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Palesa Tembe, host of the Afternoon Express, talks candidly about her sister Nellie’s death

Afternoon Express Presenter Palesa Tembe Opens About Losing Sister Nellie Tembe. The majority of individuals need some time to recover and get over the loss of a loved one because the experience is painful, it can be gloomy, and it is difficult to deal with. The same thing happened to Palesa after her sister Anele passed away.

Palesa disclosed her struggles with depression and anxiety in a recent interview with DRUM. She spoke about how the events of 2016 and 2021, when her sister was killed in a car accident and her father went blind, respectively, left her in a bleak place. “I was at a loss on how to respond to the loss. Your life could be coming apart, but when they say 3, 2, 1, it’s action,” Palesa acknowledged.

“I lost myself for nearly a year.” As if that previous season had not been challenging enough for the presenter, she was also put through the rigors of Covid-19, which included reductions in both her position and her compensation.

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Palesa revealed that she has a generous spirit and a love for children, stating that she sometimes helps out with children’s programs as a volunteer. She told DRUM that the experience was “emotional” and that it had taught her to “extend myself more than I never thought I could.” It has been stated that she is prepared to start a family of her own.

Palesa recently shared on social media that she has landed a dream position, which indicates that things are looking up for her. “Dreams do come true! I am pleased to announce that I will be hosting the Loerie Awards in 2022. In addition to hosting the DSTV Media Sales International conference of Creativity today, I will be gracing the main stage at the awards ceremony on Friday night. She expressed how thankful she was.

When Assailed for a Supposedly “American Accent,” Thuso Mbedu Fires Back

Thuso Mbedu

The criticism that Thuso Mbedu has a “American accent” has been responded to by the actor. Even though she has addressed the issue in the past, ‘The Woman King’ star Thuso is not going to give any critic the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the matter of her ‘American’ accent, which has been a point of contention ever since she went international.

Thuso has been on a publicity tour for her new film, “The Woman King,” which co-stars Viola Davis, and she has been making the rounds all over the world. Fans have been asking her questions about her changing accent and her chemistry with co-star John Boyega as she shares snippets of the press tour on social media. The questions cover a wide range of topics. One of Thuso’s followers left a remark on her photos, saying, “Reduce the American accent; it’s wonderful.” I was just watching the interview that you gave. Be careful not to lose your southern ah accent.” Thuso didn’t waste any time in firing back at the tweep, telling him, “Don’t comment about stuff you know nothing about.”

This turned into a controversy, with some people on Twitter accusing the critic of trying to gain attention by saying things like, “You want unneeded attention. Put an end to this immediately since you are far too old for this. Thuso is making good progress; don’t try to bring her down to your level, and instead win by outshining her with your experience. Others shared the critic’s viewpoint, and one of them tweeted, “Our biggest problem as black South Africans is to assume we are better when we get recognized by Americans and we win their award.” This individual suffers from the syndrome of self-hatred as well as an inferiority complex. Because of this, we will never be able to compete effectively.”

Back in 2021, an unconcerned Thuso came to TikTok to address the same issue, saying, “What you are hearing now it’s just habit that l have picked up ngoba ngihleli with a particular set of individuals for e certain amount of time,” she stated at the time. She went on to say that this was simply a practice run, and that things would get much worse once she started applying what she had learned in her workouts to the real world. “Bazonya nyi qhubekan,” was her final statement before concluding.

Xolile Tshabalala, star of “The Housekeepers,” talks about getting her first acting paycheck while still in high school.

Xolile Tshabalala

Xolile Tshabalala, star of the Netflix series Housekeepers, has revealed that she received her first paycheck as an actress while she was still in high school. From Soul City to Generations, Blood & Water to Housekeepers, Xolile Tshabalala has proven time and again why she is one of the most in-demand actresses of all time. The actress keeps herself booked and active, whether it be on the conventional television screen or on streaming channels.

In a recent interview on 702 with Motheo Khoaripe, the actress got candid about her first paying acting gig, including how much money she took home and how she spent it. This is despite the fact that the price that Xolile received for her acting gigs yesterday is probably not the price that she will receive for her acting gigs today. The stunning young woman confessed that she had just started high school at the time that she received her first acting paycheck of two thousand rand. Given that this took place more than two decades ago, we are going to venture a guess and say that the actress made a very respectable living from it.

The woman, now 45 years old, attributes her frugal spending habits to the fact that her mother brought her up on her own while she attended boarding school. Her mother was a single parent.

She explained, “My mother was a single mother, and I was at boarding school when she would tell me, ‘if you finish it during the course of the month you’re in trouble.'” During her time at Matric, she spent her money on a futon bed for herself and on a gift of R2,000 for her mother. “I was compensated for my work as a professional actor… And I had not yet reached Matric. “I saved a lot of money, and I bought my very first futon bed for myself,” Xolile revealed.

The actress suggests that if you want to be responsible with your financial situation, you should learn how to make a budget so that you can better control your spending habits. She also discussed her time spent in the United States while attending the New York Film Academy and how she managed her finances by stating, “I would say to my friends, even in America, ‘l can stretch a dollar more than anyone else can in this world.'”

Even though we’ve been exposed to heartbreaking videos and heard heartbreaking stories about artists and entertainers who ran out of money to take care of themselves, it’s safe to say that it’ll be a long time before Xolile follows in their footsteps.

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