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People are not happy with how Siyacela raises her child

Does he even know that he has a son? Is he even aware of it?

Siyacela is currently devoting the most of his time to rekindling his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Manto. We never observed him bonding with his son or spending quality time with any member of his family. Because she consumes all of his attention, he devotes a lot of his efforts to attempting to smooth things over with Manto.

Although Siyacela has become a parent, he does not act in a manner consistent with that role. As much as he ought to be there for his son, he is not. Thando is the sole caregiver of their child, while Siyacela does not participate in the process in any manner. Why is Thando still with Siyacela after he has repeatedly demonstrated that he plays with her heart? he has done this numerous times.

Because he never answers his phone, Thando can only communicate with her husband by leaving a message on his voicemail when she wants to talk to him. This is the only way she can reach him. If Thando were truly as intelligent as she claimed to be, she would have abandoned Siyacela and returned to Manto a long time ago.

The #IsencaneLengane show has returned on television, but viewers are unhappy because they found out this information about Thando.

The reality television show “IsencaneLengane” has returned with a new season and can now be shown on our screens. This is yet another reality show on television, and its debut has been eagerly anticipated by a great number of viewers. Reality show #IsencaneLengane is broadcast on TV. Actors Siyacela and Thando have appeared on the show in the past. The television show “isencanelengane” follows the lives of a young couple who get married at a relatively young age.

Thando and Siyacela got married when they were both 16 years old, and they now have grown children and are grownups. It is extremely upsetting and distressing to think that Siyacela has brought shame upon his family name. Since the beginning of the show, Mzansi has been expressing their displeasure with him. Even though this is only the first episode of #IsencaneLengane, everyone is already frustrated with Siyacela. Those who follow the #IsencaneLengane hashtag are dismayed to learn that Thando has not broken up with Siyacela.

Since the end of the previous season, a significant number of people on Twitter have expressed their desire to see Thando move on from Siyacela. Mzansi is concerned about how Siyacela will manage his life with two female companions given that his father is no longer with them and that he does not have a job.

After it was found out that Mr. Dlamuka had been battling chromium disease for some time, he passed away during the previous season. The news of his passing devastated a great number of people.

Someone referred to Siyacela as Stupid. It was discovered that Siyacela is someone who does not pay attention when he is told something by another person. It is very upsetting to see how consistently Thando defends Siyacela. A good number of people have voiced their opinion that Thando ought to resume his education in order to better his prospects for the future.

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