of Uthando Nesthembu, season 6, episode 3, which aired on DSTV channel 103, we saw Musa Mseleku asking MaKhumalo to sacrifice one of her days from her days in order to give birth to wife number 5.

MaKhumalo has stated that she is on board with Musa MSeleku’s plan to construct her house, and she has agreed to fulfill Musa’s request without putting up a struggle with him. Because he is confident that MaKhumalo will not challenge him in battle and that she is aware of the mission, Musa has decided to approach her in order to pose this question.

Musa Mseleku stated, “MaKhumalo’s idea tells me that she is the type of wife any guy deserves to have,” and he was referring to Makhumalo.

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When MaKhumalo was talking about how she had to give up one of her days, MaKhumalo admitted that she had done the same thing for MaNgwabe when she first joined the Mseleku family.

It was reported by MaKhumalo that she gave up some of her time over the course of a year so that her husband, Musa Mseleku, could construct a house for himself and MaNgwabe. On the third episode of Uthando Nesthembu, she discussed this in the journal session that she had.

“As MaKhumalo, helping Mthombeni (Musa Mseleku) to build his home, I had to give away some of my days and time with him so that he could be able to build a home with MaNgwabe,” said MaKhumalo. “In order for him to be able to build a home with MaNgwabe, he needed to be able to build a home with me.”

Even on the days when he was meant to be spending time with MaKhumalo, Musa Mseleku chose to spend his time with MaNgwabe instead. This indicates that Musa did not spend any time at MaKhumalo’s residence during this time period, and she confirmed that fact.

According to MaKhumalo, “So, he slept there and spent time with her on days he was supposed to be with me and sleep at my house.” “So, he slept there and spent time with her,”

After watching this episode, I found myself wondering whether or not MaNgwabe would make the same sacrifice. If I had to guess, I would say that MaNgwabe would not make the same sacrifice because it is common knowledge that MaNgwabe is not one to put up with nonsense from anyone.

It would appear that MaKhumalo is willing to go to any lengths for her husband so long as he will be content with whatever it is that she does.

Viewers of “The River” respond to Hlomla’s departure by saying, “Call off Zweli’s death.”

Zweli Dikana from the river

The audience of “The River” believes that Lindiwe Dikana will not be able to withstand the emotional trauma that will occur after the death of her spouse Zweli on the show.

It has been revealed by actor and producer Hlomla Dandala, who plays Zweli Dikana on the 1Magic telenovela The River, that he will be departing the show after it has aired for five seasons.

Hlomla expressed her mixed feelings about the end of her time on a long-running show in an Instagram story, writing, “The end of an actor’s time on a long running show is bittersweet.” I hope everything goes smoothly and fruitfully for my coworkers. You will not be forgotten.


Following the announcement made by Entertainment Commentator Kgopolo Mphela that Hlomla had left the popular 1Magic show, viewers expressed their disappointment that the show did not make better use of his talent.

Although Phil, or Phil as he is popularly called, did not reveal the specifics of his passing, viewers were quick to point out a flash forward to season 5 episode 1, in which Mabutho (Thembinkosi Mthembu) “accidentally kills” him in a washroom.

Due to the fact that viewers were unhappy with the news that Zweli had passed away, they have resorted to begging with the show’s authors to reverse their decision to kill him off.

“Greetings, buti Hlomla, ausi Sindi, and all of the River people. What is this life-ending behavior that you’re engaging in? This combination consistently delivers outstanding performances; their chemistry is what gets the job done. Please put a stop to Zweli’s death, and everyone in S6 report for duty as soon as possible. You Two Together! I’m begging”

On Twitter, @IamElyGreen reported that @JustOneRedRose had commented, “Took long enough. Since the first season, the writers have been at a loss on what to do with this particular character. They were never successful for him. I have the impression that they have kept the actor on the show for as long as they have because they feel responsible for his pay check ever since they stole him away from Scandal.


This drama, which once had viewers on the edge of their seats, has been dubbed “boring,” and the creators of the show have been criticized for not living up to the potential of the show.

I used to be a gomora, #theriver1magic, the queen watcher, daily!, said @rosa mantic. I had given up on the other two, but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to give up hope on the river, even though it was before Thumbeza did his spell. It’s time I put my mental health first and stop trying to control the outcome of this telenovela. It is not mine to protect in any way.

IdolsSA coming to an End

Apparently, spectators aren’t completely blown away by Idols SA. It’s puzzling because, according to Phil Mphela’s reporting, the show consistently draws small audiences.

Despite being a weekly social media phenomenon, Sunday episodes have failed to attract significant viewership. According to television critics, the show’s dwindling ratings can be linked to a number of problems, including a lack of creative flair in its production and a failure to launch any singers into global superstardom.

Thinus Ferreira, owner of the widely read TV Blog, and astute observer of popular culture, remarked, “I have seen that the show has been losing viewers since last year.” As a result of Somizi’s departure, several viewers abandoned the show and have never returned. What is occurring on Idols SA actually occurred on American Idol. The ratings were dropping, so American Idol went on hiatus for a while. It was the most popular show ever when it premiered, and its stars looked refreshed upon their return.

