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RIP: Condolences pour in to former Rhythm City actress Samkelo Ndlovu

On Instagram, Samkelo Ndlovu shared a letter that she had written to her best friend, the media personality Lumko Johnson. The letter was very upsetting.

On Wednesday, Lumko’s family informed the public that she had passed away.

When this article was written, the reason for the death was still a mystery to medical professionals.

But Samkelo stated that she had not been able to compose herself since the news broke, and that she was having a hard time articulating the depth of her sorrow. Since then condolences have been pouring on to her for this great loss.

Condolences pour in to former Rhythm City actress Samkelo Ndlovu

“Lumko, I can’t even begin to express how sorry I am; the thought that I will never see you again in this world breaks my heart. that I won’t have to listen to your goofy laugh or strange but informative music facts every time a song plays is something I’m really looking forward to. Your sincerity and unwavering concern for my well-being. “That I’ll never hear you call out my full name Samkelo Ndlovu over the phone when I answer like you always do,” she posted on her Facebook page. “That I’ll never hear you call out my full name over the phone.”

When former Rhythm City actress Samkelo Ndlovu finds herself in a tight financial situation, she vanishes without paying the ticket to Bolt Driver.

Following the cancellation of Rhythm City on the air, numerous actors and actresses found themselves without work. In a recent interview, Mapula Mafole discussed how, after being laid off from her work at Rhythm City, she experienced a downward spiral into melancholy. While Mzansi is still processing the heartbreaking events that transpired with Mapula, another former starlet from Rhythm City is making headlines for defrauding a taxi driver.

Samkelo Ndlovu was thrust into the spotlight after a Bolt taxi driver accused the actress of defrauding him in an interview with the Daily Sun. According to the Daily Sun’s report, a taxi driver by the name of Nkosi claimed that on June 10th, he drove Samkelo from Sandton to Joburg. Samkelo pretended that she had paid for something after arriving at her location, and she vanished as soon as the payment was made. Lesedi stated the following in his own words:

I drove Samkhelo, her child, and another individual from a building in Sandton to Papachinos, which is located close to Montecasino in Johannesburg. I had to remind her that this was a cash-only excursion when we arrived because she was about to leave without paying. She expressed regret, stating that she had misunderstood the purpose of the trip, which was to pay with a card. After that, she made the offer to pay for the fare via the mobile banking application for her bank, and then sent the voucher to him.

Recently Samkelo Ndlovu experiences financial hardship and vanishes without paying the fare to the Bolt Driver.

Nkosi found out that the voucher was fraudulent, and he confronted the actress as well as the singer. When the actress saw that the taxi driver was intent on getting his R106, she prevented him from doing so by standing in his way.

It should come as no surprise that the former Rhythm City actress is once again in the news for defrauding members of the public. She had a poor reputation for deceiving people, and at one point in her life she was in legal trouble as a result of being reported.

Condolences pour in to former Rhythm City actress Samkelo Ndlovu

In the year 2021, she created a name for herself by deceiving her co-worker about a payment. A performance at an event was scheduled for both her and DJ Lesedi to give in Pretoria. They gave a good performance, and Samkelo was given the fee with the instruction that she should split it with the other DJ. Samkelo was nowhere to be seen when the payment was made, and she spent the cash without giving DJ Lesedi her portion of it.

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