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Nota Baloyi confirms dating Minnie Dlamini?

This past week, Nota Baloyi has shared a lot of information on Twitter concerning his marriage as well as his previous relationships. He began by discussing his marriage and the challenges he and his wife, Berita, are going through, and then moved on to discuss the women he dated during his time as a single man. After sharing pictures of themselves from more than a decade ago, it came as a surprise to fans that Nota Baloyi and Minnie Dlamini had previously been in a relationship.

The ongoing marital conflict between Nota Baloyi and Berita

When the new week began, there were rumors going around that Nota Baloyi had reconciled with his wife Berita after they had been apart for three months. However, both parties denied the allegations, with Nota spreading false accusations about his wife across social media and claiming that she was involved in some unsavoury activities.

After moving out of their marital home, he went so far as to call her homeless and claim that she had nowhere to live. Berita refuted his claims by showing a beautiful view from her apartment, which she said was proof that she had somewhere to live.

Berita did not comment on the rumor that Nota’s wife had joined the Illuminati and was possessed by demons, but Nota did say that his wife had joined the Illuminati. However, his and her supporters sided with her and urged Nota to seek professional assistance for his mental health because they were convinced that he had lost his mind by this point. Many people believe that Berita is one of the least problematic people in celebville, and they believe that she did not deserve what Nota was doing to her because of this.

Nota Baloyi was previously romantically involved with Minnie Dlamini.

In the midst of everything, a Twitter user by the name of Chris Excel retweeted a tweet that Boity Thulo had originally posted in 2010. A picture of Nota giving media personality Minnie Dlamini a peck on the cheek while she smiled was included in the tweet, and it was captioned with several different heart emojis. The following is what Chris Excel captioned the photo:

Since day one, Nota has had a keen perception for nefarious characters.

Nota was quick to confirm that he dated Minnie Dlamini in a Tweet in which he stated that he dated his fair share of slay queens. In the tweet, Nota also mentioned Minnie Dlamini by name. He explained that this is the reason why he decided to settle down with and married someone who was not a slay queen.

He continues by saying that he has caught a lot of fish in his time, but that his wife is one of the genuine specimens. Nota continues by saying that they were planning on taking a break in their marriage for a year so that she could find herself, but that he is a man who is really content in his marriage.

See the true reason why Quinton Jones separated from Minnie Dlamini

Minnie Dlamini and Quinton Jones

Minnie Dlamini and Quinton Jones stated that despite their divorce, they will “remain friends and business partners” back in February, when they originally announced that they were ending their marriage.

However, the unfolding story behind the divorce has taken a new turn since the American ex-professional football player Quinton Jones dropped a bombshell on why he divorced his estranged wife, who is also a television presenter and model, Minnie Dlamini. This has caused the story to take a new turn.

In a joint statement issued in February 2022, Minnie and Quinton announced that they were divorcing. They gave an ambiguous explanation for their decision to end their marriage, citing “changes in motion, emotional burden, and post-traumatic distress of our individual loss.” After their wedding on July 8, 2017, the famous couple had been married for four and a half years before finally walking down the aisle.

“Within the past two years, our family has been through both heartbreaking happiness and unimaginable sorrow. During this trying time, the knowledge that we had each other brought us some measure of solace.

After what appeared to be an amicable breakup, Minnie made the assertion that the reason why they fell out of love with each other had nothing to do with adultery, despite the fact that a local media had published a story suggesting otherwise. It’s interesting to note that Quinton has let it be known that she wasn’t being truthful.

A celebrity gossip writer claims that Quinton Jones has revealed that Minnie Dlamini cheated on him, which led to the dissolution of his marriage to Minnie Dlamini.

According to Musa Khawula, Quinton has validated his suspicions that Minnie’s adultery is the primary factor contributing to the dissolution of their marriage.

Musa wrote: “Quinton Jones verifies that Minnie Dlamini’s infidelity is the primary reason for the dissolution of their marriage.” According to Minnie Dlamini, the reason why they couldn’t make their marriage work was because they fell out of love with each other, while according to Quinton Jones, she was the one who had hoed herself.

