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Pinky Girl Is In A State Of Grief

Tebogo Mekgwe, a Reality TV personality and DJ who is affectionately known as Pinky Girl, has had a hectic year so far, and among some of the other challenging experiences she has had to go through, she has had to deal with the passing of her grandmother.

The is in sorrow, and to the very core of her being, she is heartbroken. Using her Twitter account, she announced the tragic news that her father had passed away. However, Pinky Girl did reveal that her father was sick before he passed away. She did not, however, reveal any additional details about his passing.

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There has been an outpouring of condolence messages.

This year has been particularly difficult for many famous people, like comedian Trevor Noah, who has had to go through the anguish of losing close ones. This comes after the death of his grandmother Frances Noah, who was 95 years old when she passed away.

Trevor referred to his time with his grandmother as “wonderful” in each and every one of their interactions. Even though she lived to be 95 years old, my grandmother, who was born in 1927, had the finest memory of all of us despite her advanced age. Every moment that was spent with her felt like a magical journey through time, during which she would narrate all of the biggest joys, sorrows, accomplishments, and milestones that had occurred within the family.

According to Trevor, her home in Soweto served not just as a residence but also as a safe haven for her.

“Her house in Soweto was not just a home; it was a refuge. It was a place where other women would come when they had nowhere else to go; it was a place where members of the community would gather to pray together every single week; and it was a place where everyone was guaranteed to feel the love emanating from her mighty chest.”

Recent events have prompted her to reflect on her mother and thank her for instilling in him a sense of perspective. “She helped me gain a new viewpoint. My family and I can always count on her to put things in perspective, and I believe it was one of the things she did consistently for us. “The perspective you have on progress, progressive ideas on improving your life as a person, whatever it may be, the perspective you have is a really interesting one,” said Trevor in the Instagram video. Trevor has lived for nine decades. “The perspective you have on progress is a really interesting one.”

In September, the comedian and actor Siv Ngesi, whose mother’s name was Ntombizanele Jaqueline Ngesi, also passed away. Siv admitted in a brief video clip that he was still having a difficult time coming to terms with the loss of his mother. He posted the clip on his Instagram stories.

“Today was a good day. I have not shed a tear, which is a welcome change; nevertheless, I do feel hollow and empty, and nothing appears to be of any significance. It is strange because I had a fantastic day, and now I feel guilty as though I loved my mother less since I didn’t have a bad day today.

He continued, saying, “The process of sorrow is ongoing.” It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride, but I just want to say that I’m going to be burying my mother on Thursday. No one ever really prepares you for something like that, but I loved her too much for her to have to bury me, so I guess I’ll just have to do it myself. It’s not easy, but I’ll take it. I’ll never be the same when this happens to me.

The Owner of Konka Soweto has been revealed


Young rising star Kutlwano Pitso is the current proprietor and sole owner of the Konka Soweto Enterprise, formerly known as the Old Icon Soweto nightclub.

Pitso’s success with Moja Café, a well-known car wash and eatery in Orlando East, inspired him to create the original Soweto-based brand Konka. Famous people from South Africa are becoming increasingly common sights in Konka Soweto. You can find the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the business and its proprietor here.

Whose does Konka belong to?

Owner of Konka Soweto is Kutlwano Pitso. Despite his lack of fame, this young black entrepreneur is the driving force behind M-Net’s Channel O and Mtandi.

Kutwlano Pitso’s first career goal was to become a successful marketer. He attended the IMM Graduate School in Johannesburg, where he earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Brand Management. He got his start in the business world working for a fragrance distribution company. The prosperous entrepreneur has focused extensively on studying consumer habits.

In his professional life, Kutwlano Pitso found great satisfaction in marketing.
Even while still in school, Pitso Kutwlano dabbled in marketing and eventually went on to manage businesses. While attending college, he found work as a sales representative for African Sales. As is the case for many new business owners, he had to enter the job market after finishing school. The good news is that he eventually found work at a reputable company, where he was able to expand his knowledge and skillset.

When we first meet him in 2010, he is working as a market researcher and statistician for a firm called Foshizi. One year later, the prominent M-Net gave him a position as a marketing assistant. He calls his transition from Foshizi to M-Net the “foundation” of his professional life.

He only worked there for a few months before proving his worth, at which point he was justly promoted to the post of marketing executive. It didn’t take long for Mr. Pitso to reach the top of his field.

