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Somizi gets stuck in the boot of a car

After playing a practical joke, Somizi Mhlongo finds himself trapped within the trunk of a car. We all know how much Somizi enjoys goofing off and playing around, and he has a reputation for being a free spirit. Even during the Idols South Africa auditions, Somizi never fails to make people laugh and has a good time.

However, things did not go as planned for him this time, and he found himself unable to free himself from the trunk of a car. Because Somizi had his phone on him, he was able to call his friend and make up artist to help him get out of the situation. She took a video of him being trapped in the trunk as well as her rescuing him from the vehicle.

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This time, fortunately, Somizi was able to call someone who came and rescued him. This is a very risky situation because he may end himself suffocating inside, particularly if he was unable to reach anyone or obtain coverage on his phone.

Idols South Africa’s judge has denied claims that they are getting married.

Somizi Mhlongo, a well-known media personality and a judge on the South African version of Idols, has dispelled speculations that he will get married in September.

This comes as a result of a report that was published by City Press over the weekend claiming that Somizi allegedly paid lobola to his purported fiancee Pholoso Mohlala. The article indicates that conversations regarding the lobola took place on March 19, although Somizi has denied that this has transpired.

He addressed the allegations on his Instagram account, where he also stated that the article has had an impact on his relationship with one of the two men he is currently dating. Somizi claims that he is involved in a romantic relationship with two different people, one of whom is affluent while the other is not.

“It hurts my heart so much. I am in pain. The other day, a piece was published in which I was mentioned. In general, I don’t care, and I don’t explain, but in this case because certain things can be harmful, he said that he would make an exception.

Pholoso, according to Somizi, is married, and he does have a wife. “There’s a tale going around that I’m going to get married, that a wedding is in the works, and that I’ve already paid Pholoso 1.5 million for the lobola. Because I’m used to having people write negative things about me, I don’t really have a problem with that. They only got one thing right, and that is the fact that I am familiar with Pholosho. We are only pals, but Pholosho is married, and his wife is expecting their first child together.

Somizi expressed his displeasure with City Press for interfering with his intentions. They are creating tension between me and my business partners as a result of their actions. I have two people who I was dating, and while one of them is wealthy and the other is not, I need to explain the situation to both of them. I have one person who is wealthy and the other is not. And I was still going to choose between the two of them, and it was pretty obvious that I was going to choose the one who had more money, but I had to be decent and tell him first that I was going to leave him. So that was my plan. Now, as a result of the story in the City Press, he has left me first. My strategy was completely derailed by City Press,” he continued.

His devoted following has offered their thoughts on the video.

miss sinabo “Honestly, I thought you were going to tell us something important, Kanti!”

nonhlanhlawatsietsi1 “Yazi When you first began telling the story, I was upset; however, by the time you reached the middle of it, I couldn’t help but laugh. city press yaze yayi mosha I plan yakho yazin hai suka.

“Forex persons” are not considered nonhlanhlawatsietsi1.

mablose19 “jola ne editor wena Som bakwenzan kodwa.”

nonomgope “Oh yhini Som som ama ou wakho ngase nga heartbroken kunye nawe but I’m also worried that they both will view this and find out you’ve been cheating on them,” she said. “I’m heartbroken for both of you.”

It has been reported by City Press that Somizi and Pholoso are looking at various locations to hold their wedding ceremony and reception.

“The date’s been fixed. He has a wedding planned for the month of September. On Monday, the pair is going to start looking at potential wedding locations. During the three-day weekend that began on March 19, he made his lobola payment at Pholoso’s house in Hammanskraal.

During an episode of his reality show, Somizi admitted that he is a hopeless romantic and that he plans to tie the knot when he is fifty years old. In addition to this, he disclosed that the person he is seeing is successful in life, saying, “I am a sucker for mjolo.” In an indirect jab at Mohale Motaung, he said, “I can’t afford to date a man that I still have to raise right now.” Mohale Motaung is the subject of this jab.

“I am the owner of a home. He owns his own home… I have a car, and so does he. We both have cars. I have a bank balance, a strong bank balance, and he has a bank balance,” he added. “We both have excellent bank balances.” He gushed about the person whom he was seeing at the moment, saying that “he is really comfortable.”

Instagram serves as the image source.

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