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Mzansi noticed something on Gogo Skhotheni’s picture

Following the publication of recent photographs showing Gogo Skhotheni and her husband Monde praying together in a riverside location, Mzansi has been left talking about the images.

The fact that Gogo Skhotheni’s second spouse is not there at the river caused everyone to start discussing once they made the observation. Gogo Skhotheni has just recently started posting images of herself and her husband Monde enjoying time by the river on her timeline on Gogo Skhotheni’s website.

Gogo Skhotheni

Included caption: We believe in God, and we believe our ancestors can guide us. “We will be successful,” she writes.

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Mzansi has realized that Sbu is not there with them at this time. It would appear that Gogo Skhotheni has not shared any photographs on her social media platforms with Sbu. Now, everyone believes that Gogo Skhotheni has been using Sbu to get followers and notoriety in the entertainment industry. Some people believe that Gogo Skhotheni has been using Sbu in order to increase the popularity of her reality TV show and attract more viewers.

Tumi Gogo Skhotheni, better known by his stage name Gogo Skhotheni Patricia Motsoeneng is a reality TV star who rose to prominence after appearing on the MojaLoveTv channel. She is well-known for her role in the industry.

She was able to catapult herself to the forefront of the public consciousness by going on national television and revealing that she was a sangoma. Gogo Skhotheni is another traditional practitioner who does not hide what she does behind closed doors, which includes practicing witchcraft and making love potions. She is not afraid to show what she does.

It is well known that Gogo Skhotheni was involved in a polyandrous marriage with two different men. Her first husband’s name is Monde Shange, and the couple has been blessed with two lovely children during their marriage. Gogo Skhotheni has been married to him.

Gogo Skhotheni has admitted that in order to keep the peace between her two husbands, she has resorted to using a love potion. In the most recent episode, we heard Monde remark that he cannot foresee a scenario in which he would share Tumi with another man.

One of the most influential and well-known sangomas who has been making waves on social media is Gogo Skhotheni.

Gogo Skhotheni on polyandry: “My ancestors disclosed my second spouse”

Gogo Skhotheni, whose actual name is Patricia Tumi Motsoeneng and is a reality star on the show Moja Love, has said that her ancestors advised her to marry a second time.

Patricia Tumi Motsoeneng, better known by her stage name Gogo Skhotheni, was a reality TV star on the show Moja Love. When she married her second husband, known as Mr. Shange, two years after her first marriage to Mr. Shange, social media went crazy.

In an interview with Drum Magazine, Motsoeneng reveals that she was still in the honeymoon phase when she started getting dreams from her ancestors telling her that she needs to take a second husband. She prays that she does not get a dream telling her to take a third husband.


According to the publication, Gogo Skhotheni’s second husband joined her family eight months ago. Gogo is a reality TV star who appeared on the show Moja Love. In the interview, Patricia Tumi Motsoeneng acknowledges that she has always been a one-man lady and that this is one of the reasons why she could never imagine herself in a polyandrous marriage.

She also revealed on Moja Love that her baby daddy and first husband was upset when he found out she was planning to marry another man, but he eventually came to terms with the situation and accepted it.

Patricia Motsoeneng reveals that she was taken aback, but that she was obligated to obey her ancestors. He is not like my husband or someone I would go for, but he understands that my ancestors want him to be in my life. Even if you can check him out, he is not someone I would go for.

She says, “I didn’t envision myself where I am today, at first it was a bit awkward but I am enjoying it because I do not have to hide anymore and it is not like I am cheating, what I am doing is there, it has a name, it is polyandry, I am not cheating anymore.” “I am not cheating anymore,” she continues.


Motsoeneng continues by saying that she had known her second husband for a very long time, that she fell in love with him, and that she cheated on her first husband with him.

“I’ve known this person for a very long time, and I fell in love with them. Then, after the visions, the dreams, and the confirmations, this person and I started seeing each other more frequently, and then I cheated on him with them.

“But due of my gift and the fact that it does not permit me to indulge in vat and sit, I informed him that we need to be married and that I couldn’t continue to cheat on my husband,” she explained.

In addition, she reassures her audience that she has no plans to divorce her spouse or change her last name.

“The wedding has already taken place; however, I am unable to share images at this time due to the fact that it has not yet been broadcast on television.”

“Each of my spouses has their own home, and it is up to me to coordinate visits with them. They are aware of my location even when I am not physically there with the group. “At this point in time, we are in a good place, and we do not discuss this anymore,” she states.

Skhotheni reveals that her first husband is concerned that she would receive another vision from her ancestors instructing her to marry a third man.

Even though her first husband’s family believed that she was degrading him, she was able to convince him to stay with her because she convinced him that she was still the woman he wanted to spend his life with.

According to the magazine, her first marriage is still officially recognized, while her second marriage was carried out in accordance with custom after the second spouse paid for the lobola.

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