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The Fergusons came through for Vusi Thanda

After he pleaded for assistance, former The Queen star Vusi Thanda brought tears to the eyes of Mzansi, but he was quick to give credit to the late Shona Ferguson for the assistance he provided to him.

As a result of his career spanning more than three decades, Vusi is now a well-known name in the illustrious Emzini wezinsizwa. He continued to work in the comedy industry for nearly ten years and is considered to this day to be a legend in the acting world.

After his success with Emzini Wezinsizwa, Vusi’s luck began to turn for the worst just as he was getting closer to the end of his career due to the effects of old age and illness.

The Fergusons came through for Vusi Thanda

Vusi Thanda was phenomenal in his role as Uncle Mzoxolo when he first appeared on The Queen. Unfortunately, his health forced him to leave the show. Since that time, Vusi had been having a difficult time making ends meet because he did not have any supplementary enterprises to aid him.

Before he decided to be open about his challenges, he spent all of his money on diabetes-specific specialty foods until his funds ran out. After the iconic actor’s marriage failed, he broke his silence and publicly appealed for assistance, which resulted in an outpouring of support from his fans and colleagues in the entertainment industry.

Before he died away, Vusi Thanda spoke at length about the assistance he received from Shona Ferguson, despite the fact that he was in a difficult situation and in need of financial assistance.

The favors done by Shona Ferguson for the seasoned actor Vusi Thanda

Vusi Thanda had a positive impression of both the Ferguson family and the Ferguson films to share during an interview with DJ Sbu. Although he was unable to report to work owing to health concerns, he received help from The Ferguson Films in a variety of ways. He mentioned that Shona Ferguson had transferred money to his driver particularly for the purpose of purchasing meals and paying medical costs.

The Fergusons came through for Vusi Thanda

Vusi stated the following in his own words:

Shona Ferguson gave a voucher worth R5,000 to his driver so that he might buy some food. After that, he provided me R12,000 every month for the next three months at the conclusion of each of those months.

Vusi let a lot of people know how talented Shona Ferguson was, and a lot of people already knew it. He went on to claim that a few weeks later, he found out that Shona had passed away, which brought about a complete transformation in his life.

In addition to this, he mentioned that once Shona passed away, he did not get as much assistance as he used to because Connie had a lot going on in her space to cope with. Unbelievably, Shona had been wishing Vusi well and urging him to return to work once he had recovered. Vusi lost his work as a result of his passing, and after that, everything changed.

Was Vusi Thanda lying to South Africans?

After the veteran actor Vusi Thanda appealed to the general public for monetary assistance, he was met with generous assistance from members of the community. This comes after a number of celebrities opened up about their struggles with their finances and revealed that they had gotten assistance from fans.

Vusi Thanda recently claimed that the South African Broadcasting Commission (SABC) owed him royalties for Emzini Wezinsizwa. He made these allegations in a recent interview. The seasoned performer was a key member of the ensemble group, contributing his considerable acting chops in the character of Tshawe.

He said to the Daily Dispatch that the corporation had previously paid him royalties but had since stopped doing so, leaving him in a state of bewilderment.

I used to get royalties from the South African Broadcasting Corporation. But suddenly they stopped, and I had no idea why. According to what he informed the publication, all efforts to obtain clarity were unsuccessful.

However, Gugu Ntuli, the group executive for corporate relations and marketing at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), denied that the actor was owed any royalties. Speaking to IOL, Gugu said, “It is also important to note that the most recent episode of Emzini Wezinsizwa aired on SABC 1 exactly two years ago, and that all claims about the most recent repeat featuring Mr. Thanda have been resolved.

When it comes to the payment of repeat fees, it is important to know that performers are required to submit claims before the SABC will make payment. In the event that no claim is made, the SABC will be unable to process the request because there will be no record of a claim.

Everything began when Vusi Thanda went public with his request for financial assistance from the general public in the form of donations to assist him in paying off a debt of R45,000 owed to his landlord.

People’s attitudes about the fact that a talented actor still has to pay rent and does not own any property were not favorable.

Nozuko MaRhadebe took to Facebook in order to talk about him on behalf of the company “From what I can see, this individual hails from the Mzini wezintsizwa tribe. Tshawe These are the folks in the entertainment world that we followed as we were growing up. We are aware that life can be difficult at times, and that nobody has the perfect solution.

Just like everyone else, life has dealt him some blows. It is important to remind folks that R10 may go a long way. His life is difficult, and on top of that, he is getting older, which presents its own set of challenges. Sometimes he has to go to the doctor for treatment.

“I beg you everyone to refrain from making nasty comments; I promise I’m not trying to come across as boastful, but if you’re not interested, you can simply be silent. In order to prevent him from falling victim to a fraud, I will request that he record a video with his account number. It will be my turn to speak the day after tomorrow. Those who are able to lend a hand, please Lords, “she had written.

Later, he appeared on video and displayed his Capitec Bank card, which contained his personal information. Vusi owed R45 000 to his landlord but received R100 000 in donations from the public.

As he reached out for assistance, he was subjected to a barrage of criticism from other people in the form of trolling.

He stated his feelings to the Daily Sun, saying, “I am terrified to talk now.” Because I am old, I am unable to put up with such behavior from young people.

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