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The following are some of the reasons why many believe that MaNgwabe is toxic

However, it appears that the head of the Mseleku family, Musa Mseleku, refuses to see that his wives are not so happy and that they always bicker about the same things, despite the fact that the Mseleku family goes through a lot of struggles, which is normal for any family. Despite this, it is normal for any family to go through struggles.

Twitter was divided during the most recent season of Uthando Nesthembu when Mbali MaNgwabe became upset after learning that Thobile’s father forced one of Mbali’s children to open the gate for her.

Some others stated that it was obvious that she had a poor upbringing because they did not see why it was inappropriate for an adult to ask a youngster to open the gate for them. Others agreed with her and stated that when Baba Khumalo drives the children, he is performing the duties of an employee and so must act accordingly.

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In this season, we are still discussing the same subject, just as we are still discussing the same topic of Musa’s fifth wife. The statement made by Mbali MaNgwabe that Musa Mseleku was in the wrong, and that MaNgwabe herself is poisonous, is still causing controversy among users on Twitter.

It was not Mbali who asserted that it was inappropriate for Mseleku to employ Thobile’s father. According to what Victoria Mokwena wrote, “At that time, her sister is also on Mseleku’s payroll for the role of nanny.”

The gap between her sister watching over her children and watching over all of the children in the family is significant! She has the authority to correct her sister Menza or even terminate her when she acts inappropriately. According to what Naledi Yamiso wrote, “you have no authority to correct the behavior of your sister’s husband’s father.”

According to a post made by Collins Great guy, “#UthandoNesthembu presumably uMakhumalo won’t understand the kid’s dilemma because she doesn’t have her own kids, it’s extremely terrible to not have kids, especially as a woman,” said the post.

“Mseleku Mangwabe is a dangerous person. She considers it to be abusive when one of her younger children opens a gate instead of an older person. According to what Imama le Juventus wrote, “her attitude is not appropriate for isthembu (polygamy).”

Some people on Twitter are wishing that instead of Baba Khumalo, one of MaCele’s children was there to take the abuse.

“#UthandoNesthembu how I wish that BabKhumalo could have sent one of maCele’s kids to prevent these insults. It would have been much better. maCele was never going to have any difficulties,” Collins Great guy stated.

When it comes down to it, I just don’t understand why it was such a big deal for Thobile’s dad to ask the kid to open the gate for him. Because he is getting paid to do the task, I believe the primary issue here is that he should do the job himself and act in the manner of an employee rather than pressuring Mbali MaNgwabe’s children to do the work for him.

Mzansi is amazed by Musa Msekeku’s wives’ new program, which features Uthando Nes’thembu and Igumbi Lamakhosikazi

Musa Mseleku

The subject of relationships, including polygamy, in-laws, and the ways in which money and other belief systems can affect such relationships, takes up the entirety of the episode. The four wives of Musa Mseleku, who are already well-known for their reality show on Mzansi Magic called Uthando Nesthembu, are the hosts of this program.

Last night’s premiere drew a sizable audience, and viewers had plenty of positive things to say about the show afterwards. People’s attention was initially drawn to the fact that one of the wives was conspicuously absent from the premiere. This was the first significant detail that people took note of. MaNgwabe is Musa Msekeku’s third wife, and despite this fact, she was not present at the table.

People thought that she had made the decision to quit the polygamist marriage yesterday when she wasn’t at the table, and this has set social media on fire.

Her absence prompted many people to ask questions due to the fact that, as seen on their reality show on Mzansi Magic, she had issues with Mseleku wanting to take a new wife, making it his fifth overall. Mangwabe made a threat to quit the marriage in the event that her husband persisted in his efforts to find another wife.

Mzansi is talking about a new show called Igumbi Lamakhosikazi, which is hosted by Musa Msekeku’s wives. MaNgwabe is not the only person who disagreed with this decision made by Msekeku. Mayeni was opposed to the notion of Mseleku getting married to a fifth wife for the same reason. The show is an ongoing series that will consist of thirteen episodes, each of which will focus on a different aspect of a relationship and be hosted by a different woman.

Yesterday, when it first aired, a number of viewers brought up a few points that they felt were particularly important. One blogger noted that she didn’t like that the show was set up in a kitchen because it sends the image that women belong in the kitchen and it’s not something that she supports.

Another user of Twitter brought up the point that there is already too much polygamy being displayed on our screens. People found it appealing to listen in on the talk that was taking place between the two women, particularly as it pertained to the topic of polygamy, which is a contentious matter in our nation.

MaCele is the first wife of Musa Mseleku, and she is the one who is quoted as saying that polygamy originates with a man who cheats on his wife. This statement caused a great deal of confusion amongst the general population. MaCele reveals that she had no idea that Musa was interested in having multiple wives when they first met. Because MaKhumalo is also involved in the new Real Housewives of Durban franchise, the women take the empire to the next level.

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