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Mzansi was stunned by MaNgwabe’s comments about her husband

Musa Mseleku is dead serious about bringing his fifth wife into the world. When it comes to getting a fifth wife, he has not changed his mind about doing so. A growing number of viewers are beginning to have the misconception that the only thing that happens on the show Uthandonesthembu is that he gets wife number five.

MaNgwabe and MaYeni are the only two of his wives who are opposed to the concept of him competing for the number 5 spot. MaYeni and MaNgwabe have made it clear that they will terminate their marriage if Musa goes ahead with the plan. It has been reported that MaNgwabe has learned that Musa Mseleku has a large number of girlfriends, and the information does not come as a surprise to her.

The people of Mzansi believe that Musa Mseleku is being self-centered in his decision to take a fifth wife, despite the fact that he is fully aware that this decision will cause his other wives to suffer emotionally as a result. When MaNgwabe noted that it takes time to develop a polygamous family as well as a happy family, she brought up an important point.

The viewers believe that because Number 5 is battling so hard for her, he would treat the other women in the competition with such disdain that she will take advantage of the situation.

After hearing that Musa Mseleku has a number of girlfriends, a great number of individuals were left feeling dissatisfied. Musa has mentioned in this season 5 that he and she are interested in adding another one. This doesn’t seem fair to MaYeni, considering that she’s the one who’s made a lot of sacrifices so that she may be with her. She vowed that she would never again put up with him playing her for a fool. She mentioned that he played when they were children, but she won’t let him play her again under any circumstances.

Musa Mseleku currently has four wives, but he’s looking to add a fifth one to the mix. In addition to that, he’s also got a few girlfriends. The audience members believe that Musa is taking advantage of his wife’s situation.

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MaYeni isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind, but some viewers think she lets Musa off the hook too easily, especially in light of the recent confessions she’s been making about the ways in which he’s wronged her.

Facts about Musa Mseleku’s purported fifth wife, Faith Duma

Musa Mseleku, a former journalist turned successful entrepreneur turned reality TV celebrity, is an outspoken polygamist in his home country of South Africa. Macele Mseleku, Mayeni Mseleku, Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku, and Mangwabe Mseleku are the four stunning wives of Musa Mseleku, 45.

They have a reality program called “Uthando Nesthembu” in which he and his wives document their polygamous lifestyle.

You’d think Musa Mseleku would have found everything he needs with his ten kids and four spouses, but he’s constantly on the lookout for something.

It was revealed recently that Musa Mseleku planned to marry for the sixth time, but fate was not on his side. Now that the identity of the woman he had planned to marry as his fifth wife has been made public, Musa Mseleku has temporarily shelved his intentions to remarry.

If you ever wanted to know about the fifth wife of Musa Mseleku, you can find out everything you need to know about her right here.

Which woman is referred to be Musa Mseleku’s “fifth wife”?

Faith Duma is the purported future fifth wife of Musa Mseleku. She’s young and fair-skinned and she lives in Johannesburg, however she’s originally from Durban, KwaZulu Natal. Faith Duma, in contrast to Musa Mseleku’s former wives, is a slim woman.

When Musa Mseleku shared a picture of him and a woman with the remark “No caption,” speculation began that she was the rumored fifth wife.

The internet was quick to pass judgment on Faith Duma and Musa Mseleku’s relationship because neither man had provided an explanation for it. Many believed she was Musa Mseleku’s fifth wife, while others suspected she was actually his sister.

Faith Duma, also known as Mseleku, founded a group called Women Empowered by Faith and attended Durban University of Technology, at least according to her social media profiles.

Faith Duma is a network marketer and a prayer warrior; she discusses both of these things in a video she posted to YouTube in which she responds to queries from her admirers.

MaYeni Stand Her Grounds On Wife No. 5

The fact that Nokukhanya “MaYeni” Mseleku does not beat around the bush when it comes to expressing what she likes and does not like is one of the characteristics that endears her to her audience. As she maintains her stance and was quite steadfast in her convictions during the event from yesterday with the problem of wife number five.

The week before, MaYeni had an emotional breakdown while discussing some of the frightening events that have occurred in the past, and the viewers were left feeling all of the feelings as a result. Viewers reacted in her support and expressed that it broke their hearts to see her in tears because of Musa Mseleku and the actions he took.

