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The most recent episode of “uThando Nesthembu” reveals that Musa Mseleku has a new girlfriend

The most recent episode of “uThando Nesthembu” reveals that Musa Mseleku has a new girlfriend.

After showing his raw emotions about getting his fifth wife, which has been quite a drawn-out saga, polygamist Musa Mseleku did not receive the comfort that he expected to receive from those around him.

In the fourth episode of the sixth season of uThando Nesthembu, which aired on Thursday evening, viewers expressed their frustration regarding a topic that is still being discussed on the show.

The wish that Musa Mseleku had for wife number five was not granted. When Musa Mseleku went to see his first wife, MaCele, he broached the awkward subject of getting a second wife.

He broke the news to MaCele that the relationship he had been having with the woman he intended to marry for the fifth time had come to an end. MaCele expressed her delight at the news, saying it made her very happy.

But then he made a shocking admission, which was that he had found another woman who he wanted to take as his new girlfriend and that he had been seeing her for some time.

The fact that MaCele did not know who this new woman was and that it was not Khumalo was a piece of information that did not sit well with her.

The four wives were told during the previous season that the next wife would have the surname Khumalo; however, the husband has decided to change his mind about this decision.

The father of ten children was attempting to persuade MaCele to participate in a family gathering so that he could share some information with the other wives.

Mseleku began to show signs of emotion as he spoke, and he had tears in his eyes as he explained that he did not want to be perceived as a failure in his search for his next wife.

As Mseleku was leaving, MaCele’s first wife burst into tears, and in her confessional, she explained that she shared the responsibility with Mseleku of making sure none of the other wives leave him.

Another gathering of the family

Mseleku’s new wife’s predicament has been the topic of discussion at multiple recent family gatherings.

At this meeting, it was abundantly clear that the wives are experiencing a great deal of frustration.

Mseleku expressed his astonishment at the fact that MaYeni was present, citing the fact that she had made it very obvious in the prior episodes that she was uninterested in and did not support his mission.

Mseleku remarked to his four wives as he broke the news that he was seeing someone else, “I’d want to tell you that I am seeing someone else, whom I’d like you to meet.” Mtolo is the name of her family name.

Except for MaCele, who knew about the meeting in advance because to our communication. The information that he had a new lover came as a shock to his three wives, MaYeni, Makhumalo, and MaNgwabe.

Mseleku has stated that he will facilitate the introduction of the wives to her if they so desire; however, he will not coerce them into meeting her.

According to MaKhumalo, her husband handled the situation as if it were a game of chess. At first, he stated that wife number five is no longer with them, but then he changed his mind and stated that he has another woman, but she is only his girlfriend.

MaCele has expressed that she does not wish to get to know Mtolo because Mseleku does not intend to marry her.

However, in his confession, Mseleku stated deviously, “I want this to haunt them. I want everyone of them to inquire separately about her to me… After that, I will proceed to the next stage, which is to finally meet her.

MaYeni expressed her dissatisfaction to him by stating that she was disappointed that he did not divulge all of the information concerning Mtolo.

Mseleku became distraught and appeared to be defeated as the meeting came to a close; however, none of Mseleku’s wives consoled him, indicating that they did not believe his story.

MaKhumalo came to the conclusion that MaMtolo could be the one to console him despite the fact that he was attempting to manipulate their feelings.

Twitter users share their thoughts on the most recent episode of “uThando Nesthembu”

Makhumalo impressed fans by revealing her husband’s girlfriend’s surname.

Following her revelation of the identity of her husband’s girlfriend on social media, Makhumalo caused a stir in the Mzansi community. Makhumalo has only recently posted about it on her Instagram page, where she makes light of the fact that her husband was grieving over his girlfriend MaMtolo.

“seeing Mthombeni crying for MaMtolo like.. yep criminal I have married,” the caption read. She is an author. She had written.

Mzansi Is pondering the question of whether or not the number 5 that Mseleku has been referring to actually exists. On the most recent edition of Uthando Nesthembu, Musa Mseleku at long last disclosed the surname of the woman he intends to marry as his fifth wife.

Recently, Thobile Makhumalo Mseleku posted it on her social media page, where she also discusses the events that transpired in the most recent episode of Uthando Nesthembu. During the episode from yesterday, we saw Makhumalo giggling when she witnessed her husband crying because he wanted his wife to allow him to cheat on her.

Musa Mseleku told his wives that he does not intend to pay lobola to her and that he does not intend to make her his wife but rather wants her to be his girlfriend instead of his wife. On national television, Musa Mseleku was shown sobbing and pleading with his wives to give him permission to have a girlfriend. The previous statement he made was that the surname of his new partner is MaMtolo, but he refused to provide any further information.

Makhumalo was overheard questioning Musa regarding the identity of MaMtolo.

With the following caption: “MaMtolo is not a wife because you did not pay lobola to her; thus, what is she?

Musa Mseleku, a well-known marriage specialist who appears on the reality television show Uthando Nesthembu, has just lately disclosed the identity of his lover for the very first time. It would appear that his wives are dissatisfied, and a number of them continue to express a desire to leave him. Musa Mseleku is a man of morals, and he does not enjoy it when his wives prevail over him in a competition.

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