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People had questions after seeing Musa Mseleku’s recent photo of his son wearing a bracelet

Musa Mseleku, a polygamist as well as a successful businessman in South Africa, has caused concern among his followers and viewers ever since he released a picture of himself with his kid Lwandle. Mzansi could not help but see that his kid Lwandle was wearing an iziphandla, thus he could not help but notice it (traditional wristbands in isiZulu).

Lwandle is regarded as a son of MaCele, who has the title of matriarch and is Musa Mseleku’s wife. Musa Mseleku has just lately posted a picture of his son to Instagram using the hashtag #dadlife.

Include a caption that reads, “Our feature leader, his name is Lwandle Lethokuhle Mseleku.”

A great number of people are interested in learning the answer to the question of whether or not the young man is now involved in a romantic relationship. It would appear that individuals who wear traditional iziphandla bracelets are already taken, as this fact is displayed on their wrists. Musa Mseleku is a proud Zulu and polygamous man. His wives’ names are MaCele, MaYeni, MaKhumalo, and MaNgwabe. He has been married to four different women. He indicated in one of his episodes that he wants a large family, and that his sons should follow his steps and get married in polygamous relationships in order to achieve this goal.

In the most recent episode of Uthando Nesthembu, we witnessed Musa and MaCele having a chat about the plans they had for their son Lwandle’s future. The majority of Lwandle’s supporters and viewers have praised the young actor for his modesty and composure. The audience is concerned that Musa’s son would follow in the footsteps of their fathers and enter into polygamous marriages. A great number of individuals have been left with conflicting views, with the majority of them ultimately stating that they do not wish to see Lwandle get into polygamous marriages. Many individuals are under the impression that Lwandle will never follow in his father’s footsteps.

Sad:In her meeting with Musa Mseleku, MaCele broke down in tears

During her talk with Musa Mseleku, the painful sight of MaCele crying was a sight to witness for anybody who was there.

Musa Mseleku brought up the topic of him wanting to take a fifth wife during his visit with MaCele on the most recent episode of Uthando Nesthembu. This discussion took place while Musa was with MaCele. Throughout the entirety of the gathering, Musa made sure to keep MaCele updated on the discussion that was taking place over the fifth wife.

Musa Mseleku was unable to contain his uncontrollable sobbing as he tried to explain how helpless he felt when his wives refused to give their blessing for him to marry another lady. He had been married three times before. He is going to do something that will make MaCele more miserable than any of his other wives ever have been, and as a direct result of this, he feels like a failure.

After speaking with MaCele for a while, Musa Mseleku eventually left, at which point MaCele broke down and started crying as well. Because she did not want any of the other wives to leave, MaCele was overtaken with emotion, and she started crying because of it. Musa Mseleku, not only due to the presence of the fifth wife, but also due to the fact that Musa let slip that MaYeni and MaNgwabe had previously known each other. Both of these factors contributed to the downfall of Musa Mseleku.

MaCele does not want to cut ties with specific people because, contrary to what was written in her diary, she believes that those people will not support Musa Mseleku.

She is aware that her insistence that Musa Mseleku’s upcoming marriage to a fifth wife will not lead any of his present wives to carry out their threats to leave him is not helping the situation, but she continues to believe that it will. The impending marriage of Musa Mseleku to a fifth wife is scheduled to take place soon.

My most educated guess is that MaCele has come to the conclusion that Musa Mseleku is dealing with a challenging circumstance, which is most likely the reason why she is in such an inconsolable state. Musa Mseleku would be able to wed a fifth wife in peace if she had her way, and none of the other wives would be allowed to leave the union. This is because she would not allow any of the wives to leave the union. On the other hand, if she was unsuccessful in achieving her goal, Musa Mseleku would be unable to marry a fifth wife.

Fans of Mzansi were left feeling emotionally distraught after seeing Macele crying.

Thobile Makhumalo Mseleku has granted her husband permission to have a family, and the couple is expecting their first child soon.