Idols SA has to go on hiatus for a while and then come back. Popularity on social media platforms cannot be compared to actual viewership. Simply having a large number of people retweet a message is enough to have it go viral on Twitter.

With the departures of Unathi Nkayi and Randall Abrahams, the show has undergone some significant shifts.

In the wake of Somizi Mhlongo’s suspension for abuse claims, Idols SA’s once remarkable viewership began to decline. There was talk of a viewer boycott, and it looks like they could have followed through. The numbers allegedly haven’t improved much, even though he’s back for season 18 alongside newcomers Thembi Seete and JR Bogopa.

Phil Mphela revealed a few months ago that season four’s premiere on July seventeenth drew a dismal 744 000 viewers.

This trend has continued through September. Phil Mphela claims that over 100,000 viewers left Idols SA. By comparison to previous seasons’ premieres, the new season’s high audience size of 744K viewers in July is significantly lower than expected. Even worse ratings were seen in August, with the debut of the show’s LIVE episodes bringing in a peak of only 662K viewers.

For the highest-rated program of the month in September, viewership has dropped by more than 100,000 from the previous month, continuing a downward trend. “The show’s peak audience was a dismal 542K,” he added.

Perhaps load shedding is to blame, he surmises. Eskom’s load-shedding is also a major hit to television. Given all this, it would be unfair to place all the blame for the show’s monotony on the shoulders of bored viewers.


Despite its popularity, Idols South Africa is bleeding viewers. #EntertainmentAlert

On October 14, 2022, — Kgopolo (@PhilMphela)

Recently, Idols SA has also been criticized for turning out untalented champions who would eventually become irrelevant Tik Tok idols.

Mzansi drew parallels between this year’s competitors and last year’s. Mzansi criticized the Idols SA winners for their lack of impact on the entertainment business, contrasting them with the non-winning Qwabe Twins.

Mmatema Moremi, who competed on season 11 of Idols SA and stole the hearts of many viewers, was also noted as a comparison to the Qwabe Twins by Mzansi. Despite her lack of success, Mmatema Moremi is today a well-known gospel singer.

Even if they didn’t win Idols SA, several of the participants’ beautiful singing has already made an impact on the music business.

They are, on the other hand, genuine singers like Yanga Sobetwa, who won season 14 of Idols SA but then had her career stop without ever releasing any of her own creative music.

According to rumors, Yanga is having trouble making ends meet and the Idols SA medal is not helping. These days, she’s a minor Tik Tok celebrity, with a fan base of under 120k.

Another good instance is Amanda Black. Although Amanda (then known by her given name, Amanda Antony) only placed seventh in season 11, she went on to win three South African Music Awards (SAMAs) for her album “Amazulu” two years later. Most notably, Best New Artist and Best Female Artist were among the winners. She was nominated for a BET and a DStv Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Award and won two Metro FM awards in the same year.

Amanda says she was really sorry to have lost, but that it was not the end of her musical career.

I wouldn’t be here if I’d won Idol. Actually coming in second place was a tremendous relief. If you look closely enough, you’ll see that many of the Idols winners never actually became famous.

Noma Khumalo, the winner of Idols SA in 2016, is another. In comparison to selling her album for R5, which was a major humiliation to the music and showbiz community, returning to her teaching job was a lot better choice.

There was a time when it was said that Noma’s music career was failing and that this was the reason of her unhappiness. She will not address rumors that her first record was seen for $5, claiming instead that the past is best left in the past.

The Qwabe Twins (Viggy and Virginia) are a singing duo that shot to fame on season 15 of Idols South Africa. Once the twins were separated to sing their individual songs, the competition was brought down to earth.

Their time apart did not prevent them from bringing fantastical performances to the stage. Virginia’s elimination from the top five was a shocking turn of events. After 24 hours, Viggy quit the show due to bullying and vote rigging charges.

Although the Qwabe twins were unable to advance to the finals, DJ Tira’s Afrotainment Records signed them instead. When DJ Tira, a Grammy-winning musician, signed the Qwabe twins, their first single, “Hamba,” quickly became a smash hit.

Mpilo, Nozi, Thapelo, Ty Loner, and Zee round out this year’s top 6. In his initial report, Phil warned the show’s creators that they had reason to be concerned. Across the board, and notably for long-running series, viewership of television programs has declined. Still, it’s noteworthy that IdolsSA hasn’t been able to reclaim its previous level of over a million viewers per episode. The IdolsSA organization has reason to be alarmed.

After the abuse claims surfaced, Somizi held a press conference in which he maintained his innocence until proven guilty. Since I haven’t said anything, you may have noticed that. Those are two separate spheres of my life, and I give each one its due respect. I don’t know what to say and I don’t feel like saying anything right now. It was one of the lowest points in my professional life, but as they say, “you are innocent until proven guilty,” we move on.

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