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Sangoma claims Kabza De Small wears things that have been worn by people who have done ukuthwasa

Kabelo Motha, better known by his stage name Kabza the small, is a well-known South African DJ. He recently published a picture that is both interesting and unusual. In the picture, he is seen wearing clothing that appears to be of an oversized fit.

A few folks went on to find something else in Kabza’s outfit that was more unusual, and that was the neck-piece, which looks to be loosely wrapped around his neck and reflects a black and white center piece. One Sangoma on Facebook had a lot of thoughts to share regarding this neck item.

“People who have graduated are seen wearing items belonging to Bo Kabza De Small. You can’t just get around the system like that. Either uyathwasa or awuthwasi could be correct. However, the notion that you can simply put things on because some Sangoma shaya shayad you because of your wealth is not going to work! You, BoGogo, are going to have to put in some effort for this “posted on Facebook by someone using the handle ‘Sangoma Festival,’ the page’s name.

People in the comments section were left uncertain as to what the Sangoma might have been trying to suggest after reading it.

In reference to her second marriage, Gogo Skhotheni has stated, “My spouses live apart, and we have a routine.”

She had just begun the honeymoon phase of her marriage when she began having dreams in which her ancestors urged her to marry again.

Now that she has, she constantly hopes that no delusions will convince her to take a third.

About eight months ago, she married again, and the change has been dramatic.

By her given name, Patricia Tumi Motsoenemg, better known as Gogo Skhotheni, she is a reality TV personality on Moja Love. Since she has always been a “one-man woman,” the idea of having several husbands or romantic relationships has never occurred to her.

Her husband is aware that he married a devoted wife who has no interest in anybody else. However, with with her ability comes a plethora of visions and dreams that end up having an effect on her and her husband’s relationship.

In her dream, she was told to find a new husband right after her first one died, so she didn’t even get to enjoy her honeymoon.

Gogo Skhotheni revealed on her reality show on Moja Love that her first husband was not pleased to learn of her plans to marry again. But in the end, he grasped it.

Her second husband is not a complete stranger; they’ve really met before. They dated for a full year when she was in eighth grade, but broke up the following year. She would come home from school and have recurring dreams about this one particular individual.

She had mixed feelings about leaving her previous marriage. According to her, they were able to work through the difficulties in their marriage by remembering why they had first come together. And her husband knows how much she cares for him, she says.

Gogo Skhotheni says she was taken aback by the request from her ancestors to marry her second husband, but she knew she had no choice but to comply.

He’s not my type or anyone’s, but he knows he needs to be in my life because my forefathers want him there.

She claims that she has always been someone who values family, therefore the idea of marrying again comes as a shock to both her and her spouse.

“I didn’t envision myself where I am today, at first it was a bit awkward, but I am enjoying it because I do not have to hide anymore and it is not like I am cheating, what I am doing is there, it has a name, it is polyandry, I am not cheating anymore,” she says.

I’ve known this person for a very long time; we fell in love, and then, following the visions, dreams, and confirmations, we began seeing one other more frequently; eventually, I cheated on him.

Since my talent prevented me from enjoying vat en sit, I told him we had to get married and that I couldn’t keep cheating on my husband.

She admits it was tough to tell her husband the news, but he had to accept it. I’m staying with my husband, and I’m not changing my last name. The wedding has already taken place, she says Drum; she just can’t provide photos because the event hasn’t aired on television.

“My husbands and I have different residences, and I see them on alternate days. If I’m not with one of them, they know exactly where I am. She claims that they have moved past the issue and are now in a happy place.

When asked about the concerns of her first husband, Gogo Skhotheni says, “What if she has another vision telling her to take a third spouse?” So what does that imply for them then?

They think I’m making a fool of myself, but my spouse assured me that he still loves me and so we stayed together.
He’s afraid it’ll happen again and again. I hope it doesn’t, because I witnessed how the news about the second husband shattered him, but if it does, it does. I hope and pray there won’t be a third because he can’t handle it. She says, “I don’t mind the third one, and I will do it if it occurs.

Her previous marriage is still on record, and her second marriage was conducted according to custom when her new husband paid the lobola to her family. There was some pushback from her first husband’s family when they found out she was seeing someone else, as she claims.

To this day, my husband’s extended family continues to get together. They think I’m making a fool of them, but my husband has assured me he still wants to be with me, so we’re here. It hasn’t been easy because our six children are old enough to observe what’s going on in the house, and he has to explain it to everyone, including them, Gogo Skhotheni says.

She’s been happily married to her second husband for eight months now. She promises her second season of her reality show will reveal everything about her second marriage.

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