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Mzansi noticed yet another newlywed couple from their wedding images, which generated a commotion in the country

Nothing can compare to the elation that comes with being married; it’s on par with being surprised with a brand-new car or having the sensation that you are the master of the entire planet. The entirety of the procedure will be centered on you. You may feel as though this is the first time in your life that all of the attention and affection is completely directed toward you. It’s an incredible experience, and one that I will remember for the rest of my life.

On the other hand, it would appear that some of us are getting married a little bit too soon, or they marry the wrong people, or they dated the wrong person and ended up marrying the wrong person, when they should have married their spouse’s best, and this becomes obvious on their wedding photo dumps.

Yesterday, we were introduced to a newly married couple who looked so perfect for each other and their wedding appeared to be a stunning one indeed. However, South Africans noticed something odd about the husband, and that caused a stir in the country.

Advocate Barry Roux initially decided to publish this wedding photo after observing that the groom was flirting with one of the bridesmaids, indicating that he has feelings for the bride. He made light of the situation by joking that the gentleman wished he had married the bridesmaid instead of the woman he had recently married.

He explained, “In an exam, when you tick A and later on you learn that the correct answer is B but you have already submitted the paper.” He stated, “In an exam, when you tick A and later on you realize that the proper answer is B.”

As a result of seeing his tweet, people in South Africa did some investigating and found out that, yes, the groom does have a crush on the bridesmaid. This gives them someone to point the finger at if things don’t go according to plan with the wedding. Others, on the other hand, asserted that the bride would be understanding in the event that the groom pursued the bridesmaid because she, too, would be captivated by the latter’s attractiveness and would be glancing at her.

Others, on the other hand, have speculated that MacG’s husband is actually his older brother, based on the fact that they resemble one another more and that MacG has mentioned having an older brother in one of his podcasts in the past.

“But why does that guy look like Mag G.. “Which one is this one,” a tweep asked. “This one.”

Look down below to see how others responded to this tweet:

After the release of the Jub Jub episode, MacG responds to criticism of his podcast with the question “Singenaphi?”

Podcast and Chill listeners are used to the Monday episode being humorous and full of jokes and banter, but this week MacG had a lot to say and the tone was completely different.

Since airing the episode with Molemo ‘Jub Jub’ Maahoranye as a guest, the podcast has come under fire from every angle.

As a result of their comments during that episode, MacG and Jub Jub have been constants on Twitter’s trending topics, and legal action is being threatened from all angles.

After the airing of the Jub Jub episode, MacG responded to the “hate” with a retaliatory episode.

He mentioned consulting with many parties who had given him advice on what to say and what to avoid saying, as well as the possibility of issuing a press statement. Which prompted him to say, “F**k that.”

We’ve always been forthright with our patrons, so there’s no reason we can’t do the same this time around.

Today’s episode is me just talking to the haters. I don’t give a rat’s behind about what other people think or say; f**k them.

The podcaster revealed that the one thing that really gets under his skin is when people propagate false rumors about him, Sol, and the rest of the crew when they haven’t done anything wrong.

MacG called out Amanda Du Pont, who recorded a 17-minute video in which she claimed Jub Jub had raped her, thus lumping him in with Jub Jub.

I mean, for Amanda to come out and say, ‘If you’ve been raped or abused by Mac, do fact check,’ I mean, how the fk are we going to do fact check of what was occurring in your connection with Jub Jub? “If you’ve been raped or mistreated by Mac, Amanda says, “Do fact check,” and then what are we supposed to do? But how the f**k are we supposed to read his mind and fact check that when he tells us this and you haven’t said a word about it?” remarked Sol.

“How are we going to ask Jub Jub wait were you not raping her, how do we fact check that?” he asked further. “How are we going to ask Jub Jub?”

Sol and MacG both denied having any knowledge that Amanda had ever been in a relationship with Jub Jub. MacG expressed his displeasure at being labeled and indicated that he intends to take legal action against the actress.

Mac G said, “If you watched that episode when Jub Jub said he dated Amanda, we were shocked, we were like wow, it was the first time that I’ve found out and I don’t want to talk to much about Amanda the lawyers are handling that and it’s a very sensitive issue.” “If you watched that episode, when Jub Jub said he dated Amanda, we were shocked, we were like wow,” said Mac G.

MacG claimed that the entirety of the crew was aware of the gravity of the GBV situation.

“I get why she is angry, but just because she is upset with Jub Jub does not give her the right to make baseless accusations about other people. What did I do? After settling in, I got to work. Is it against the law for me to be good at what I do? MacG inquired.

Amanda has since received an apology from Jub Jub, who she claims “humiliated” her during the show. On the other hand, he stated that he was going to let the legal system handle the charges of rape.

Tony Mathe, Amanda’s attorney, stated in an interview with Sunday Times that the actress will be filing a rape complaint against the Uyajola 99 host, but he was unable to specify when this would take place.

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