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Reasons why Somizi & Thembi Seete don’t see eye to eye revealed

Since Thembi Seete and JR Bogopa were brought on as new judges for Idols South Africa, the competition has not been without its share of turbulence. It was top trending on social media when the show aired its initial episodes because Mzansi criticized the new judges and voted for Unathi and Randall to come back.

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The new judges turned a deaf ear to critical feedback, which helped them improve their ability to judge; as a result, we can all agree that they are an excellent choice to replace the previous judges. However, it would appear like Thembi Seete is making a threat toward Somizi, and he is no longer able to conceal it.

Reasons why Somizi & Thembi Seete don’t see eye to eye revealed

During the most recent episode of Idols South Africa, Somizi glared maliciously at Thembi Seete every time she made her comments. Mzansi has taken to Twitter in order to investigate the reasons why Somizi finds it difficult to work alongside Thembi Seete as a judge.

A member of the Twitterati made the observation that Somizi is accustomed to being the sole Queen. He is undoubtedly irritated by the fact that Thembi constantly wears bright colors in her clothing as well, which is a constant. Unathi had a low profile. Both Somizi and Thembi have a distinctively loud sense of style. It’s likely because of this that Somizi always seems annoyed by Thembi.

Somizi, who was accustomed to rocking gorgeous costumes without anyone to compete with because Unathi and Randall were not into fashion, appears to be having her spotlight stolen by Thembi Seete, who it appears is snatching the limelight from Somizi.

Reasons why Somizi & Thembi Seete don’t see eye to eye revealed

The odds are stacked against Somgaga at this point because Thembi Seete possesses an excellent sense of style, which captures the attention of the entire crowd.

The competition between Somizi Mhlongo and Thembi Seete makes Somizi Mhlongo envious.
Since Thembi Seete began her role as a judge on Idols South Africa, the nation of Mzansi has been enamored with her vibrant and impressive sense of style. Two weeks ago, she sported blonde and yellow hair, which she glorified with a yellow outfit. ProVerb noted that Idos South Africa’s Twitter page was inundated with messages of praise for Thembi Seete’s outfit.

Idols South Africa began as a competition to find local talent, but the judges have been steadily transforming it into a fashion show. In the most recent episode, all of the judges appeared to be ready for a fight. Thembi Seete was ravishing in an all-gold costume, and she looked absolutely stunning, in contrast to JR Bogopa, who was dressed normally for smart casual.

On the other side, Somgaga was rocking a Nigerian outfit complete with a massive gold neckless that was topped off by long braided hair that had his name on it.

Although ProVerb praised the superb taste in fashion displayed by all of the judges, his primary attention was directed toward Thembi. ProVerb said:

The impression I get when I’m around you, Sis Tay, is one of royalty and gold.

It is quite unlikely that Somizi would have been pleased by ProVerb’s comments to Thembi. As a consequence of this, Somizi was seen looking at Thembi with an eye that seemed to be talking, leading many people in Mzansi to believe that he was envious of Sis Tay.

Mhlongo boasted that he had served as a judge on the show for a far longer period of time than Seete, but Seete made it abundantly plain that she does not give a damn about what he says.

This is the 18th season of Idols South Africa, and tension has been building throughout the competition. Somizi Mhlongo and Thembi Seete appear to have reached an impasse, which has unfortunately reached the public audience. However, could this be scripted?

The upcoming episode featured a brief scene in which a celebrity chef could be seen yelling at an actress playing Gomora. Multiple viewers took to social media to share this scene, which showed the celebrity chef addressing the actress.

Somizi screamed that Thembi has a terrible habit of talking over people on the show and not letting them finish what they are trying to say. Somizi’s complaint was that Thembi does this habitually.

“I see that you are talking over me now, and you make the same f error over and over again. That is the problem you are facing right now,” Mhlongo remarked.

Thembi, in an effort to defend herself, stated that she was not going to put up with Mhlongo’s tendency toward drama. She also clarified the fact that she was appointed as a judge for the new season of Idols South Africa, and that she is not a guest judge for the competition.

“Listen, I am not going to put up with your tendency for drama any longer, neh. Somizi, I am not a guest here; rather, I am a judge for this competition. Seete remarked, “I am not a guest, and you had better get used to the idea.”

After that, the choreographer boasted that he has served as a judge on the singing competition show for a significantly longer period of time than Seete has, insinuating that he has a great deal more experience working in this industry.

“This is something I’ve been doing for the past eight years. Mhlongo yelled at the other man, “You just started now!”

Soon after that, the former member of the music group Boom Shaka responded by criticizing Somizi’s statement and making it very apparent that she does not care because she is now the first female judge on the panel for Idols South Africa.

“The year is now 2022. Let me remind you again. I am not a visitor in this place; rather, I am a judge, and I intend to remain. Seete stated that she was the first lady of this location and of this house.

The awkward exchange that took place between the actress and the radio host sparked a lot of discussion amongst followers on Twitter.

Many people ended up taking Thembi Seete’s side and thought that Somizi was acting in an arrogant and bullying manner toward the other judges.

Mohale Motaung, a successful businessman and influential figure on social media, was dragged into the controversy once again as a result of Mhlongo’s status as a topic of conversation.

Tweeps have expressed how they can finally see how Mohale was wrongfully treated throughout his marriage to Somizi, and how they believe him in all of the claims he has made about the actor based on the behavior that the Sarafina actor displayed on the snippet of what is to come on Idols SA. The behavior was shown on the snippet of what is to come on Idols SA.

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