In this way, Thobile Makhumalo Mseleku has not only encouraged the person with whom she is in a relationship to establish a family but also granted permission for them to do so. Despite the fact that Musa Mseleku has hitched rides on a variety of occasions, just one of his traveling partners, Makhumalo, is exonerated from the claims. Musa is absolutely right when she says that every single person should think of oneself as a cultured female if they have the wonderful fortune to be in that position.

As a result of Musa Mseleku’s revelation that he views Makhumalo to be a friend with whom he can be honest, Mzansi was left in a state of disbelief. One piece of evidence supporting this assertion is the fact that Makhumalo gave her blessing for her significant other to enter into a fifth marriage. Makhumalo told me that she had been wanting to see him accompany her recently because he has been talking a lot lately but not doing anything else. She said that this is because he has not been doing anything else besides talking.

It is evidence that MaKhumalo is who she claims to be because after Musa’s relationship with MaNgwabe, she gave up her share of the business so that Musa could build his house. This occurred after Musa ended his relationship with MaNgwabe. She was so nice that she even permitted them to stay in her house for an entire year.

Due to the fact that she is both a member of the family and a mother, she is aware of everything that is going on within the family. Makhumalo gives off the idea that she is the most ecstatic mate because she is aware of polygamy and will carry out the necessary vengeances. This contributes to the impression that she is the most ecstatic mate.

People who are familiar with Makhumalo are at last able to come to terms with the choice that her soul mate chose to have a fifth child with another lady. As a consequence of the work that she has put forth in an attempt to negotiate a global agreement, the Mzansi regard her as someone who has achieved success in life.

Because MaYeni and MaNgwabe are both currently married, it is not required for either one of them to attend the party because none of them will be alone at the event. MaCele and his new companion do not have any arguments or divergent points of view with one another.

Since the beginning, Makhumalo has been the player that supporters value the most.
There is no doubt that Uthandonesthembu is the most dedicated fan, but there are other people about whom I have a great deal of supposition regarding the things that Musa does to his wife.

They can’t get enough of the spouses, who are largely responsible for the popularity of the show thanks to their hilarious antics. In addition, during the most recent episode, Makhumalo moved closer to the top of the change rundown. This development sparked a significant amount of conversation on Twitter, where users shared their thoughts and reactions.

Fans have always had a soft spot in their hearts for Makhumalo, and many of them believe that Musa loved her more than any of his other wives. Makhumalo was born and raised in South Africa. It could be due to the fact that she is a younger person, or it could also be due to the fact that she gives off the appearance that she has a better time at social gatherings.

In addition to that, she is working for a number of other media sites at the present time. On the other hand, it would appear that tweets are beginning to tip the scales in a direction that is considerably different from what was expected. They were compelled to make this public proclamation.

Musa puts his wife, Makhumalo, to the test in order to determine the optimal cutoff thresholds for his algorithm. According to Musa’s findings, males do not place any value on what she has to offer. According to Hayi Akamuboni, the fact that the young lady is aching to get his love and acknowledgment is irrelevant. According to a further tweet, she is not a victim because she tolerated this man’s disdain for her even though it made her feel uncomfortable.

Because she always agrees with what he has to say, she is not effectively advocating for herself in the same way that other wives do. There are now more tweets than there were before. A number of people’s tweets give the impression that Makhumalo is trying to compensate for the fact that she was unable to have children. This may be because she was unable to have children. For Musa.

Some people are even aware that Musa completely disregarded her for an entire calendar year in order to accompany Mangwabe on his travels. Musa puts a lot of effort into playing the relationship game; however, the majority of his connections fail, and he is oblivious to the fact that he is doing anything wrong. Despite the fact that Musa puts a lot of effort into playing the relationship game, the majority of his connections fail.

Makhumalo gives the impression of being a yebo Baba both via the way she speaks and the way she carries herself. Mthombeni is fully aware of the fact that she agrees with everything that he says, and she pretty much agrees with all that he says.

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