MaYeni has voiced her opinion and made it clear that she is unable to manage the addition of a new member to their polygamous relationship. This comes at a time when discussions regarding the addition of wife number five are still a hot topic. Viewers have voiced their approval of MaYeni’s decision to speak her thoughts and stand her ground over wife number five.

“Musa played me too much when I was young until now when I am old – MaYeni,” wrote Joy Zelda. “Am old now I won’t be able to handle another person’s problems.”

In the meantime, Thobile “MaKhumalo” Mseleku is continuing to stir up controversy as people have suggested that she lacks backbone. The audience members are under the impression that Musa Mseleku does not respect MaKhumalo and that he makes use of her to test some of his limits due to the fact that she tends to agree with him more frequently.

“Mseleku pushes himself to his boundaries with Makhumalo as his wife. This man does not place any value on her at all. #Uthandonesthembu” King Sisiwe said in his post.

According to what Zama Dollarz commented, “I’m sorry, but being the FOURTH wife and believing your husband won’t marry another woman after you just because “he told you so” is insane business.”

According to what Vuyo Ngcemu stated on Twitter, “Vele Musa will declare every man wants a MaKhumalo, what man wouldn’t want a wife ovumelana with all the crap he says #uthandonesthembu.”

A lot of viewers have pointed out that the Mselekus are trying to deflect attention away from the genuine difficulties that exist in their marriage by bringing up the subject of wife number five. The viewers have the impression that they are further distracting attention away from the actual issues as Musa Mseleku remains resolute on bringing another wife into the household.

“Sometimes I get the feeling that they are exploiting this No5 issue to divert us so that they don’t have to let us know what is actually occurring in their lives…. #Uthandonesthembu,” posted Premium Xh on Twitter with the hashtag #Uthandonesthembu.

Some months ago, Musa Mseleku has stated that he is interested in marrying wife number 5, and he does not care what the feelings of his other wives are towards this prospect. His first three wives, MaNgwabe, MaKhumalo, and MaYeni, have all spoken out against his decision to marry a fifth wife, claiming that he does not require her. The statement that he intends to marry his girlfriend despite the fact that he does not care if his wives leave him shocked the audience.

However, it would appear that he has had a sudden change of heart because he told Daily Sun that he will no longer focus on taking wife number 5, but rather focus on changing the other wives’ minds. This indicates that he is having a sudden change of heart.

MaNgwabe disclosed to everyone that Musa had made a vow to her that she would be his final wife and that he would never marry any woman again. When Musa showed signs of excitement and even threatened to leave him, this infuriated her to no end.

Musa revealed to the publication that he will put his mission on wait – at least for the time being – since he does not want any of his wives to abandon him.

“I was unable to take wife number five because both of my current wives, MaNgwabe and MaYeni Mseleku, have made it clear that they intend to divorce me. They were unhappy, and I realized that insistence on my part would have resulted in the dissolution of my family. I have a deep affection for both of my spouses, and the last thing I want is for this to cause us to separate. Instead, I want to start a family that bears the Mseleku name,” he explained.

Musa continued by stating that the woman he intends to marry for the fifth time ought to go into a family that is not unhealthy. The women have made it clear that they will not love the fifth wife, therefore Musa is taking precautions to shield her from their poisonous energy.

He stated that he hopes to persuade his wife to support this change so that all of them will respect her. “For the time being, it is my obligation to persuade these two spouses to make sure that she is someone they respect and like before I marry her,” he said.

Musa is still planning to marry her, but he cannot proceed without the help of all of his other wives.

The polygamous practices of Musa’s son are being passed down to his offspring, as evidenced by the fact that the offspring intends to wed both the girlfriend and the baby mom of the offspring.

The young man, who is now 20, stated to the Daily Sun the previous year, “I’m not cheating, but I am following in the footsteps of my father.” Trust and open communication are the cornerstones of my connection with them. There is no mystery about it. According to what he told the publication, the baby mom resides in Cape Town, while his other girlfriend calls Durban home.

Before moving their relationship to the next level, he stated that he first needs to get his financial house in order for the two of them. “I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to disclose their identities, but I’ve known both of them since 2019 and I set them up with each other,” she said. Due to the fact that I have always been truthful with them, there has never been any conflict between the two of them.

“I succeeded in getting them to see the wider picture. Mpumelelo stated, “I have good intentions for them, but in order for me to do the right thing, I need to be financially stable first.”

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