This Monday, the spouse made a startling amendment to the particulars of claim that were included in the court papers. According to him, the fact that the ex-Metro FM broadcaster was having an affair was the primary factor in the dissolution of their marriage. He did not disclose the identity of the man who had cuckolded him.

It has been suggested that Edwin Sodi, a well-known and well-respected flamboyant South African businessman, is the unfaithful partner of Minnie Dlamini. It is said that Quinton caught Minnie cheating with another man, and following the announcement of their divorce, he terminated his business partnership with her. Additionally, it is said that Quinton caught Minnie cheating with another man.

A few hours later, the news broke on Twitter that the broadcaster had been unfaithful to her boyfriend with Sodi and that she had flexed his private jet on multiple occasions.

“There’s a rumor going around that Edwin Sodi and Minnie Dlamini kept their relationship going strong even after Dlamini-Jones got married. Musa Khawula wrote about the incident on his Twitter account at the time. “It is also said that his private jet was put to good use entertaining Minnie Dlamini and her friends,” Musa Khawula wrote.

The allegation of adultery caused a lot of internet users to become enraged, and as a result, they unfollowed Minnie and even slammed her for trashing her otherwise lovely house.

Minnie Dlamini finally broke her silence in May of this year, three months after the breakup, and said that Mzansi should let them deal with their situation privately. This was despite the fact that they were the ones who, in the first place, had told South Africa that they had parted ways. The breakup occurred in May of this year.

“We respectfully ask that you allow us to go through our private processes without dragging ourselves, our families, and our loved ones into unsubstantiated rumors and the sensationalism of social media. Thank you for your consideration.” These unfounded rumors damage not only us, but also our child,” a statement read, which Minnie said was a joint statement between her and her husband from whom she is now separated.

In addition, Slik Talk, who might be one of the legal parties named, got in on the conversation.

“So, according to what I’ve heard, Minnie Dlamini is the one who cheated on her fool of a husband, and her fool of a husband is the one who initiated the divorce proceedings. I really shouldn’t be surprised, but I am. During her prime, Minnie Dlamini was often ranked among the Joburg 10 as one of the sexiest ladies to ever grace the continent of Africa.

She is currently a Gomora six, so let’s just call her that for the time being. She is far better than she used to be, despite the fact that nobody is monitoring her progress. It is reprehensible that she cheated on this man after using up all of his money; she should be ashamed of herself.

After the divorce was finalized, Celeb Gossip News discovered that Minnie Dlamini had refused to sign the divorce papers, ostensibly to prevent Quinton from moving on with his life. According to reports, Quinton has already reportedly moved on with his life and is already being seen seemingly romantically entertaining another woman.

Since nearly a month after the shocking announcement that they were divorcing, Quinton Jones has been seen at a nightclub in Sandton, Johannesburg, with an unidentified woman who is believed to be his new girlfriend. The two were seen together by multiple witnesses.

It was two weeks after their breakup with Minnie when Quinton Jones, who is now a successful businessman and television producer, was sighted at Orthodox Lounge in Johannesburg with a few friends; however, it appears that there was more to the night than just having casual drinks there.

Although the separated couple would publicly depict in public, through joint-statements, that they remain friends and business partners, however, the reality on the ground reveals that the opposite is the case. Since the news of Minnie Dlamini and Quinton Jones’s high-profile divorce became public, the two people’s business association has been in steady decline.

“Despite the end of our marriage and romantic relationship, we remain friends, business partners, and loving parents to our beautiful son,” Minnie, a former presenter on Metro FM, said in a statement; however, it appears that this is not very true. “Despite the end of our marriage and romantic relationship, we remain friends, business partners, and loving parents to our beautiful son,” Minnie said.

According to a source close to the former couple, Jones had a change of heart regarding the relationship, and he notified Minnie Dlamini that he had made the choice to withdraw from the firm that he and Minnie Dlamini had founded together, Beautiful Day Production. According to a source, Jones has an interest in the company that creates television series, among other things, equal to 25% of the total shares, while Dlamini holds the remaining shares.

According to the deep throat, Quinton Jones allegedly informed Minnie Dlamini that he will also give her their house in Midrand, where she will raise their child, when they have a child together.

An informant who works with us shared the following information with us: “Remember, they were married via antenuptial contract, which is subject to accrual system.”

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