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Mzansi saw Mseleku and wives at King Misuzulu’s coronation but they noticed something

Mzansi is left talking after realizing that Makhumalo is absent from a recent picture that Musa Mseleku has uploaded to Instagram. The picture was taken relatively recently.

It would appear that there is a photograph of Mseleku and his wife that is currently making the rounds on various social media platforms. After people realized that Makhumalo was not present at the event, they are reacting in a variety of different ways to the pictures.

It would appear that Musa Mseleku was present at the Coronation of King Msulu kaZwelithini, which took place on Saturday at Moses Mabhida Stadium. In front of a large crowd, President Cyril Ramaphosa presented King MisuZulu with a certificate recognizing him as the legitimate King of AmaZulu. This event drew a lot of attention from the public.

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In addition, Musa Mseleku was there, along with his three wives: MaCele, MaYeni, and MaNgwabe. It would appear that Makhumalo was not present at the event. After recognizing that MaCele was putting on a remarkable ensemble, a multitude of admirers and devotees have been showering her with compliments in the form of flowers.

It is common knowledge that Musa Mseleku is a polygamist who has wed four different women throughout his life. Musa Mseleku is a family man who is married, and he is both a father and a grandfather.

Musa Mseleku has four wives, all of whom have successful careers in their respective fields. In the recent days, we have witnessed Makhumalo offering her support to her husband when he made the announcement that he would like to have a girlfriend.

MaCele is the first wife, and she is also a successful businesswoman who owns the burials society businesses, which are the primary source of income for the family. While Mayeni is the owner of several clothing boutique collections.

In addition to being a radio host, Makhumalo is the star of the popular reality television show The Real Housewives of Durban, where she plays the role of the third wife. Mangwabe is employed in the medical field as a nurse.

Musa Mseleku has the ambition of raising a large family someday. He is currently in the midst of marrying his fifth wife.

Musa Mseleku Advises King Misuzulu To Marry More Wives

“A king is nothing without queens; thus, he ought to have a large number of wives.” He stated that it was impossible for the king to have only one palace when the common men possessed a greater number of wives and homesteads.

Musa Mseleku is an excellent promoter, making him your best bet if you’re looking for one. Yesterday, thousands of people gathered at Moses Mabhida to witness King Misuzulu’s coronation. Among those in attendance was a man who already had four wives and was frantically looking to marry a fifth one.

So, while the event was going on, the Mnakwethu presenter had the chance to chat with the vernacular publication Isolezwe, and I’ll give you one guess as to what the first topic of conversation was. Obvious! Having more than one spouse or partner.

Mseleku added that the reason he pushes the king to take additional wives is because he believes it is only right for the king to follow in the footsteps of his father, who was born into a polygamous family.

“A king is nothing without queens; thus, he ought to have a large number of wives.” He stated that it was impossible for the king to have only one palace when the common men possessed a greater number of wives and homesteads.

Macele and Makhumalo, who are sister wives, are dedicated to mending broken marriages.

The new show hosted by MaCele and MaKhumalo will focus on marital and family dynamics. The sister wives have assured their husbands that they will assist in resolving issues related to sex and finances.

In an unexpected turn of events, sister wives Busisiwe “MaCele” Mseleku and Thobile “MaKhumalo” Mseleku are eager to assist other couples in working through the difficulties they are experiencing in their relationships.

The reality stars make an appearance on the well-liked polygamist family show uThando Nesthembu, where they have been candid about the difficulties associated with having to share Musa Mseleku as a husband.

MaKhumalo revealed on her Instagram account that she and MaCele will be assisting other married couples as they work through the challenges that come with having one of four wives.

Both of them have appeared on other television shows in the past, but this will be their first time hosting their own program.

The new show starring MaCele and MaKhumalo
MaCele states in the tape that they will be talking topics of the heart, love, and your well-being in a relationship, as well as how individuals deal with heartbreak on the show that they will be discussing it.

“We will fix such issues in a relationship,” MaCele stated, “whether you find that you are no longer physically attracted to your partner or whether you have financial troubles.”

Following this, the two ask individuals to get in touch with them by sending a text message, a voice message, or a message via WhatsApp.

MaCele and MaKhumalo are featured in the following video clip:

Ezomshado (which literally translates to “marriage”) NoMaCele and NoThobile is the name of the show, but its premiere date has not yet been determined because the production of the show is still in its early phases.

Because of the kind of relationship that they have with Mseleku, some viewers of the show could consider the pair to be the best option to give relationship advice to other couples. According to what the sister wives have indicated, their marriages include a significant amount of negotiation and discussion.

MaKhumalo revealed in an episode of the sixth season of uThando Nesthembu that it took more than a year for Mseleku to sleep at her house. This was due to the fact that MaKhumalo had given her days to the fourth wife, MaNgwabe, in order for her to settle in the family.

According to what MaKhumalo said, “as a family, sharing is not a problem.”

MaKhumalo continued by saying that her husband will settle for younger wives as he gets older because his current wives will not be able to meet his requirements when he is older.

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