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Sonia Booth wishes hubby and mistress happy anniversary

The argument that Sonia Booth has with her husband, Matthew Booth, does not appear to be coming to an end anytime soon. After Sonia accused her husband of infidelity with another woman, the pair, who had been separated for some time, are currently at loggerheads with one another.

The woman, who previously competed for the title of Miss South Africa, said that her husband had been unfaithful, and she has not recanted her statements. On Wednesday, November 9, a fan questioned her on the possibility of divorcing Matthew. The recommendation that Matthew should file for divorce, if that is what he wants to do, came from Sonia.

Sonia Booth wishes hubby and mistress happy anniversary

“So if he doesn’t get a divorce, you won’t either, right? Why is it necessary for him to be “the plaintiff?” When he is the one who has done you wrong, why is the onus placed on him to make amends? Does this mean that “Sonia before Booth” is still reliant on him? It seems as though there hasn’t been a conversation… his anniversary with Bongz is coming up in three months phela, but there hasn’t been one.”

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Sonia Booth replied to the tweet with the following: “Happy anniversary in advance, lovebirds @MatthewBoothZA and @bongz1 #LegendsAndGroupies.”

Sonia revealed earlier this week that Matthew had been unfaithful to her by having an affair with Bongani Mthombeni-Moller, his mistress. Sonia maintained that Matthew had cheated on her with his side chick, Bongani Mthombeni-Moller, and she accused him of doing so. She claimed that Matthew used their joint account and their car, which is equipped with a tracker, to have a good time with Moller. She also claimed that Matthew lied about using their joint account.

She went on to say that the couple went on more excursions together and that they even celebrated Valentine’s Day together in Empangeni, which is located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. She claims that Mathew has been spending money from their son’s education trust fund on Bongani’s whims, which is contrary to what she claims Mathew has been doing.

The SuperSport analyst issued a statement in which he refuted the claims of cheating that had been made. He asserted that the charges are baseless and that he will pursue legal action against his wife.

It is of the utmost sadness and disappointment that my wife, Sonia Booth, has resorted to airing these unfounded allegations on all platforms with an intention to tarnish my name without discussing them with me, and without considering the damage that these allegations will cause, especially to our minor children who are in the middle of their final exams, as well as to the Mthombeni-Moller family. This is something that she has done without discussing them with me, and without considering the damage that these allegations

My legal representatives have been briefed on the situation, and they have been given the mandate to vigorously pursue the necessary actions in order to seek the appropriate remedies. I am going to refrain from commenting further on this matter and give the judicial system the opportunity to resolve it.

I would like to make an appeal to Mrs. Mthombeni-Moeller, as well as to the corporates and sponsors who have collaborated with the Booth Trust for the advancement of soccer development initiatives, to not allow this personal matter to deter the good work that is being done, as well as that which lies ahead.

The cheesecake drama involving Sonia and Matthew Booth is a case of history repeating itself.

One has to ask if Sonia Booth was aware of the consequences before she hit “publish” on the receipts she had acquired after doing an in-depth investigation into the allegations that her husband Matthew was having an affair.

The cheesecake drama involving Sonia and Matthew Booth is a case of history repeating itself.

Sister arrived well-prepared, having dug out screen photos of automobile tracking as well as photographs of the now-famous Tupperware that brother’s husband used to bake a magnificent cheesecake.

What exactly were they trying to say? Have you ever heard the saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?” However, it is the image that each of us hopes to portray. It is much simpler to categorize her as vindictive or as insane.

We can’t help being emotional animals; it’s a part of being a woman. Every ounce of common sense is thrown out the door. If the accusations against Matthew are true, then it might be argued that he deserved the consequences that were brought upon him.

Perhaps the result justifies the actions taken. It’s possible that Sonia was left with no other option when she became fed up with her husband’s purported extramarital escapades.

The intensity of her rage was palpable when one read her posts, in which she called out and embarrassed her purported romantic rival. As soon as she disclosed information that cleared away any lingering questions, we had a gut feeling about it.

But the problem with airing your dirty laundry in public is that it has a horrible habit of turning on you when you least expect it to do so. The internet is a place that never forgets, so even if you write anything in a fit of rage or in a hurry, it will remain accessible to everyone forever.

Even though Matthew issued a statement disputing the allegations made by his wife, the harm had already been done. The seed of uncertainty had been planted.

This is a clear example of how the past keeps on being repeated over and over again.

Katlego Maboe, host of “The Expresso Morning Show,” found himself in the position of having to defend his character in November 2020 when his ex-girlfriend and baby mama, Monique Muller, leveled some serious allegations against him.

Katlego Maboe

On one of the social media platforms, a video of Maboe and Muller complaining over his inappropriate behavior was discovered. In the video tape, the exes can be seen bickering about his affair with a mutual friend, during which Muller accuses him of having sexually transmitted infection (STI) with her.

