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The baby daddy of Thembi Seete has done it again

Zodwa Wabantu’s Story is just below this story

Collen Mashawana, a successful businessman in Mzansi, and his extraordinary staff pull off another series of miracles as they are ready to construct a new house for an elderly lady. He is observed eating dinner with the grandmother as well as the team.

They were showered with blessings from the Mzansi people, and the people of Mzansi expressed their gratitude to them for aiding the deserving granny and other low-income residents in South Africa.

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Collen Mashawana, a successful businessman in Mzansi, along with his crew, has been constructing new houses for families who were previously residing in homes that had been damaged in order to provide them with a better future, and it does not appear that they will be stopping any time in the near future.

Collen shared photographs on his Twitter account of he and his coworkers having lunch with an elderly lady who now lives in the neighborhood of her previous residence.

Mr. Mashawana made it abundantly clear that they would expeditiously build her a brand-new house.

At approximately 7:23 p.m. local time on September 27th, 2022, and captioned matter “As we enjoy The Last Supper with Gogo Maphumulo in her old, dilapidated structure.” Gogo’s new house is without a doubt one of the most stunning residences in her neighborhood. May God bless her and keep her safe.

See what Zodwa Wabantu was spotted doing late at night

The Name Is Zodwa Wabantu. When it was discovered in the second episode of her show called #ZodwaWabantuUncensored that she had taken a bath at night, Mzansi was taken by surprise. When Mzansi saw what Zodwa was showing her fans and followers on TV, they had no choice but to be impressed.

Many viewers and followers of the #GogoSkhotheni show had anticipated seeing an episode of #zodwawabantuuncensored, but many were surprised to see the storyline involving the two husbands. This would suggest that many people would prefer see #zodwawabantuuncensored than #GogoSkhotheni.

When it comes to making money, Zodwa doesn’t give a hoot what other people think; she’s straightforward and honest about it. Her Twitter fans and following really believe that Zodwa should talk about her career on national television. Zodwa Wabantu, a dancer from South Africa, is famous for both her skimpy stage attire and her penchant for dating younger men. In addition to her singing and acting talents, she is widely recognized for her dance abilities.

Many people found it irritating that Zodwa constantly portrayed rituals involving communication with one’s ancestors and the performance of a ceremony as forms of witchcraft. That it is not witchcraft to honor one’s ancestors or to sacrifice a goat as part of a ritual.

It has been reported that Zodwa Wabantu has been seen taking a bath late at night. She’s got her mind set on fulfilling the wishes of her forefathers. She adores being a sangoma and takes great pleasure in who she is; she has no shame in her trade. Without any sense of shame, she engages in all of these activities while fully clothed. She’s making it clear that she’s matured past drinking pink water by saying this.

The problem is that non-culturally active Black people will attribute Zodwa’s actions to witchcraft. However, this is actually a common practice among regular folks. Almost many of us may relate to what Zodwa is doing in her private life.

Troll Drives Yul Edochie to Reveal, Why He Married a Second Wife

Yul Edochie, a well-known actor and politician in Nigeria, has explained why he wed Judy Austin Muoghalu, his on-screen wife.

In April, the 40-year-old actor shared photos of his newborn son and new wife on Instagram, sending his fans, coworkers, and the internet into a frenzy.

The actor claimed that he loves his son, Star Dike Munachimso Yul Edochie, as much as his other children, and that the world should meet him.

On Friday, though, the actor uploaded a nine-minute video on his Facebook page titled, “Why I Married a Second Wife.”

“Ever since the announcement that I married a second wife, it has been insane,” he exclaimed.

The actor claims he has heard from admirers all over the world since news of the scandal in his marriage first surfaced.

Yul, who began performing 17 years ago, has stated that his fans, family, and coworkers have a right to know the reason for his second marriage.

The father of four explained in the video that he wed again because he just couldn’t get over his former partner.

It’s possible, he says, for a man to have feelings for two different women at once. He added that she had changed his life in such a profound way that he could not bear to lose her.

‘At this point in my life, I think it is conceivable for a man to love two women, because two women can contribute differently to a man’s life,’ he said.

You can’t let someone into your life, have such a profound effect on you, and then just let them go.

Of course, many single men would wonder why on earth you let a married man into your life. In other words, I admitted my error and accepted responsibility.

It’s certain that unexpected occurrences will arise. Let’s not sugarcoat this. I realized I couldn’t let such a remarkable woman go.

These ladies are among of the best in town. They contribute unique qualities to the mix. Two women can be loved deeply and simultaneously. At first I didn’t think it was feasible, but now I see that it is.

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