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See what Lwandle said about DJ Tira and the Qwabe twins

People in Mzansi are unable to differentiate between the Qwabe twins, who are also celebrity twins.

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Viggy and Virginia are virtually indistinguishable from one another. Perhaps those who are in close proximity to them find it simple to differentiate between them. They have a sturdy connection, and the love that they give and receive is authentic. It is extremely unusual to find a set of twins who do not get along. This means that if you do give birth to twins, you will have given birth to lifelong companions.

The Qwabe Twins mentioned attending the Zulu Reed dance ceremony on their official Facebook page, where they also shared photographs and video(s) taken during their attendance at the event.

In the comments section, a few individuals expressed their regret at not being able to take part in the ceremony due to the constraints of their personal situations. Some people have the misconception that the Reed dance is only for women who haven’t yet let go of their pride (virginity).

Dj Tira has been drawn into the conflict, which is taking place while the twins are having a good time at the Reed dance ceremony. There are some people who believe that the Qwabe twins are not pure enough to dance, and they believe that Tira stripped them of their pride (virginity) simply because he works with them.

This is their assumption. There was even a mention of Tira in one of the guy’s posts. He emailed DJ Tira with the question, “What do the Qwabe twins want at the Reed dance? I thought you were done with them.”

Tira did not squander any time; he quickly responded to the man’s challenge and put him in his place. Check out the screenshot down below:

People have the misconception that if you are a celebrity, you must be able to take abuse without speaking up, and if you do, they will accuse you of not acting professionally. Tira is a good guy, and he doesn’t just ignore his critics by folding his hands behind his back. He can’t do that when he’s being disrespected in a manner like that.

Mzansi had observed that Tumelo Madlala’s hat matched the one he denied wearing at the crime scene.

Tumelo Madlala stated during his testimony that he does not wear the type of hat known as a “Ispoti,” which is similar to the one that was discovered in the kitchen next to his crutches.

This is Tumelo Madlala, who has been lying to the nation in order to protect the real perpetrators in the Senzo Meyiwa case. He claimed that the hat that was discovered at the scene did not belong to him. Typically, in the courtroom, they have this test in which they are trying to expose the truth and the lies in the statements that the parties have made.

Therefore, if it is discovered that you have lied about a specific thing, people will automatically assume that of course, if you are capable of lying, then of course, you are also capable of lying about incidents that have occurred, and this is the case with the Senzo Meyiwa incident.

In this instance, his alleged best friend is testifying against him in court and making some very serious and potentially alarming statements about the other people in court, as well as about what actually occurred on that day.

There has not been another lie that has been uncovered in court that has led to him revealing to the general public and the officials that he does not wear those kinds of hats, which were discovered next to the scene by the crutches.

The fact that this information is basically exposed by users of social media is something that is very concerning, and it is also another thing that makes us wonder why the hat was even at the crime scene in the first place. Now the question that needs to be answered regarding this scenario is why the hat was even there in the first place.

Because courts do not permit lawyers to search social media platforms for evidence that they might have missed but that the general public might have picked up on in order to make their case, the likelihood that we will hear about this line of questioning in a court of law is low. Why do courts not allow lawyers to search social media platforms for evidence?


Another younger girl is suffering from heartache as a result of the death of her husband. Losing a loved one is without a doubt painful, and coming to terms with this reality is not always without a doubt an easy process.

If you want to find ways to get by without a loved one, it requires an increased amount of electricity. After getting married, a younger woman dropped her husband off at work every week, which led to her becoming a widow. It turned into speculated to be their happiest time as they started out constructing their family, however unfortunately, they are now making plans to say goodbye to him. It turned into speculated to be their happiest time as they started out constructing their family.

From making preparations for a wedding ceremony to making arrangements for a burial service. This will unquestionably cause her suffering for as long as she continues to live. The individual who goes by the name “Neonkiey” has revealed that she has found out that it is without a doubt difficult for her to address the loss of her husband. She is still under the impression that everything is a dream, and she keeps hoping that she will eventually wake up and find out that he is still alive. After breaking up with her partner, it would appear that the girl no longer has any additional motivation to remain.

Widow has refuted the allegations of bewitchment and food poisoning, which have been made.

“Please stop spreading lies assomblief,” the message read, “My husband was not poisoned.”

The pain of death must be endured. The worst of it is loss. But even though we are going through difficult times, God gives us peace and comfort. It is natural to experience discomfort… Have faith that the same God will lead you through this. I am so sorry to hear about your loss.

Phiri – The Lord will give you strength, protection, and peace as you travel through this journey; wipe those tears away and treasure the beautiful memories you and your loved one shared. Sincere condolences to you and your family on the loss of a loved one.

Gorant – I pray that the Lord will bless you with tranquility and safety. Continue to be blessed. Woman of fire, you are ascending to higher and higher levels in the spiritual realms. condolences

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