The aftermath had a significant impact. Maboe and Muller were both parties to a drawn-out legal dispute that was heard in court. We believed that Maboe’s reputation had suffered as a result of Outsurance and ‘Espresso’ both dropping him as a client.

Muller’s reputation was tarnished as the tainted woman out for revenge, and to this day, whenever she posts something on social media, the online bullies are baying for blood. This happened because Muller was accused of having sexual misconduct with a minor.

And then there’s Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloy, one of our all-time favorite contentious Twitter graduates. Berita, the rapper’s wife from whom he is separated, and he have been engaged in a verbal spat.


The singer had to deal with her spouse putting her through the emotional trauma of publishing everything online, as she was the regular subject of Nota’s online rants, which were posted on the internet.

Her most recent tweet contained the following message: “Nhlamulo, you are making me seem bad. Put a halt to that! I’ve had enough of this by now. No longer your wife, as of this moment. We are no longer together! This topic has been discussed with us.”

It appears that a growing number of people, particularly public personalities and celebrities, are adopting the practice of using social media as a personal soapbox and for settling personal grudges.

“I think celebrities are energised by the love and attention shown to them by their fans,” said Kas Naidoo, a conscious relationship coach. “It’s easy to mistake social media as the place to go when you’re hurting to get love and support because of how much love and attention celebrities get,” she added.

Paula Quinsee, who specializes in relationships and is also an author, held essentially the same viewpoint. “Hurt people have a tendency to lash out, and when you’re living in the public eye, it’s natural to want to garner support from your followers because they are an extension of your daily life and social interactions,” said Quinsee. “It’s natural to want to garner support from your followers as they are an extension of your daily life and social interactions.”

But there is always a “but” in these situations.

To paraphrase what Quinsee had to say about it, “Airing your dirty laundry can have implications as messages posted in anger or with the goal to lash out and hurt others might create more damage than good.”

Following the publication of Sonia Booth’s discoveries, she became the target of a variety of offensive internet remarks and was included in a number of memes. Even as I write this, she and Matthew are currently leading the trending topics on Twitter.

After Matthew’s announcement that he would involve his lawyers in the situation, there is virtually little possibility that things will turn out in a positive manner.

In this situation, as well as in so many others, there has got to be a more respectable approach to expose one partner’s infidelity, right?

“The majority of people who try to embarrass their partners publicly, whether to family and friends or in this case on social media, do so from a place of intense pain,” said Naidoo. “This is true whether they do it to family and friends or on social media.” “Even if there was a chance that this relationship might be salvaged, there is no longer any chance because it is so public,” she said.

And Naidoo also brought up an important topic, which is credibility in the eyes of the people.

If you try to go back and restore this relationship after making public declarations, you will lose credibility in the eyes of the very same individuals who you went to for assistance in the first place. “They supported you on one option; however, at this point in time, they cannot support you on the opposite decision,” she repeated.

“A simple and factual statement may have been a more appropriate way of dealing with this situation and potentially created a more supportive space than the perceived’scorned woman’ sentiment doing the rounds,” suggested Quinsee. “Don’t handle your personal affairs on a public forum.” Quinsee’s advice was to keep things straightforward and to avoid discussing private matters in public.

In addition, there is damage to reputation, as was seen with Maboe, despite the fact that he made his comeback this year on television.

Remember that there was also a toll taken on your mental health.

According to Quinsee, “mudslinging almost never has a positive outcome, and having to rehabilitate one’s reputation, whether it be public or personal, can take a long time and take its toll on one’s mental and emotional health.”

Naidoo was more concerned about the suffering that lay ahead. She stated, “It is evident that there is a lot of anger right now; nevertheless, anger hides our grief.” After the first outburst of rage has passed, the feelings of blame, guilt, and shame are the ones that will remain.

In Naidoo’s view, everything is connected in some way, and there is a beginning to everything that comes to an end. “What is really lacking in today’s world, whether it be celebrity or not, are the tools to form a solid basis for a relationship right from the start.

“The tools for deeper communication as well as the tools to resolve conflict as it happens; instead of it escalating to the point where one partner looks outside the relationship to feel loved, seen, and appreciated.” “The tools for deeper communication and the tools to resolve conflict as it happens.”

When asked for advice on how to handle the aftermath of an affair, Quinsee advised clients to remember that “relationships don’t fail for no reason,” and that “if someone is content in their relationship, they have no need to go outside their relationship.”

“Both parties contribute to the breakdown of their relationship,” she said. “The key is to understand your role in the situation, how you both got there, take accountability for your contribution, decide whether the relationship is repairable, seek professional help to assist you in processing the situation and coming back from it stronger whether that be on your own or together.”

Naidoo concurred with her statement and continued by saying, “The first step is to open the dialogue between you and your partner. ” Engage the services of a trained expert to assist you in comprehending why this took place, in expressing in its entirety how both of you feel, and in comprehending why the affair took place.

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