It wasn’t even two years later that he got another promotion for all his hard work. This time around, he was promoted to the position of Brand manager, where he has remained since 2014. Mzansi Magic, Channel O, and Mzansi Music are all under his direct supervision at M-Net. Now that he owns Konka, he is a household name.

In Soweto, how well-known is Konka?
The cool kids in Soweto hang out at Konka Soweto, making it a popular hangout. The “millionaire’s playground” reputation of the Soweto nightclub Konka is due in no small part to the business acumen of its owner, Pitso. Other contributing factors include the club’s trendy decor and layout, its delicious food and drinks, and the celebrity clientele who frequent it.

Weekend after weekend, he keeps the place packed. Not surprisingly, Kutlwano Pitso, the mastermind behind Konka’s success, also owns Moja Café, a well-liked hangout in Soweto.

Just where is this Konka place that everyone keeps talking about?
Soweto is home to Konka. This is currently Konka’s only offline location. Kutlwano Pitso may decide to expand in the future and open additional locations.

Where in Soweto can I find Konka?

Modjaji St., Pimville Zone 7, Pimville, 1809, South Africa is where you’ll find Konka. There are 4.5 stars for the nightclub on Google’s “My Business” page.

Until 2021, the nightclub was known as Icon Soweto; its new owners renamed it Konka. Pitso Kutwlano, the current owner, decided to shake things up a bit by first changing the name to Konka. He forked over cash for advertising and rebranding efforts.

There was a lot of work put in to make this club look so good. If his investment hadn’t been so lucrative, we wouldn’t be writing this piece. With its rapid rise to prominence, Konka is now recognized as a premier destination for A-listers in search of luxury and relaxation.

So, if you go to Konka, what do you get out of it?

At the upscale lifestyle venue Konka Soweto, patrons can enjoy the finer things in life while listening to world-renowned DJs and performing artists. Their continental and intercontinental cuisine is some of the best in town, and you can get a taste for it by perusing their Instagram. I think you’d enjoy it very much.

For a premium, you could expect to be attended to in a manner befitting a first class passenger. You will also be treated to the finest liquor and South Africa’s top performers will be performing for you. Celebrities as diverse as DJ Maphorisa, Cassper Nyovest, Black Motion, the late Ricky Rick, TKZee, and even Julius Malema have dined and partied at the establishment.

Do You Know If Cape Town Serves Konka?
No. In August of 2022, Konka embarked on a tour, but during that time they did not found a club in Cape Town. As a means of drawing attention to the Konka HQ in Soweto, East Orlando, the party was merely a makeshift affair. It’s true that we don’t know for sure whether or not Konka has plans to open a branch here.

Does Bloemfontein Have Konka?

In fact, they were traveling throughout South Africa throwing parties, and Polokwane was just one stop on the same tour. Bloemfontein may soon have its own Konka, though it is unclear whether this was a test or just a party.

Why is Konka being compared to Moja Café?

Both Moja Café and Konka Soweto are independently owned and operated. Moja Café, though perhaps less opulent than Konka, is also owned by Kutwlano Pitso. The Moja Café is an innovative hybrid of a restaurant, a car wash, and a bar. The sophistication and orderliness will blow you away. It’s been out of commission for a while because of maintenance and upgrades.

With the success of Moja Café, Konka was born. Of course Mr. Pitso borrowed some concepts from Moja and made some adjustments before opening Konka.

The first Moja Café was established in 2016 at 5976 Skota street, Soweto, Gauteng 1804. This location is just outside the Orlando East neighborhood. Pitso had always imagined himself living in that area. He understands the significance of establishing a company in a region with which one is already familiar.

It’s not just a restaurant, but everyone seems to love this place. Although their menu is full of delicious treats presented beautifully, many customers come for reasons other than the food.

It’s a local initiative that has strengthened ties with the neighborhood by creating jobs and donating a portion of its proceeds to good causes. A disruptive lifestyle brand, he said, Moja Café is changing the industry. They also provide delivery to your home.

While Kutwlano Pitso and his team have seen Moja Café grow steadily over the years, it wasn’t always a bed of roses from the outside.

Konka Spreads the Word Via Social Media
Kutlwano Pitso uses his brand’s social media accounts to generate buzz and exposure for his business. @konkasoweto, Konka’s Instagram account, has surpassed 400,000 followers and is rapidly approaching 500,000 more. Facebook is another platform where they have a strong presence. They have over 135,000 Twitter followers.

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